Danny Phantom

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Danny Phantom is an American animated series created by Butch Hartman for Nickelodeon. It was produced by Billionfold Studios and distributed in Canada by Nelvana, a Canadian animation company. The series follows a teenage boy who, after an accident with an unpredictable portal between the human world ...read more.


This show has so much potential in terms of story telling. There are a lot of things that Danny could be doing and discovering, and I am sure that this show could become a long standing series with many many episodes. So many aspects weren't explored in the current episodes the full lore and physics of the ghost zone, how it came to be, how ghosts are made, why some ghosts are limited to certain powers, and what other powers Danny could unlock within himself. We all know that the future for Danny is wide open and clear, thanks to that one episode with his future self, so what would happen there? How would he continue busting ghosts and keeping up his relationship with Sam? Will Danny age at all, since his future self was him merged with Vlad's ghost half? There are many unanswered questions in the show, and out of all of them it deserves to come back!

Danny Phantom is one of my favorite T.V. shows when grown up. Till this day it is still my favorite show. When I watch it for the first time I was 5 or 6 years-old and I watched it with my cousins and my sister and they as well liked it. Although I'm not a kid any more I still love it. I liked how it ended but it just let us with a big cliffhanger. I think it should come back. When I watched it again it still made me wonder what's going to happen next. I agree that if they bring it back they might ruin it. At the same time Nickelodeon should give another chance. Before creating another episode they should put the show back from the very first episode to see if many would be interesting because if they put it from where it ended many kids would be confused and won't understand it. They might end up loving it as we do. If it gives result and not only thous who grew up loving or liking the show then there is a chance Nickelodeon might make new episodes with Butch Hartman. But it if their ...more

I love this show and I've rewatched it two times now! I would love if nickelodeon brought this amazing, fun, loveable and wonderful show back on the screen where it belongs. It deserves all the positive attention. This show is close to my heart and is a part of my childhood. I've never watched a greater cartoon than this one. I found it interesting and fascinating to follow Danny's life as just a normal teenager and the ghostly superhero Danny Phantom. I love to watch his daily struggles and problems with his double life, his secret, friends, family, enemies and being accepted. Danny may be clumsy, not pay attention some times and do stupid and harsh things without thinking, but he learns from his mistakes and becomes a great role model with a pure heart, care for others even if they don't appreciate all the kind things he does. If you haven't seen this show, go straight and watch it! You won't regret it at all!

Danny Phantom was and still is one of my favorite shows, it's been with me since childhood and it's still cool. The fight scenes are awesome and it's generally an awesome show. I understand that all great shows have to end or they end up running out of ideas, going on too long, and generally get bad. However, Danny had a fourth season coming! Some of his last episodes were a far cry from the previous seasons, and while I'm not entirely upset with the last movie and I'm glad it got an ending instead of just being cancelled, Phantom Planet was way too rushed and NOT the ending this show deserved at all. If only to end things right, Danny Phantom deserves AT LEAST one more episode, if not the remainder of the ones that were planned for it.

I think Danny Phantom should come back. It deserves to have a few more seasons at least. It used to be one of my favorite T.V. shows ever, it was a funny and enjoyable cartoon basically everyone loved. Even my sister loved watching it with me and she was a teenager. I've heard different stories of why it got canceled, but it doesn't hurt to give Butch Hartman another chance, he probably has learned his lesson from before. This show is one of the best Nickelodeon has ever had, if it comes back many people will be really happy. Especially me, I know they want to come out with new shows that are better and more "now a days". But let's face it, even just ONE episode would help. I can't get over how big of a cliff hanger the last episode was. I still wonder to this day and it would make me feel so much better if we could at least know what happens next. That's all I really want. I miss the old shows that used to be on air also, but mainly this one. It was such a great series and it ...more

This show needs to come back! It was awesome back then, it's still awesome now and with now's generation it will get even more support and love. If it ever comes back, I just hope Butch Hartman has learnt his lesson about (if you have a fantastic script writer) letting the script writter do his/her thing and not try and mold the show they're working on into another show from the same creator. But this show has to comeback, even if it's just for one episode, just to answer some question or as a crossover with another cartoon like Fairly Odd Parents or Randy Cunningham 9th Grade Ninja.

Danny phantom was a great show. It was full of humor, surprise, and awesomeness. I always had something to look forward to. I used to watch with my sister after school when our mom was busy, and we would always be surprised at every corner. It would be great if it came back for one more season. The show never ceased to amaze me with it's plots and ideas and humor. The show was also a lot more witty and clever than most kid shows then, and it actually quite refreshing to get a taste of clever. It was amazing in it's own way and it was just really cool! Please bring this show back!

It definitely should be brought back. Even 10 years later they're still showing reruns of it. There have been so many rumors and I think some petitions trying to bring it back for years. Even if the show is only on for one more season (like Heroes Reborn) better late then never. The final episode was kind of a let down and they left so many things unsaid. Like his evil self trapped outside of time, Vlad being in space his relationship with his friends and family, and does everyone know he's half ghost now? There have also been rumors about a live action movie for a long time.

You have your perfect superhero's that are never beaten and walk out of fights without a scratch, then you have Danny Phantom who loses just about every time and walks away battered and bloody. I honestly don't think there's another show out there that comes close to how well this is: written, relatable, and just down right addictive it is. This is a show that makes you emotionally invested and almost dares you to not care for not only the main char but also side characters; example being Dora and how she's treated.

