Top Ten Nick Jr. Characters We Wanna Punch In the Face


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21 Bot (Team Umizoomi)

He hides thing in his butt no one likes him - Wolfpelt

We can't. He's a robot. even though I still hate him.

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22 Diego (Go Diego, Go!)

He's just a stupid cousin of Dora - GreenViolet8236

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23 Alana (Dora and Friends: Into The City)
24 Pablo (The Backyardigans)
25 Pedro Pony (Peppa Pig)

He's ALWAYS forgetting EVERYTHING and ALWAYS late and doesn't care about ANYONE except for HIMSELF.

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26 Wubbzy (Wow Wow Wubbzy)

Noo he shouldn't be on the list - SheepBuggy

It's pronounced bubsy except the first b is now a w



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27 Everest (Paw Patrol) V 4 Comments
28 Ryder (Paw Patrol)

I bet Ryder is really an animal abuser as he lets those pups go on dangerous missions while he just sits around its like he doesn't even care about animals at all

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29 Geo (Team Umizoomi)

I hate how he poses... Like when they were cops... Come on the 90's called and no long are the Charlie's Angels in style...

What if he has to fight the PPG (original). He and the others would die

30 Nonny (Bubble Guppies) V 1 Comment
31 Deema (Bubble Guppies)

She needs a hair cut

I HATE DEEMA! she is the nick jr character I just want to punch in the face! she is so imature,annoying and weird! she deserves to be punched in the face! she should be number 1!

32 Pocoyo (Pocoyo) V 1 Comment
33 Swiper the Fox (Dora the Explorer) Swiper the Fox (Dora the Explorer)

Dora, really? You think telling someone not to steal something will actually stop them from stealing something? Funny, Swiper actually listens to Dora and just runs away. :/ - SheepBuggy

No, Swiper is cool, remove him from this list

Swiper is awesome, he steals Dora's stuff and is funny. - AnimeDrawer

Why would a fox go around stealing stuff? And why does he leave
When they say swiper no swiping? - nintendofan126

34 Baby Alexander (Peppa Pig)

He is also number 1 on this list. So do George the crybaby.

35 Suzy Sheep (Peppa Pig)

Suzy is worse than peppa much worse. She actually is.

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36 Joe (Blue's Clues)

What?! You are stupid whoever said Joe made Blues Clues bad! He ACTUALLY made this show a LOT better! Steve was a wingknotmcstuffinghead!

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37 Milli (Team Umizoomi)

That girl will be the death of me
oh wait I will kill her before that crap head kills me from her annoyingness

38 Gil (Bubble Guppies)
39 Molly (Bubble Guppies)
40 Mr. Grouper (Bubble Guppies)

I want to call Aquaman and SpongeBob to kill them

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