Top Ten Best Nigerian Dishes

For all the Nigerian users and visitors on TheTopTens, I'm pretty sure you are familiar with this fine and divine cuisine. For everyone else reading this list, maybe you can learn about Nigerian Cuisine.

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1 Jollof Rice

No competition about this,all Nigerians love jollof rice and come one,this is one of african best rice cuisine.
Got great taste and variety including it's spicy ingredients that makes it tempting to eat always, cool deal when balanced with african salads (hot and peppery ikr) and turkey meat.
Check it out!

2 Yam And Fried Eggs/Palm Oil

it's one of my best Nigerian cuisine,bah I rather prefer fried plantains(peppery) to that of the palm oil or better still could even mix that up with vegetables just to make it a lil traditional :-).

3 Pap And Akara
4 Vegetable Rice
5 Roasted Corn
6 Pounded Yam And Egusi
7 Fried Plantain With Fried Eggs
8 Rice And Stew
9 Eba With Obono Soup
10 Eba With Okro Soup
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1. Jollof Rice
2. Yam And Fried Eggs/Palm Oil
3. Pap And Akara


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