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61 Home
62 Me, I'm Not

Great song, but I like the void mix remix better. The remix adds piano & sends off a really calm vibe with majestic synthesizers. If you wanna listen to this song & experience a really chill vibe, listen to Me, I'm Not (Void Mix) from YouTube. You wont regret it.

It's a good electronic song and it is like fifteen minutes long

63 Psychical (You're So) V 1 Comment
64 Meet Your Master

So amazing. My favorite and definitely deserves more attention than it gets. The same goes for many songs from year zero.

I used to listen to this on repeat. - Mercwithamouth

65 She's Gone Away

New ep and I've been instantly hooked. This song managed to slightly outshine the others I'm already addicted to. From start to chorus, it builds up beautifully and just keeps me completely captivated all the way through and then again. If I knew the music lingo, I'd gladly go into details to describe every little thing that makes this one of NIN's many perfect songs.

66 Slipping Away

Why isn't this on the list already? Seriously, who made this list?

67 The Collector

Amazing chorus... The later piano is dark and very spooky. Definitely NIN style!

68 Find My Way

Surprisingly, it's pretty calm. That's why I like it so much! - Mercwithamouth

69 Everything
70 The Way Out is Through V 1 Comment
71 My Violent Heart
72 All the Love in the World
73 The Great Destroyer

Great beginning, quite fast. But the real highlight begins in the middle when Trent unleashes a noise storm and destorys this very cool song. Make sure your headphones are not too loud^^

74 The Four of Us are Dying

From The Slip. Amazing song. So dark, broody and ominous! My kind of music! Trent is a musical genius and is one of a kind!

75 That's What I Get
76 With Teeth

Not sure why this is so far down. My favorite song of them

77 La Mer

Although this song is only instrumental... It has a great beat throughout the song. The drums, bass and piano is what overwhelming when listening to this song

78 Love Is Not Enough
79 Satellite
80 Metal

Metal is also a very unique song that should be on the top of this list

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