NIN Review series Part 8: Ghosts I-IV

AngryByrd After 2007's Year Zero, Nine Inch Nails grew tired of major labels, and and Trent Reznor, the band's only member, began working on his own. He collaborated with Atticus Ross, and the two would go on to create soundtracks for the movies Gone Girl and The Social Network. Before this though, NIN released an "album" in 2008 titled Ghosts I-IV. The collection was very unpolished and it's barely even an actual album. Even so, it's still very interesting.

If I were to describe this musical anomally in one word, I would say unpolished. This is a very rough production, and the songs don't even have actual titles. I can't talk about the lyrics because there are none, but I definitely liked the nonexistent vocals better than the vocals on Year Zero. The lack of vocals might turn some listeners off, but to me, a 36-song album doesn't really need vocals.

The music is a lot like The Fragile, using all kinds of guitars, pianos, and percussion. The album flows very well, and any weird shifts and production flaws can only be heard when you're listening really closely. There is a ton of variation, and it'll definitely hold your attention. My only complaint with this album is that it goes on for close to 2 hours, and the vocal void can cause it to drag sometimes.

This is more of a sonic experiment than an album. It layed the ground for Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross' later work if anything. If you can't stand intstrumentals or just aren't a very adventurous listener, this album may not appeal to you. If you can get past that, then I would say that Ghosts I-IV is well worth your time. I give this project an 8/10.


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