Ranking Ninjago Characters: Best To Worst

Anyone noticing that there have been a lot of Ninjago posts lately?

I don’t know about you, but I sure have. Most of them have been made by eventer51314 (believe me, you should read them. They’re really good). So, because I hate feeling left out, I’m making one to.

I was wondering on doing a rant on why it sucks, but eventer already kinda did that. So instead I’m making a list of the best characters to the worst. Tell me your thoughts on this.


- Top Tier -

#1: Skylar

You wanna know what I like about Skylar? She’s the only female character in this series who isn’t a shallow retard.
Take Nya for example. She left a guy who was willing to do EVERYTHING for her for someone else, and you wanna know why? You really wanna know? BECAUSE OF A RELATIONSHIP TESTER MACHINE. I mean, *Whiskey*Tango*Foxtrot*? She’s even dumber than Starfire from Teen Titans Go! Or maybe they’re equally dumb (Starfire also tried out a relationship tester machine and tried to marry a scratching pole). Pixal was only created to be Zane’s love interest. Even Misako is pretty dumb. She dated a guy just because he gave her a nice letter.
But Skylar, on the other hand, uses rational thought and thinks before she acts. She started off as the bad guy’s daughter, but we got to see how she enhanced into the lovable redhead we know and love. And also, unlike the other females characters, she wasn’t created to be some damsel in distress/love interest etc. She had some serious *sskicking ladyballs. Attagirl. Rating: 10/10

#2: Kai

So, yeah, you must be wondering why I put Kai second. Espescially since he’s the main character. Even though I hate this show, I have to admit he’s a really good protagonist. In most CN shows, the main character is someone who’s like ‘HyYeEEWw IMMa Kik BuTt 1!1!1!’ but with Kai, that’s not the case. Sure, he was that type in Season 1 but he developed really well. I mean, he grew and understood EMPATHY. That’s why I think he was the best choice for the protagonist, because if it was Jay the show would have been taking it from an awkward kid’s view (no offense), if we did Cole’s it would be a little rough and if it was from Zane’s, then, it’s kinda emotionless. But instead they took it from someone who FEELS, and we understand because at least once we’ve been in those situations he has been in before. Rating: 9/10

#3: Cole

What I like about this character is that his backstory is that it’s something new. I mean, most ninjas in TV shows have backstories like ‘My brother killed the entire village and I need to avenge them!’ or ‘I have a deadly fox beast inside of me!’ or ‘I’m a useless pink haired idiot!’ but this guy is different. Despite being raised in a rich family, he left everything behind to be a ninja. And unlike most other ‘Lonely rich kid’ characters, he’s not a spoilt brat who flaunts it in the face of others, unlike SOME characters *cough* Weiss Schnee *cough*. He’s also pretty levelheaded and phlegmatic. Only con is he got wrapped up in the love triangle. Rating: 9/10

- Good Tier –

#4: Kai’s parents

These guys deserve some recognition. Rating: 8/10

#5: That Dude Who Started The School For Bad Children:

I salute you, 8/10.

#6: Jay

Feel bad for this guy, 7/10.

- Okay Tier –


- “Meh” Tier -

#7: Zane

I never really liked this character. He was so bland and boring, and the writers probably threw in the ‘robot’ thing to make him sound cool. And don’t get me started on the whole Pixane thing. Also if he’s a robot how come he never short circuits when he hits the water? I feel that this character is….unfinished. Like when the writers released Ninjago, they were like, ‘Screw giving this guy a backstory and emotions and s***, our fans want a show and they want it NOW! Wasted Potential, 4/10.

- Bad Tier -

#8: Darreth

I’m broke and I’d still pay money for this guy to die. You can’t have a single episode with the Ninjas doing their thing without this guy crashing in from a window and yelling ‘I’M the BrrrrrOOOwn Ninja!’. This guy is a perfect example of a weaboo chasing actual Japanese people begging to be Japanese. Poor kid, you’ve been drunk on Naruto again, haven’t you? Tard. Also made a sexist remark about Nya. Only thing he’s good for is comedy. 2/10.

#9: Pixal

Pixal is one of ‘those’ characters. You see it in Ginny Weasly. You see it in Princess Peach. You see it in Flash Sentry. Yeah, she was only created as a love interest for one of the main characters. It was obvious the minute she hit the screen she was created for Zane. Bleh, 1/10, next character.

#10: Wu

In all honesty, Wu is a terrible character. He’s a ripoff of Uncle Iroh from The Last Airbender, Master Shifu from Kung Fu Panda and Splinter from TMNT. There is nothing original about this character. 0/10.

- Awful Tier –

Grab the popcorn.

