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1 The Ice Whore

Haha I was not expecting these to be the choices AT ALL Pretty hilarious - ShuhBanggg

Most of your list sucks, but this one is good

2 The Misandrist
3 Murderer

Liars! Elsa's not a murderer!

4 Weakling
5 Ms. Hypocrite
6 The "Pewdiepie" of Disney Films
7 Annoying No Talent Little Girl V 1 Comment
8 Rosalina Impersonator

Rosalina Should Kill Elsa Cause Elsa's A Rip-Off Of Her

9 Barf Face

She's so ugly that she makes me want to puke when I look at her face, I'll stop. - PrincessKiana

Elsa is not ugly, is she? And look really doesn't matter at all, does it? I love Elsa because of her complexity and dark sides, personality and flaws. - rockishlittlegirl

10 Ice Queen

Ice Queen Elsa really would've had her own classical film that's really about her without a heroine duo.

Another nickname for Elsa!

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11 Snow Queen

Elsa really should've been the titular snow queen herself.

Another nickname for Elsa!

12 Ice Fail
13 Ice Princess

Great nickname for her even though she's a queen now.

Another nickname for Elsa!

14 Cutie

Elsa's another one of the cute, adorable classic characters.

Another great nickname for Elsa!

15 Little Snowflake

Would've been another canon nickname for Elsa!

Another nickname for Elsa!

16 Little Ice Princess

It would've been other canon nickname for Elsa.

Another nickname for Elsa!

17 Little Snow Princess

Another nickname for Elsa!

18 Snowflake

Another perfect nickname for Elsa!

(To Elsa) Hello, snowflake!

19 Pretty

Another good nickname for Elsa!

(To Elsa) Hello, pretty!

20 Sweetie

Another perfect nickname for Elsa!

Elsa is such a sweetie!

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