Top Ten Nicest and Sweetest TopTenners to Message

Thinking of someone to message? Well this list shows who is good to message.

The Top Ten Nicest and Sweetest TopTenners to Message

1 Garythesnail

He doesn't know much about politics, which is actually a good thing in this case. No offense. Anyways, this makes him all the more nice to talk to since you will have 0% chance of arguing with him and I barely see him get angry and annoyed when talking. Plus, he respects other's opinions. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Mikey is such a sweetie. It's a pleasure to see a message from him. He makes my day. Thank you for your kind words, Mikey! - Britgirl

He's so sweet, Me and my sister talk to him, I give him sister kisses and I spin him around. He's also funny - MorganChambz

One of the best users to message! - cosmo

2 Britgirl

Whenever I talk to Tina everything feels better. She seems able to help me through anything and she's one of my favorite people ever. - Garythesnail

I feel like I've always known her when I message her - jmepa1234

Her personalities will always be remembered. - Delgia2k

I wish she was still here :( - letdot52

3 RiverclanRocks

Another very social user. She's always around to chat with me. - MostTalented_BoyX

You got my username wrong but I see your point. Thanks for adding me on here! - RiverClanRocks

Wish she was back to be honest, it doesn't really feel the same without her. - purpleyoshi98

She's incredibly friendly. - Catacorn

4 AnonymousChick

One of the first users that I've messaged (and one of my favorites). - Catacorn

5 Catacorn

I love talking to catacorn shes extremely nice.

6 Ananya
7 IpodSwagger
8 Misfire

Definitely! - Userguy44

9 cosmo
10 htoutlaws2012

He is an amazing guy, and he is nice to talk to! - lionsforlife

He is so helpful! - lionsforlife

The Contenders

11 Admin

Well of course he remixes and approves our lists. He's the reason that we're all on this site. Give him SOME credit. - Catacorn

12 BKAllmighty
13 Disney1994

I really like to message him. He's a really good friend. I don't think Disney realizes how much I appreciate it when he messages me. He's so cool and has a great taste in movies and T.V. shows. - RockFashionista

14 Userguy44

I enjoy talking to him a lot, despite our time differences. - Misfire

Thanks for whoever added me! 😊 - Userguy44

15 Positronwildhawk

Mature, talented, smart, funny, generally easygoing, what's not to like! - RiverClanRocks

He is awesome to message,he is the first TopTenner I have ever messaged,he even told me storys about TheTopTens in the past when I was new - Nateawesomeness

16 Minecraftcrazy530
17 Martinglez

Vladimir Pudding

18 TopTenJackson
19 Lina1028

She's a really sweet user! - cosmo

She can brighten anybody's day! Especially mine. - Garythesnail

Thanks for adding me, Mikey! - Lina1028

20 BlueFrostOfThunderClan
21 Kefka
22 EpicJake
23 Skullkid755
24 PeachyBlast
25 Jasmine21064
26 bobbythebrony
27 Goku02
28 Manlypants
29 Camaro6
30 UltraLunalaX
31 PetSounds
32 RockFashionista

Thanks to whoever added me! - RockFashionista

Whoever did add you is 100% right on that! You really deserve to be on this list! You are so nice and awesome! - Catacorn

I apologize about my last comment - Nateawesomeness

33 WonkeyDude98
34 M4j0r45
35 lovefrombadlands

She is very kind!

Yay, people think messaging me isn’t a waste of their time!

36 FlareLightX
37 TwilightKitsune
38 birdechosplash
39 Limeyy
40 JaysTop10List

He's 28?!? He's such a great user to message. He should be in the top 5

He's very nice and funny as well - Catacorn

41 SmileyFace

She's cool, nice and sweet.

42 keyson
43 leafstar
44 B0S5J4M3S

He is very kind and caring

45 lionsforlife
46 iggyjepsen
47 DarkBoi-X

I've had fun conversations with him. - RogerMcBaloney

48 SherlocksShadow
49 CatLeena14
50 LoboMaloso
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