Top 10 Nickelback Songs for Nickelback Haters to Listen To

If you hate Nickelback well you might like at least a few songs from this list. Let's get started.

The Top Ten

1 Savin' Me

Simple track and proves that Nickelback isn't as generic as people make them out to be.

2 Burn It to the Ground

One of their more harder songs.

I like this song very much - it's hard rock. - Metal_Treasure

3 Side of a Bullet

Even if you hate Nickelback you can't hate a song that tributes the best guitarist ever Dimebag Darrell - christangrant

It contributes Dimebag Darrel and uses one of his unused solo's enough said.

4 This Means War

This song proves that Nickelback isn't just soft pop rock to Nickelback haters.

5 Edge of a Revolution

Nickelback being uncreative? Hmm I think this song says otherwise.

6 Rockstar
7 If Today Was Your Last Day

Listen to the lyrics and you tell me that's it "generic", "uncreative", "dull", "bland" or "talentless."

8 How You Remind Me
9 Lullaby

The message is good and lyric wise it isn't bad.

10 Animals

The Contenders

11 Gotta Be Somebody

Self explanatory.

12 Just to Get High

Let's see good guitar solo, creativity and not generic everything Nickelback haters criticize Nickelback for.

13 Fly
14 I'd Come for You
15 When We Stand Together

Honestly I think this song requires no explanation.

16 Million Miles an Hour
17 Figured You Out
18 This Afternoon

I mean who can honestly hate this song? It's just a nice little tune about living life and having a fun time with your mates.

19 Leader of Men
20 Breathe
21 Where?
22 Curb
23 Believe It or Not
24 Flat on the Floor
25 Fight for All the Wrong Reasons
26 Old Enough
27 Worthy to Say
28 Too Bad
29 Money Bought
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