Top Ten Nicktoons / Cartoon Network Originals

They had to have been made by Nickelodeon or Cartoon Network. Also. Nick at Night and Adult Swim don't count.

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1 Powerpuff Girls The Powerpuff Girls is an American animated television series created by animator Craig McCracken for Cartoon Network.

I like it. My friend also likes it. The only thing I don't like is Him. HE'S BEYOND CREEPY!

Wow, this was and still is one of my favorite shows! The old ones are great, but the new one sucks...

Best show ever


I don't like the new one that much though

2 Avatar: The Last Airbender Avatar: The Last Airbender is an American animated television series that aired for three seasons on Nickelodeon from 2005 to 2008. Avatar: The Last Airbender is set in an Asiatic-like world in which some people are able to manipulate the classical elements by use of psychokinetic variants of Chinese more.

Alright this is gonna take awhile to read but for all you avatar lovers and fans out there like me it is worth it and give it thumbs up if you agree

First off invader zim or something like spongebob and of that genre just can't compete logically. I mean avatar actually has a storyline rather than fools and idiots running around causing chaos and blind humor.

Avatar's storyline is unlike any other I have EVER seen in a show in my life. Has a better storyline than dbz or naruto in my opinion because it was more kid friendly but entertained me more as well.

Now to explain avatar. First I'd like to start off by saying that the characters were great. They were all likeable, each of them had a part ot play that was vital to the ending especially the main ones as in aang katar sokka toph sukie zuko azula fire lord iroh mai tai lee etc. I liked how they brought all the chracters in the beginning back and they helped with the war at the end.

The storyline was so ...more

This show is so imaginative! They must of put a lot of effort into this! It one of the only good shows left on Nickelodeon.

I love it it my favorite show gravity falls is 2

The storyline was awesome! It's really original. The score for the show was better than most overrated radio songs. Toph is awesome and is a good role model for blind kids, showing that she can still be kickass and blind. Why isn't ATLA 1? Invader Zim was a good show, but still.

3 Invader Zim Invader Zim is an American animated television series created by Jhonen Vasquez for Nickelodeon. The series centers on an extraterrestrial named Zim from the planet Irk, and his mission to conquer Earth and enslave the human race along with his malfunctioning robot servant GIR.

Forget just being in the top ten, this should be on the top! Invader Zim is the best show ever! It has unique humor that no other show has, and other ones lacking in humor (COUGH The million cartoon shows that have used oh, shiiiiny COUGH) tried, and failed, to copy that humor.

invader zim is a lot better than spongebob. I was reading comments on an austrailan nickelodeon website about invader zim and they were saying "this show is lame! ' they don't know what funny is. I mean, who doesn't like GIR? *sees avatar ad* man, I'm happy that lasted only a few seconds.

Better then the list that says Invader Zim is 6. But still, why THIRD!? ZIM DESERVES MORE THEN THIRD! - Abc123vote

The monster is a winner well he has a brother name grr
Zim is a WINNER!

4 Rugrats Rugrats is an American animated television series created by Arlene Klasky, Gábor Csupó and Paul Germain for Nickelodeon.

Rugrats a classic they should bring it back or do a new show like the kids having their own babies YEAH GOOD IDEA!

How can stupid ren and stimpy possibly be above this classic!

5 SpongeBob SquarePants SpongeBob SquarePants is an American animated television series created by marine biologist and animator the late Stephen Hillenburg for Nickelodeon. SpongeBob is currently the most popular show on Nickelodeon, as well as the longest running show, running for 20 years, and is beginning its 12th season. more.

Why isn't this in the top ten spongebob is the best. Should be number one. - 201002579

Awful list, SpongeBob should be #1

Should be in first. - KalloFox34

6 Johnny Bravo Johnny Bravo is an American animated television series created by Van Partible for Cartoon Network, and the second of the network's Cartoon Cartoons.

Johnys hair sticks up I coudent stop jaghing

7 Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends is an American animated television series created by Craig McCracken for Cartoon Network Studios.

Best cartoon, please make this show come back

I LOVED THIS SHOW! It was really hard to pick between powderpuff girls though. *Sigh* the good old days where Cartoon Network was actually "good". ANYONE WHO BRINGS THESE AWESOME CARTOONS BACK I WILL HUG!

8 Ren and Stimpy The Ren & Stimpy Show, often simply referred to as Ren & Stimpy, is an American animated television series created by John Kricfalusi for Nickelodeon.

Firstly, Ren and Stimpy is awesome, not stupid. This show is so underrated, and it deserves more attention. Yes, when John got fired it went downhill. But, you STILL have to give it some credit for the first two years. There was so many funny moments, and Ren's voice never got old! ( Well, at least in the first two years.) I can see why it got cancelled after two years, but it was great before then. In the first two years, Stimpy was dumb, but funny. And also, Ren was super like able, and less irritating. But in the later years, everything changed. Stimpy was annoying as crap, Ren was irritating, and there was so many other weird un like able side characters. Still, it was an amazing show, and it is worth buying some old episodes on your IPod, Kindle, or IPhone. This should be number one.

Without it, many of today's shows, like South Park, Family Guy, Sponge Bob, Futurama, etc. Would not exist.

P.S. the Simpsons DID exist before this show was made.

Ren and Stimpy is by far my favorite cartoon or show for that matter. And F.Y.I. its not stupid!

