Best Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds Albums

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1 The Good Son

The best doubt! Nick Cave at his peak!

The weeping song, the ship song, Sorrow's Child, Lucy...perfect!

Yes...the best one!

Inspired like no other album!

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2 Let Love In

The definite Nick Cave album, everything flows wonderfully, and this also holds so of his more interesting melodies and hits such as Loverman, Do You Love Me? , Red Right Hand and Nobodies Baby Now

The magnum opus of NC&TBS. Also my favourite line-up: Cave-Bargeld-Casey-Harvey-Wydler-Sclavunos-Savage. With the all time favourite RED RIGHT HAND. I mean only this song alone should be enough for the first place (great pick from Peaky Blinders for a title song), but on this album the songs are every piece a treasure. A must have on vinyl.

3 Tender Prey
4 Murder Ballads
5 Skeleton Tree
6 The Boatman's Call

Nick Cave matured as an artist so much, and this record was the turning point in style change

7 From Her to Eternity

It just feels special, and has such a massive energy to it.

8 Henry's Dream

The first Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds album that I have listened.

9 The Firstborn Is Dead
10 Abattoir Blues/The Lyre of Orpheus

A musical masterpiece

God... Best album seriously there is :
Easy Money
Carry Me
O Children
Let the Bells Ring
I just love this album... So good

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11 No More Shall We Part

Masterpiece. With Oh My Lord, We Came Along This Road, Sorrowful Wife and Sat Sadly By Her Side...<3 in love with this album.

12 Push the Sky Away

God...We No Who U R, Jubilee Street, Mermaids, Higgs Hoson Blues <3 Dark. Sad. Beautiful. Legend.

13 Dig!!! Lazarus Dig!!!

Now this album was amazing. - ProPanda

14 Nocturama
15 Your Funeral, My Trial
16 Kicking Against the Pricks
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