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1 Lakes

There's a place in Queensland called Boulders and it's so nice there. There's a rock that you can jump off into the water. - Catlover2004

It's wonderful to swim in lakes but usually it's the public pool I swim in. - Britgirl

Hmmm...i'm in Australia and you get a lot of these. Yay! Time to wrestle more sharks! - AlphaQ

2 Cascades

Josephine Falls is a really nice place. You can slide down the waterfalls. Sounds dangerous but it's actrully really fun. - Catlover2004

3 Public Pool

I hate the kids that come sometimes but it's cool. - AlphaQ

Public pools are really fun. - Catlover2004

4 Ocean

I prefer non salty water but the beach is still ok. - Catlover2004

5 Spa

They're so nice and warm! - Catlover2004

6 House Pool

I've always wanted a built in pool but it costs too much money. - Catlover2004

7 Bathtub

You can swim it because it's small and I'm small. - AlphaQ

I love having really full baths. - Catlover2004

8 Blowup Pools

They're usually cheep and break easily but they're fun while you have them. - Catlover2004

9 River

As long as it's clean. - Catlover2004

10 Pond

It might be a bit dirty. - Catlover2004

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11 Aquarium
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2. Cascades
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