Top Ten Best Nine Inch Nails Songs

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1 Closer Closer Cover Art

I honestly don't think this should be NIN's best known song. Don't get wrong. It's a good song but people misinterpret it as a lust anthem. I think Head Like a Hole should be NIN's best known song.

This song took me to another planet... Also it would get me in almost any girls pants... Girls turn into raging animals when they hear this song.

This is definitely the number one Nine Inch Nails song. Great lyrics and a music video with so many messages. Holy crap.

Very very creepy sounding song, listen to early live versions of the song- insanely eerie. I love it

2 Hurt Hurt Cover Art

This song is so true to life itself, I just seen the concert & they played as the encore. I loved all the songs but they saved the best to the last! I think for me it's a true celebration of life!

The piano is the best companion for the desolation of the lyrics, Reznor just decided to create the most depressive song of history and he made it. My favorite NIN song.

One of the greatest songs of all time in my opinion, definitely one of the most saddest songs of all time. The lyrics and soundscapes are just complete genius on this song!

I love trent reznor & marilyn manson, this song definitely deserves to be higher then the hand that feeds!

3 Wish Wish Cover Art

I love Nine Inch Nails! The album, broken is one of my favorites of all time. I know it is not complexly written like the fragile or downward spiral, but the broken Nine inch nails is my favorite nine inch nails, and I think it is what Trent does best, and that every broken song should be here. I like them all equally. I am disappointed in the most recent NIN. I am happy for Trent for fixing 'the broken machine', but he has lost the NIN I love to a purely electronic monster in albums like year zero. I LOVE BROKEN!

This was actually the first song of NIN I heard. Blew me away. Bloody awesome.

One of their heaviest songs. It's awesome.

2-starf****** inc.
3-March of the pigs
4-Mr. self destruct

4 The Hand that Feeds The Hand that Feeds Cover Art

This song is a perfect mix of industrial and rock. Definitely one of their best.

Trent Reznor's genius is summarized in this song

One of the best songs of NIN, but not my favourite

Is the perfect combination.

5 Head Like a Hole Head Like a Hole Cover Art

First nin I ever heard as a 14 year old kid. I was immediately hooked then, and now. No other band has spoken of "me" quite in the same eloquent lyricism as nin. Almost every track had deep meaning to me and I could relate the words somehow to my existence. This is my favorite track of the 10 (all exceptional), but there were far to many overlooked tracks that never received adequate fanfare.

This is the best nine inch nails song in my opinion. The sample doesn't have the chores.

" Bow down before the one you serve.
You're going to get what you deserve.
Bow down before the one you serve.
You're going to get what you deserve. "

This song was NIN's first everything. It was the first single Trent ever released, it's Halo 1, and it was the first song on NIN's first album. It's also NIN's first best song, in my opinion anyways.

Broke my walkman listening to this song all day. Or did I break the cassette? Hmm. Can't remember which one. But it was definitely due to this amazing track.

6 Right Where It Belongs Right Where It Belongs Cover Art

"You can live in this illusion. You can choose to believe... "

This song just hits you like a ton of bricks and leaves you pondering after it has finished. It definitely has the best lyrics of any Nine Inch Nails song.

Such a powerful song with powerful lyrics. Trent Reznor is a lyrical genius. I don't listen to NIN much, but this song moves me every time I hear it.

This song is amazing, there are few songs in existence that actually give me chills, this is one of those songs, absolutely fantastic.

My all-time favorite NIN song. It's mind blowingly good, and it changed my life the first time I heard it.

7 Every Day is Exactly the Same Every Day is Exactly the Same Cover Art

This piece literally gives me chills every time I hear it - it is a truly beautiful and unique song. We are so privileged to have Reznor making and sharing his music with the world.

This song needs to at least be in the top 5 of this list. No other song can compare to its greatness. It's the perfect mix of rock with a little slow parts added on. I LOVE IT!

This song is my favorite song from my second favorite NIN album. It needs to be number 5, at the very least.

Beautiful harshness to this raw grinding soothing complex emotionally fueled song.

8 We're in This Together We're in This Together Cover Art

The Moment when the Refrain begins with "You and me! " is one of the greatest, breath-taking moments in modern music history. It sounds like the perfect soundtrack for a perfect Action-Sequenze in a movie. It's like packing the insanity and intensity of Mad Max:Fury Road in a 4 Minute song

This highlights Trent's incredible ability to pit quiet calm verses against huge mind-blowing choruses - YOU AND ME...

This song is truly awesome... It should be at the top 10 at least... Everythings great right from the starting beats to the end...

This song is one of NIN's greatest. Needs to be right up there with closer and head like a hole.

9 The Perfect Drug The Perfect Drug Cover Art

This is a very interesting song... Should be in first 5, the music is awesome and lyrics are very good. Also the music video of this song should be rewarded. (Maybe it is, I don't know.)

I wish this song was on one of the full length albums so I didn't have to pull it out as an individual track just to listen it's magnificence.

The last minute and a half has some of the most bone chilling guitar work I've ever heard. I love this song! Should be number one!

The perfect example of how Nine Inch Nails can be heavy, then take a complete shift into a softer song.

10 Only Only Cover Art

This predicted the future, with Reznor collaborating with David Fincher in the video. Oh yeah, the song also kicks ass.

Hands down the Best nine inch nails song! Vote for it! Epic lyrics and a tight beat, paired with trent's great voice.

One of the best songs of all time. Should be higher up on the list defidently. Best bass and drum line of all time

Makes me question my existence every time! Epic song, deserves to be in the top 5.