I can see why this is number 1. SpongeBob is my favorite Nicktoon, but Ren and Stimpy would be second place. - Garythesnail

9 Dexter's Lab

Very creative and funny. If only Dee Dee was a mute.

10 Samurai Jack Samurai Jack is an American action-adventure chanbara animated series created by Genndy Tartakovsky for Cartoon Network. The series premiered on August 10, 2001, with a TV movie called The Premiere Movie, before ending in its fourth season on September 25, 2004, without concluding the story. A revival more.

This series brought an impact on cinema. For example, the creator of the show was hired by Marvel to work on Iron Man 2 as a storyboard artist. - cwf123

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11 Ed Edd 'n' Eddy

Fun, crazy, and psychedelic. This series was so interesting to watch. Even though we can't really relate to any of the characters and we could never find jawbreakers that big, we always would come back and watch it again and again, it was just that funny.

- masongilbert74

I absolutely love this show - Celestius

This cartoon is awesome!

12 Rocko's Modern Life Rocko's Modern Life is an American animated television series created by Joe Murray for Nickelodeon. The series centers on the surreal life of an anthropomorphic Australian-immigrant wallaby named Rocko as well as his friends: the gluttonous steer Heffer, the neurotic turtle Filburt, and Rocko's faithful more.

Great because it's a political satire that pokes fun at many things, alludes to many famous movies, and has great likeable characters.

Get it higher. It should honestly be #2.

This show is by far the best - xandermartin98

13 Courage the Cowardly Dog Courage the Cowardly Dog is an American animated horror comedy television series created by John R. Dilworth for Cartoon Network as part of the network's Cartoon Cartoons block.

This show is better than any of the other shows on this list. It's beyond crazy and might be the most surreal THING I've ever watched since Eraser Head! This show has been around for ages and is the only cartoon that kept me up at night and gave me nightmares as a kid. Like Ren and Stimpy, I don't know how they go most of the completely weird ideas for this show but all I know it that they did an amazing job. - masongilbert74

Who does not like pink dogs? :3

A coward that's not so Coward! Love it when he changes himself to various things to make people understand the situation;but nobody gets him!

14 Hey Arnold

This should be number 1, to all the haters, how about actually sit down and watch it, and you will find the charm of the show

15 Teen Titans Teen Titans is an American animated television series created by Glen Murakami, based on the DC Comics characters of the same name.

Epic, just epic. I spent just about half of my life obsessed with the dang show and I still am, even though it ended years and years ago... That's how good it was. A perfectly paced plot, side-splitting humor mixed with serious themes, huge emotional impact, and characters that I loved as if they were real...

Top ten at least, guys, come on!

This is my reason of being!

It's not a CN original. Warner Bros made it. - KalloFox34

16 Danny Phantom Danny Phantom is an American animated series created by Butch Hartman for Nickelodeon. It was produced by Billionfold Studios and distributed in Canada by Nelvana, a Canadian animation company. The series follows a teenage boy who, after an accident with an unpredictable portal between the human world more.

Next to Spongebob, Danny Phantom is the single greatest thing Nickelodeon has ever done.

Why is this show so high on the freaked list and Danny phantom is so much better the the problem solvers!

17 Cow and Chicken Cow and Chicken was an American animated comedy television series created by David Feiss for Cartoon Network, and the third of the network's Cartoon Cartoons.
18 Angry Beavers
19 Regular Show Regular Show is an American animated television series created by J. G. Quintel for Cartoon Network that premiered on September 6, 2010. The series revolves around the lives of two friends, a blue jay named Mordecai and a raccoon named Rigby—both employed as groundskeepers at a local park.

This is one of my favorite Cartoon Network shows besides adventure time, chowder, flapjack, courage the cowardly dog.
I would even watch the episodes on netflix if I had an acount on there but I can always watch reruns too am I right reply if you agree

Who could hate a racoon who is lazy hates his brother and a blue jay that plays punchies and beats rigby CONSTANTLY every time the even called him the one cheek oneder

20 My Life as a Teenage Robot My Life as a Teenage Robot is an American animated science fantasy television series created by Rob Renzetti for Nickelodeon.
21 The Problem Solverz The Problem Solverz is an American animated television series that aired on Cartoon Network. Created by Ben Jones, it follows Alfe, Horace, and Roba, a group of detectives in their troubled town, Farboro.

Yeah, you guys can send me hate all you want. I actually think the Problem Solverz is kind of decent.

I ♥ this show!

22 CatDog CatDog is an American animated television series created by Peter Hannan for Nickelodeon. The series depicts the life of conjoined brothers, with one half being a cat and the other a dog.

Whoops sorry I typed on the wrong slot lol

So funny

23 The Amazing World of Gumball The Amazing World of Gumball is a British-Australian-German-American-Irish children's animated television series created by Ben Bocquelet for Cartoon Network.

I ♥ this show as well!

24 Adventure Time Adventure Time is an American animated television series created by Pendleton Ward for Cartoon Network. The series follows the adventures of a boy named Finn (voiced by Jeremy Shada) and his best friend and adoptive brother Jake (voiced by John DiMaggio)—a dog with the magical power to change shape more.

Are you kidding me adventure time is UNORIGINAL because it's a Super Mario Bros. and Legend of Zelda rip-off. copy and paste this to spread the world.

By Globox. Exe

Marcy is my life

25 Jimmy Neutron

One word aawwesooome show especialy the timmy jimmy crossover witch was epic

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