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21 The Becoming

This song is just amazing, the complicated 13/4 timing, the piano riff, the drums. All amazing.

22 A Warm Place

Has the same really quiet subtle depressing atmosphere as leaving hope (didn't check to see if that was on here) Honestly I could even seeing this going AFTER hurt on the downward spiral just cause it's so beautiful

My favorite song of all time if you really let it sink in and really think about it, it may mean something personal to you and it might be your favorite song of all time too or at least favorite nine inch nails song. Definitely underrated!

Not regarded as the best NIN song by any means, but it's undeniably the most important part of The Downward Spiral as an album.

Only one thing more depressing than this song: the fact that it's only at number 20. - Mercwithamouth

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23 The Great Below

Why no song from The Fragile? This is for me the best song they ever wrote, though I like a lot The Downward Spiral.

Hey guys what, that's the one of the best, should be in top 10. Vote for it

This is underrated as HECK!

What guys, one of the best songs ever written. vote or die

24 Copy of A

This song is flippen amazing!

Y'all are just a copy of a copy of a copy...

25 Last

What? this song defines NIN. It's filled with intense anger, screams, and lots & lots of hatred. Metal at it's best.

The metal performance is unbelievable.

One of their heaviest songs, this needs to be up higher!

This song is AWESOME! Amazing Voice

26 Came Back Haunted

An awesome song that gets stuck in your head and wont get out! Definitely the best song off Hesitation Marks!

I'm glad he came back period. Industrial music needs to come back haunted...

27 Getting Smaller
28 Kinda I Want To

So underrated, yet so good!

29 Sin

Epic song with rhe best lyrics- how is this not top ten?

30 You Know What You Are?

Beautifully agressive

31 Happiness in Slavery

It's brutal! And I love it!


32 Sanctified

All I have to say is this song should be moved up at least in the top 20. If not then it should be in the top 15

The bass line is great. The moment you play this song makes you feel badass and you just want to slowly headbang like saying "i'm cool and you are not". Is it odd?

33 The Big Come Down

The Big Come Down is not only the best song on The Fragile, but the best song Trent Reznor had ever released up until that point in time. The synths, the guitars, the aggressive vocals. Just listen to it. It is an underrated gem in Reznor's discography.

34 Just Like You Imagined

One of the most powerful instrumentals there ever is. An amazing combination of pain, anger and madness. Truly deserves top 10 ranking.

Are you crazy? 46? Your favorite is my worst =))

Please get this much higher.

Deserves a much higher ranking...definitely!
Absolute pleasure to listen on headphones...powerful instrumental bliss

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35 Sunspots

Why does this have 0 votes? This was the first NIN song I've listened to, and by far, their all time best. It starts off with nothing but drums and bass, then Trent starts singing with a very low whispery voice, the chorus though. The chorus is the best part of the song. It's very catchy and just incredibly unique. He uses high pitch and it actually turns me on a bit, I must admit. Anyways, the song gets more intense as you get closer to it's end. Truly a masterpiece & should be ranked top 1. This song defines NIN at it's epitome.

36 Discipline

This song opens with a standard Nine Inch Nails drum track but really launches itself into a crescendo of power and emotion with the repetitive guitar and dancing piano, interspersed w Reznor's backing vocals and pleading chorus. 5 stars, 2 thumbs up.

This song is completely underrated deserves more recognition

An unbelievable combination of all Trent Reznor's Creative abilities. Seriously underrate.


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37 Down in It

Amazing! How is this so low! One of his best, both lyrically and instrumentally.

This song is underrated - Sabbath

First single. Awesome.

Because Dan from Gamegrumps referenced it haha

38 Heresy

Incredible sound matched with great lyrics. A perfect song in my opinion.

This is basically a better version of Closer

39 Capital G

This song is definitely my favorite. Has good beats and it's not super slow. Really good song. Vote! - ilymetallica

40 Echoplex

I must have listened to echoplex about 500 times before I got bored of it!

Um... Why is this not in the top ten?

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