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11 March of the Pigs

This song gives you such a desire to just thrash about angrily, but in a happy way. It's aggressive and makes you feel on top of the world. The awkward time signature, pounding drums and general distorted feel all add to an amazing feeling overall.

My favorite off the album... Next to Mr. Self destruct. This song s such an badass when played live..

This song sums up NIN, industrial music at its kicking best

12 Reptile Reptile Cover Art

This has to be one of the best songs Reznor has ever created. Vocals are practically perfect, lyrics are incredibly sinister and creative, and the instrumental is amazing, and perfectly compliments the tone of the song.

A lethal example of Reznor's creative brutality, anger, and innovative use of sounds. It's some seriously sinister stuff.

Truly amazing. There is just something so wonderful in it's darkness.

HAHA 78th? Not to mention The Downward Spiral isn't even on this list

13 Terrible Lie Terrible Lie Cover Art

The pure anger and angst shown through this entire song stands out in the entire catalog of the band's music as a frontrunner. My personal favorite Nine Inch Nails song of all time.

Bias a little, considering it was their first song I ever heard, but should definitely break the top 5.

This should be ranked a lot higher. Way ahead of it's time, one of their best.

Brilliant song with an epic ending.

14 Something I Can Never Have Something I Can Never Have Cover Art

From the gloomy instruments to the lyrics to Trent's agony-ridden vocals, this is by far the most morbidly depressing song I've ever heard. And that's why it's beautiful.

Saddest and most depressing song by NIN in my opinion. My favourite by them. Song about obsession and pain caused by it.

This needs to be in the top 10. It's probably number 1 for me. Watch the live still version on YouTube!

This some is one of my favorites, though it does rip off "In the Garden" by the Swans.

15 Copy of A Copy of A Cover Art

Y'all are just a copy of a copy of a copy...

This song is flippen amazing!

16 Ruiner Ruiner Cover Art

I love this song... It's about everything

This is a perfect song. It's in my top 2

This song kicks so many asses

Amazing song. My favorite. Horribly underrated. This song has everything. A catchy and interesting drum beat, amazing synths and Trent hits his angriest ever in my opinion in this song. The lyrics in this song are amazing as well. "And the only pure thing left in my f****** world is wearing your disease! " Then the chorus comes in and it just overwhelms you with two different overlayed synths that mesh perfectly. You can sense Trent's pure hatred in this song in every word that he says. Then the guitar solo comes in, and the combination of the guitar and drums creates one of the greatest solos I have ever heard and it fits perfectly into the song, which then finishes with one of the most iconic lines Trent has ever used and something that still inspires me "You didn't hurt me, nothing can hurt me, you didn't hurt me, nothing can stop me now."

17 You Know What You Are? You Know What You Are? Cover Art

Beautifully agressive

18 Somewhat Damaged Somewhat Damaged Cover Art

Easily top 10 song if not pushing into top 5. The layering of soundscapes produces an escalating mood which culminates in the angriest song Reznor has done. True catharsis

This is industrial metal at its finest. a repetitive rhythm and a melody slowly rising towards the climactic end. definitely my favorite NIN track.

Great song. I love how it's in a 9/8 time signature.

This was in The Walking Dead.

19 Into the Void Into the Void Cover Art

The much darker aesthetic of the song in comparison to it's disc one counterpart, La Mer, fits all too well with the album. The synth in the song is amazing, the repetition is perfect; the song is top five for me.

Trent can even make 'repetitive' sound great. This song is proof.

Really underrated. Should be in the top 5.

The synth is amazing

20 And All that Could Have Been And All that Could Have Been Cover Art


Are you kidding me?

This is an easy top 3! Give it a listen please!

How Trent Reznor manages to impact so deeply with such simple lyrics is a thing to think about.

Awesome Lyrics!
Have listened to it on replay for hours and still not bored of it.

So peaceful for a song that carries such pain in its lyrics.

It disappoints me that this song doesn't get more attention, it was the only brand new actual song on still. Maybe it could've been a single?

This song is fantastic. There really isn't anything else to say other than it should at least be in the top five.

21 Star****ers, inc.

This and March of the Pigs should be on a list of mosh pit anthems.

How is this masterpiece not in the top 10.

This song should be on first 5. 10/10 lyrics

How is this not higher?

22 The Day the World Went Away The Day the World Went Away Cover Art

Australia wildfires
Kobe Bryant
George Floyd/Black Lives Matter protests

This Nine Inch Nails song would perfectly fit the year 2020.

The amazing, sudden transitions are just fantastic. The lyrics are so quick, but so good and complete a rhyme only Trent could write. The fact that it also has no drums also makes it very unique for NIN, so I'll have to say it's one of my favorites.

The world is already sinking into chaos.

23 Getting Smaller Getting Smaller Cover Art

This one hits me like a train, anger, bitterness and energy up to the max! Flip-flop-flip!

24 Zero Sum Zero Sum Cover Art

Another apocalyptic song. If you want to feel the chills from this song, listen to the Deceased album version. It focuses more on the harmony of the song rather than the powerful lyrics. It also gives you a more apocalyptic vibe.

The perfect ending for a perfect album. My favorite album of NIN is Year Zero and this song just creates a movie in my head about the end of the woorld or the World after "it" happened. So dystopic, so depressing, so cool, just awesome

25 Came Back Haunted Came Back Haunted Cover Art

An awesome song that gets stuck in your head and wont get out! Definitely the best song off Hesitation Marks!

I'm glad he came back period. Industrial music needs to come back haunted...

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