Best Nina Simone Songs

The Top Ten

1 Feeling Good

Good for your soul & I thank u for share your God give blessing with the world. I love it.

2 Sinnerman

I can't believe that you didn't put Sinnerman in your lovely list! It's my personal favourite from Nina Simone. She gives an inspiring performance and I love the climax of this song!

Powerful is an understatement

Imagine him running about!

3 Nobody Knows You When You're Down and Out
4 Ain't Got No - I Got Life
5 I Put a Spell On You

The classical song for a villian in movies, I love this song.

6 Trouble In Mind
7 Revolution
8 Do What You Gotta Do
9 I Loves You, Porgy
10 To Love Somebody

The Contenders

11 Mississippi Goddam
12 My Baby Just Cares for Me

U no when I hear this song it made U. Think she got a hell of a man
I love it a lot real deep I no like
Of woman wise they man cares for them like her song man she was good.

13 The Other Woman

This song is just so soothing even though the theme is very sad, her voice is perfection on this track.

14 Stars
15 Baltimore

Beautiful song

16 Here Comes the Sun

Man I just can't stop playing it
It's so cool it get in your mind & stay there love it. I'm 55year old my daughter is 30 we love it she be playing it in car people look over at her they be like what u no about her u just a baby. We just smile at them. Yes she very down too earth. We will always play her.

17 My Way

She has added new meaning to Frank Sinatra's signature song. I have to believe Frank would offer a standing ovation. A great arrangement. I wonder who?

18 Blues for Mama

I first heard this song a few months ago. I instantly loved it. The way she sings it... I was very surprised to learn it was Nina. It's become my definite favourite of hers. - Britgirl

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