Nicest Places to Visit In England

England is full of beautiful places. The green and pleasant land!
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1 London London London is the capital and most populous city of England and the United Kingdom. Standing on the River Thames in the south eastern part of the island of Great Britain, London has been a major settlement for two millennia. London is one of the world's most important global cities. It exerts considerable more.

Is this a joke? London is probably the greatest place to visit in the world let alone England. It has history, culture, beauty and incredible people. What has Cornwall got? Freezing cold beaches and decent fish and chips. Disgrace!

Wish I'd put this first. It's so beautiful and historical. It's dirty, crowded and smells pretty bad but that's part of its charm. The best city in the world. I'm deeply in love with it.

Everywhere is the nicest place to visit in England. It has so much charm, beauty, history and culture.

So glad this is at number one, it is surrounded by wonderful shops and cafes and restaurants, it's like tiny parts of the world all put together in one city

2 Cornwall

I live in Cornwall. It's pretty nice when it's not raining. Has lots of tasty pasties and some friendly people.

These place is awesome. My grandparents live their and I visit every few years. Amazing Place

It's great I've been there once but it's the poorest place in the UK.

My father loved Cornwall!

3 Yorkshire
4 Cotswolds
5 Liverpool Liverpool Liverpool is a city and metropolitan borough in Merseyside, England. As of 2018, the population is approximately 494,814.
6 Blackpool

Blackpool is full of women that have a "slapped fishwives" appearance, and they are the scummiest people in Britain...
They make a big deal of really crappy thing/events like it's simply the best of of best, while anyone of any real significance avoids the place-I know I would.

7 Brighton
8 Hampshire
9 Windsor
10 Oxford
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11 Bristol
12 Kent
13 Somerset
14 Manchester

I was cornered by a bunch of Mancs while visiting and shopping and was called 'southern scum' and was told in no uncertain terms to 'crawl back to cockney land'. I'm never going back. I thought northerners were supposed to be more friendlier? And the sad thing is I don't even come from London, I come from Essex!

You're really going to judge a whole city on the idiotic acts of a few mindless people? If I did this to every city I'd visited, I'd never be able to leave my house! Give it another chance.

15 Leicester

Its an amazing city my home town. it has the best rugby team in england the leicester tigers and a football team about to be promoted to the preimier league

Actually Northampton Saints are the best rugby team.

16 Bradford
17 Wales
18 Windermere
19 Isle of Wight

I love the Isle of Wight. I was once in Ryde for a few days, which is in the north-west of the island, and it was awesome! Very underrated place, this. Only problem was that it's ten times hotter than anywhere else in the UK.

20 Dorset
21 Plymouth
22 Sheffield

Now, most of us don't think of Sheffield when it comes to tourism, but Sheffield is indeed a brilliant place to visit. With Sheffield home to a theatre that apparently has better shows in it than some of the shows in theatres in London, Crucible Theatre is an honoured place. The Crucible Theatre is also home to the Snooker Championships. Sheffield is a wonderful place to visit if you're after a relaxing holiday. The Peace Gardens and the Winter Gardens are wonderful, and there's always something to do here. Whether that's going to one of the best free-pay Museum's in England, or visiting the home to Henderson's Relish, or even visiting some of the trees in Sheffield (As Sheffield is the Greenest City in the UK), Sheffield will never let you down!

23 Bingham
24 Southport
25 Birmingham
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