I think it should come back because he would be a good role model to not giving up in your toughest moments. Nickelodeon who cares how much money was spent on this this show is loved by lots of people in different countries. - Dannyphantom265

He had such a good run and has been gone close to 10 years. They left off a such a horrible time and with leaving so many possibilities. please at least bring back re-runs as you can only find them online. Or just an official "what happened next" episode. Also, although it was originally designed for 7 year old children, it appeals to any age. It would be wonderful to see such an amazing show come back!

Danny Phantom has so much potential to it! Some parts of Phantom Planet are good but the whole thing feels rushed. Even if they didn't erase everyone's memories there are so many opportunities left! Like what happened to Vlad? How did Danny react to all the fans and attention? Another example is what happened to Dani? I have watched all the episodes at least 4 times each! Bring Phantom back if only for a sequel! Please! I love that show. FOP had a good run but now it's Danny's turn!

I wanted to see more episodes with Dani Phantom. The plot for that character at first seemed a little creepy, but at the end it seemed like she could end up being a main character. After D-stabilized aired I thought that they were going to make more episodes about her, like her ending up living with Danny and his family. I think there could've been some cool episodes involving her.

Danny Phantom was always a great show. All the way from humor and heroism, to morals and a little bit of romance. I used to watch DP everyday after school on Netflix until I couldn't watch it any more. Then I would rewatch it all over again and watch all of my favorite episodes. DP was a great show for people who were going through hard times like I was going through. It also gave kids and teens a superhero they loved. I mean a teenage boy who was turned into a half ghost by his parents unintentionally and battling villains and ghosts o protect his home and family and would do anything to see them safe. WHO DOESN'T LIKE THIS! The ending of the show was a terrible cliffhanger to those who loved this show. There were a lot of lose ends like Dani Phantom. Where did she go and what happened to her? Does she move in with Danny's family? Or is she by herself for a longtime? And then there's Vlad. Does he go back to Earth? Does he go to the Ghost Zone? Did he die from being in space or when ...more

If they did bring it back, then they should just show reruns. If they tried to make a new season or reboot the entire franchise, Butch Hartman would probably ruin it. That said, I was pretty fond of this cartoon when I was young and I still like it along with my other Nicktoon favorites as well. Honestly, it's a good thing they ended it on a good note instead of dragging it on like SpongeBob SquarePants or The Fairly OddParents. The Fairly OddParents and Danny Phantom are two of Hartman's best work, but if I had to choose which one was better, it would slightly be Danny Phantom. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Here are the reasons why danny phantom was great show; 1. great artwork! 2. Wonderful voice actors 3. very good stories and plots. 4. epic powers 5. beautiful relationships for each characters you really feel the bonds they have for each other and how strong each bond it is. 5. wonderful character development.6. great moments and it's great show that everyone can relate to. It's nothing like I seen before it's own idea. It had great potential and it continues to as well. I love this show for all those reasons and more! Save the ghost we love the most who is with me!

Danny Phantom is one of the best shows that I've ever seen, and I really think it would be cool for people to make a movie about the Ultimate enemy and Danny. Plus, returning the show with new events involving Danny meeting and fighting all new ghosts, at the same time using past ghosts like his cousin would really kick some action :D. Honestly, a lot of people miss the show. It is one of the best shows of all time!

Danny Phantom needs to comeback It is a great show. It can really apply to any age. I posted Danny on a site of another fandom and everyone there started talking about how they wanted it to come back. I wore a DP shirt to school and everyone loved it. There were people pointing to my shirt and saying that the show was awesome and they missed it so much. It would be awesome to bring it back. I have loved it since I was a little kid and I got back into it recently. I really hope that this show can come back.

It had many great varieties! Action, comedy, love, imagination. Plus we need a super hero to look up to that in packs us in our lives and reminding us to do the right thing. Also taking responsible for our actions! There is also really good learning experience!

This show deserves to come back. It was sassy, creative, intriguing, and fun to watch. And even though the actors might be busy or not want to come back, you can just recycle lines, words, sounds, etc. it was a great show. Bring it back, I'll be cool with it. Don't bring it back. Nice knowing you. :( And besides, 2015 is almost done, and time is running out. Make a decision people!

This was one of the most popular shows to air on Nickelodeon. Wouldn't they benefit from showing it again. The only thing I hope they don't do is ruin it like most T.V. shows today. Like teen titans go based off of teen titans animation they need to bring it back to its form glory days. Everybody wants it back so let the people see what they want to see

Okay, first off, I want DP back! I mean, come on! The best show, being canceled? I want answers! Like, is Danny's future evil self returning? Is Dani going to be adopted to Danny's family? Is Tucker going to be a third wheel? Or is Valerie going to join Danny? Please answer my questions. I mean, I only knew about this show for 2 years, but I hooked up to this show. It feels like I knew this show my whole life. Then you guys who canceled it almost ruined mine and Danny Phantom fans' life! DON'T MAKE US SUFFER!

Oh My Ghost! This show totally absolutely positively super duper needs to come back or heads will role. Just saying! Like, you can't say this show was awful, otherwise, your an idiot. So live long and suck it, losers! This show was the best. With that being said, PEACE!

I am grateful, but because this is Nickelodeon, this only came back as a crossover between the other Nickelodeon cartoons with Butch Hartman animation. Formerly, it was badass. Nowadays, its graphics are very uninspired since it is the modern Butch Hartman graphics. The crossover is badass (at least for Nickelodeon standards).

I think Danny Phantom should come back because I want to know what happens next now that everyone knows who is Danny Phantom. Also I want to see Danny and Sam as a couple. I missed the show ever since it was over. I want to know what happens next. I beg you to bring back Danny Phantom. Think about the fans all they want is to see another season of Danny Phantom.