Top 10 Nicknames for Fanbases

The Top Ten

1 Baconators (Selena Gomez Fans)
2 Cheetos (Trump Fans/Supporters)

Because Trump rubs lots of cheetos on his face in order to look very tan and there are some fans or supporters that want to look like him (Why? ) - YouShallEatPoopy

3 Trash Bins (Kardashian Fans)
4 Dovetards (Dove Cameron Fans)
5 Russians (Big Time Rush Fans)

I know this band is outdated and old but this is a dumb joke but I put it here anyway lol by the way, I am Russian-American. - YouShallEatPoopy

6 Gnomes (Keemstar)
7 Jackie Evanchtards (Jackie Evancho Fans)
8 Onion Squad (Onision)
9 Smelly Viruses (Miley Cyrus Fans)
10 Erectioners (Directioners)

The Contenders

11 Duty Heads (CoD Fan Boys)

Lol sounds so funny but something a 6 year old say. - YouShallEatPoopy

12 Killers (Eugenia Cooney Fans)

Her fans are just encouraging her to kill herself even more with her extreme anorexia - YouShallEatPoopy

13 Little Foreheads (Jacksfilms Fans)

Also could be called:
The Yass Army
Protein Shakers
We we big boys
The Light Switches
The 😂😂Who Did This!? 😂😂 Clan
Alexander Jacksfilms fans
Ambassadors to the Nepal Flag
The Defiantly Exited Rapers
And best of all...
Biches! - cjWriter1997

14 Bronies (My Little Pony Fans)
15 Baltobrats (Balto Fans)
16 Gamers (People who play video games)
17 Otaku (Anime Fans)
18 Pridelanders (Lion King Fans)
19 Barrel Rollers (Star Fox Fans)
20 Lyin King Fans (Lion King Fans)
21 Mashabiki (Lion King/Lion Guard Fans)

Fun fact: Mashabiki, or shabiki is Swahili for "fan".

22 Furries (Fans of Anthropomorphic Animals)

You know this was coming...

23 Killarys (Hillary Clinton Fans)
24 Obamabots (Barack Obama Fans)
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