Top 10 Nicknames for Elsa


The Top Ten

1 The Ice Whore

Haha I was not expecting these to be the choices AT ALL Pretty hilarious - ShuhBanggg

Most of your list sucks, but this one is good

2 The Misandrist
3 Murderer

Liars! Elsa's not a murderer!

4 Weakling
5 Ms. Hypocrite
6 The "Pewdiepie" of Disney Films
7 Annoying No Talent Little Girl

I didn't want to use the b word. - PrincessKiana

8 Rosalina Impersonator

Rosalina Should Kill Elsa Cause Elsa's A Rip-Off Of Her

9 Barf Face

She's so ugly that she makes me want to puke when I look at her face, I'll stop. - PrincessKiana

10 Little Snow Princess

The Contenders

11 Ice Queen

Would've been another canon nickname for Elsa!

12 Snow Queen
13 Cutie

She's a cutie pie.

14 Ice Fail
15 Ice Princess

Great nickname for her even though she's a queen now.

16 Sweetheart
17 Little Miss Perfect

Would've been referred to Elsa.

18 Little Snowflake
19 Little Ice Princess
20 Snowflake

Another perfect nickname for Elsa!

21 Pretty

Another good nickname for Elsa!

22 Beautiful

(To Elsa the Snow Queen) Hello, beautiful.

23 Sweetie

Another perfect nickname for Elsa!

24 Lovely
25 Beauty
26 Snow Princess
27 Snowflake Angel

Good nickname for Elsa!

28 Darling

Another pet nickname for Elsa!

29 Dumpling
30 Precious
31 Baby Doll
32 Queen Of Winter
33 Princess of Winter
34 Snow Angel
35 Alaska
36 North
37 Crystal
38 The Frozen Freak

Pecfect Way To Decribe Her And HER FANS!
HAHAA! - Devonchi

39 Goddess
40 Snow White
41 Noelle
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