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41 The Fragile

This song is in my top 3 from the Fragile, which is my favorite album of all time.

"I wont let you fall apart! "

Such a powerful line that I can relate to.

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42 Beside You in Time
43 The Downward Spiral

"He couldn't believe how easy it was." this is possibly the darkest song I've ever heard.

44 Survivalism

Why the hell is this only at 45 it's such a catchy and in your face song and the lyrics make it a perfect rebellion kind of song

This song is just awesome! Everything about it!

45 I Would for You
46 Piggy

Has one of the best piano melodic parts at the end. Great lyrics. Based off of Charles Manson as is the entire downward spiral album. Trent Renoir is a genius and in piggy he shows off the industrial electrical rock he created.

I love the drums in this song, and the bass.

47 Gave Up
48 Burn
49 Mr. Self Destruct

A most thrilling production showcase is in this song. Definitely a top ten. The surround-rain effect at the end always freaks me out! Love it!

This song really helps me out. Being a person with Asperger's, I play this song on my iPod so I can't hear all the loud, obnoxious kids on my bus.

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50 In This Twilight

This is the kinda song you'd listen to in an apocalypse: the whole world has collided, and you're all alone in solitude, but soon, you begin to realize there is a silver lining if you look close enough. This song is a perfect combination of doom & hope. Definitely powerful & apocalyptic. Underrated, too. Deserves to be top 10 at least.

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51 Even Deeper
52 The Wretched

My favorite thing about this is how awesome the piano line sounds right after The Frail. The beginning is amazing and continues to hold up.

It's dark, eerie, heavy, and should be higher

Fantastic song, should be much higher! One of my favourites!

53 Deep
54 I Do Not Want This
55 Head Down
56 Leaving Hope
57 Ringfinger

66? This has to be a top 10 most popular and 10 best! What happened?

58 Zero Sum

Another apocalyptic song. If you want to feel the chills from this song, listen to the Deceased album version. It focuses more on the harmony of the song rather than the powerful lyrics. It also gives you a more apocalyptic vibe.

The perfect ending for a perfect album. My favorite album of NIN is Year Zero and this song just creates a movie in my head about the end of the woorld or the World after "it" happened. So dystopic, so depressing, so cool, just awesome

59 Big Man With a Gun

You can feel frustration and anger build up in 'I do not want this' before the flood gates open and this song arrives. It's pretty intense.

60 The Line Begins to Blur

This is definitely one of my favorites from "with teeth"
How can this not be one of the top twenty?!

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