NIN Review series part 5: The Fragile (Disc 2)

AngryByrd Just so you know, this review is a part of a two-parter, so you might want to read my previous review before reading this.

Disc one of the Fragile was very nice, and it had lot of deep, crunchy guitars, and really nice piano. With this formula, it's easy to expect just another disc like this, but you'd be wrong. I did point out in my earlier review that I realize these two discs make up one album, not two separate albums, but this disc sounds like it very well could be a separate album! It's not totally different, though. There are some similarities, but there's a lot to cover about this disc.

The first thing that let's you know that you're listening to a separate disc is the opening song. The Way Out Is Through is a grandiose entry that really sets the stage for what you're about to hear. One of the defining factors of this disc is that it's much more energetic! I understand that I did say that there aren't any really fast songs on disc 1, but songs like Into The Void, Complication, and Starf*ckers Inc. fix this problem easily. The first disc seemed to be in sort of a low place with all of the grinding guitars and deep electronics, but this disc amps up the electronics and makes every song much more stimulating. The best thing about all of this though is that it doesn't cause the album to lose atmosphere. It's really fast, but it is still pretty immersive.

All of the things you love from the first disc are still very prominent on this disc. Heaviness? Starf*ckers Inc. has you covered! Downward Spiral Influene? Into The Void is your song! Instrumentals? Pick one: Complication, The Mark Has Been Made, and much more have great presence! Anything else from the first disc that I didn't mention is also on this disc! If you liked the first disc, then you should like this disc!

I really liked what this disc did, so picking a favorite song from it is really hard. I'll have to go with Where Is Everybody, but there are just so many good songs on this album. I'm not really going to bother picking a least favorite, because there are parts of pretty much evry song that I'm not super crazy about.

Overall, the 2nd disc of The Fragile is just the first disc on steroids. It's really well executed! I do like it better than the first disc, but I don't really like it enough to give it a 10, so I'll give it a 9.3/10.

And now for the album as a whole! The Fragile is a clear step up from The Downward Spiral, with a better atmosphere, more variation, better instrumentals, and pretty much everything. There are two problems I have with this album though. First, it is pretty long, so I would be sure to have a lot of time set aside before listening to this album. If it were me, I would find songs from this album that I like and listen to those rather that pushing through 2 hours of industrial experimentation. Also, it's one of those albums that you need to listen to a lot to really like. Even with these problems though, The Fragile is an amazing album that is worth listening to at least partially. I give this album a 9/10.


It's weird how in the music video to Starf***ers, Inc. that Trent tossed his Downward Spiral album and a few Marilyn Manson albums into a dirty toilet. - visitor

It's a great music video. - AngryByrd

A great video indeed. - visitor

I was just wondering. I got an idea for a list for you if you want to use it. How bout you do two comparison lists between Marilyn Manson and Trent Reznor the same way you did Adam Gontier and Matt Walst. Only if you wanted to. - visitor

I might do that. Thanks for the idea! - AngryByrd

I got another list idea you could use. How bout you make the "Top 10 Bands That Make Marilyn Manson Look as Though He Were an Angel" it's about how Manson is a nice guy compared to the bands on the list (the bands which most of them are evil and murderous black metal bands along with Deicide). I was originally going to do the list myself but I figured I'd give the idea to you just for more ideas for lists. - visitor