Best Nick Jr. Idents

These are the best Nick Jr. idents. When you add one, make sure to type in when it was used along with what you think is the ident's title.

The Top Ten

1 1989-1994: Fish Eating Seaweed

I can't stop listening to the catchy music. - FinnsWorld

2 1989-1994: Dancing Stars 1989-1994: Dancing Stars V 1 Comment
3 1989-1994: Scary Night 1989-1994: Scary Night V 1 Comment
4 1989-1994: Boy Toys

There was a video of this long-forgotten ident on YouTube uploaded on January 9, 2016, but it got deleted because the YouTuber left YouTube. - FinnsWorld

5 1990-1994: Clouds V 1 Comment
6 1989-1994: Elephants Drinking

Love how the elephants change their colour. - FinnsWorld

7 1989-1992: Diver V 1 Comment
8 1994-2003: Dizzy V 1 Comment
9 1994-2003: Piano

While it's extinct on T.V., it's best not to describe the ID as extinct because that would mean the ID is no longer able to be found today unless it makes a comeback. This ID is extremely rare as it is only seen on the Sing Along With Eureeka's Castle and "Sing Along with Gullah Gullah Island" VHS tapes. - FinnsWorld

10 1994-2003: Candy Land

Extremely rare; can be seen on the Allegra's Window: Play Along with Allegra & Friends VHS. - FinnsWorld

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