Hidden Gems #18 SpongeBob Squarepants: Battle for Bikini Bottom

htoutlaws2012 Background Setting: Hey everyone, since i'm waiting on only 3 people to play my episode 2 of weakest Link. In the meantime I'll look at a game that was very good for its time as a licensed game. It may even be considered one of the best platforming games ever that being Spongebob: Battle for Bikini Bottom. Released in 2003 back when the shows popularity was greatly deserved until arguably going on longer than it should of, but let's not talk about the show, instead read back to maybe your childhood when you realized this game was actually great as you remember it to be. The game was on the Original Xbox, PS2, Gamecube, and the PC. I had it on the Gamecube, and later compatible for the 360, and assume the ''one.'' Honestly this game to this day feels more like a classic N64 title with great elements in the game. The plot is that Plankton has found a new plan to get the secret krabby patty formula, but suddenly has the switch not to obey. making these robots rebel, and go wild. Then we are greeted with two of our main protagonists Spongebob, and Patrick just being themselves playing seahorses. Suddenly Patrick has a ''magic wishing shell'' that tells him something is wrong here. This leads into the gameplay.

Gameplay: The controls feel very smooth, but at times they can drive you nuts when you want to 100% this game if you really wanted to attempt it. Yet, we have only just started, golden spatulas are key to this game to reaching further on. The underwear you end up seeing is your source of health, why who knows. You may also consider finding socks, yeah socks of Patrick's that were lost. Then the 3rd option you may also go with by going cheap collecting Shiny objects as a trade in to Mr. Krabs for a golden spatula. Okay now that you get the idea of what basic goal is to reach onward how about I see how it is. The jumping is very responsive for Spongebob of the 3 he can jumping the longest distance. Then I went into Squidward's home because why not, and well I get rewarded by trashing the place yeah not only that but annoy him to death as well. In each level of a certain stage you will either play with both Spongebob and Patrick or Spongebob and Sandy. While not all the levels have a mini-boss battle it is interesting that Heavy iron studios was behind this great masterpiece that often considered one of the best to never be mentioned with the like. You'll also see tiki stones of all different kinds throughout the game, and there's a little tip to each one as you attempt to get greedy on shiny objects. When I was younger I always found myself playing with the bosses to be difficult. Okay the first one was not that hard, but after that really takes all the skill you master up to that point.

Soundtrack: This game has an excellent selection in music, sure I hated playing the Rock Bottom level, but at the same time listen to that music its so epic. The same can be said about Mermalair, Spongebob's Dream, and many others i'm trying to think off the top of my head. You feel like playing something so special and unique, and suddenly this sound in a spongebob game no less did it right.

Verdict: Looking back to it now I still enjoy this game despite the actual show beginning its slow quality kill off. It did spawn a sequel that was also not that bad, but not better than this. Once I beat the game there was one thing I never did, and that's purchase the movie theatre, because I never knew that there was suppose to be a robot Squidward you would encounter, that would then make Squidward a playable character, but in the advanced version you do get to face just not on any of the console versions. Alright its been a good 14 years since this game came out oh man i'm old, and now many gamers consider one of the most underrated classic that is actually one of the best license, and yet best platformers they ever played, and I happened to strongly agree. Spongebob Squarepants: Battle for Bikini Bottom gets a 9 out of 10.

This post is dedicated a tribute for CastlevaniaFanboy128.


Good review and tribute. - Skullkid755

I'm rating that an 8/10. - AlphaQ