#11: Nya

How do you spell ‘shallow’ with three words? Yes, that’s right, Nya. The writers of this show must have never seen a female in their entire lives before, because she’s a stupid, stereotypical, one-dimensional individual. She acts like she doesn’t have half a brain sometimes. In one episode, she leaves behind a guy who would die for her for Cole just because a damn machine told her to. She also has crushes on other characters just for their looks and stuff. Basically she’s one of those stereotypical Looney Tunes female characters, just modernized. She’s also a mary-sue (is a samurai, gets chased by boys etc.). -193739463957395749/10

#12: Lloyd

AHAHAHAHAHAHA I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS PART, FOR LIKE, FOREVER. We have finally reached my least favourite character, Lloyd Garmadon.

When he is first introduced into the series, we see a kid who’s about six and does ‘evil’ things such as walking on grass and stealing candy. He’s a villain wannabe. Then his old pal Pythor turns out not to be a pal after all and ditches him, but guess what, Wu takes him in. He also turns out to be the green ninja! Oh, and he’s also Gramadon’s son! Wait, that’s not enough for you? He’s also the strongest ninja to ever live and blablablablabla.
That’s the main reason I hate him. He’s a gary stu.


He gets everything, and he also acts like a little *sshole and gets away with it. He screwes up with Pythor, Wu takes him in and gives him a bedtime story without any punishment. Again, *Whiskey*Tango*Foxtrot*? Yeah, I get that Wu was trying to get Lloyd on his side, but he should have at least given him some punishment for being evil. And then there’s the bedtime story. Yes, that lucky brat got a bedtime story as well. Seriously, my parents NEVER gave me a bedtime story, ever. And also in one episode where he does stuff the annoy the main four (beat Kai’s high score in video games, etc.) and he gets out of it because it turns out Wu put him up to it. That’s another reason I hate Wu. He treats Lloyd better than the other ninjas. It’s infuriating seeing someone who does a whole lot of bad stuff get treated better than someone who tries to do the bad thing and ends up with zilch.

I can’t wait for the episode where Ninjago ends and they kill off all the characters.

Anyhoo, that’s mah rankings. What are yours? Feel free to comment below.


Excellent post! - visitor

^w^ - TwilightKitsune

Nice ranking. I would say I agree with most of the rankings with only a few exceptions here. I can see that Sensei Wu is nothing really new knowing that he fits under the "Old Master" trope, though despite some unoriginal character on his part, I did find him enjoyable and funny on his own merit. Though, considering his role in later seasons after Season 2, my perspective on him might change a bit. For Lloyd, I did hate him a lot in the beginning when he was a spoiled brat and all that, but I did kind of grow a bit of some liking to him as he developed into the role of the Green Ninja by growing from an immature kid who was evil to a fully-grown ninja of good. Just for the note, these are solely my opinions based on what I've seen from Seasons 1 through 2. I don't even want to bother watching later seasons.

But if there's one thing we can most likely agree on, it's probably that Cartoon Network should just end this cash cow franchise. Granted, considering it's popular with the children demographic in terms of merchandise and probably ratings, it might not go anywhere anytime soon. Still, it should have just ended after Season 2. Nexo Knights deserves a bit more popularity as the newest Lego animated series and Legends of Chima didn't drag on too long thankfully and ended gracefully. Seriously, the franchise has overstayed its welcome for far too long.

Here's to hoping The Lego Ninjago Movie brings some justice to the once humble franchise. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Thank you ^w^ - TwilightKitsune

And I agree with what you said about Lloyd. Except, I liked him even when he was a brat because it was entertaining and made for good conflict (he was the main villain for the first few episodes, anyway. until the ninja took him in). - visitor

Nice post. Screw Dareth, Pixal, and Nya!

I disagree about Skylor. She ultimately became a damsel-in-distress in the end and is only there to be Kai's love interest. Cliche too, because she's the big bad's 'beautiful' daughter and femme fatale who falls for the hero.

I love Zane (in the first two seasons). Liked his being philosophical and the comically serious character. I also like that he's the nicest, least judgmental of all the ninja. I disagree with what you said about him not having emotions. He's just very calm...phlegmatic😉, which fits nicely with his status as the ice ninja. And anyway, the episode where he unlocked his true potential was one of the best episodes and he shows a lot of emotion in it. The fact that he's a robot yet still the nicest ninja was a great plot point, in my opinion. The whole 'more than meets the eye' thing has double meaning for Zane. He looks human on the outside, but on the inside he's a robot. He may seem cold and unfeeling at first, but he's actually very kind.
I also think he's got the coolest weapons of the group: shurikens. - visitor

I know. I miss the good ol days of Skylor. But her episodes were the best for any girl in the show

Good point about Zane. He just got flanderized later on - TwilightKitsune

I'd have to watch the show to do my own... and that's not happening anytime soon.

Good post though. - ProPanda

Thanks - TwilightKitsune

I hate this show. Why do my brothers like it? - visitor

I know. My brother likes it too. - TwilightKitsune

Why don't they do a episode like, Lloyd goes to jail or Lloyd gets killed.. - visitor

Yeah, #BestEpisodeEver - TwilightKitsune

Totally - visitor

Bay wants Dora blown up.
No rly he's doing a Live action film based on Dora - visitor

Finally another person that hates lloyde as much as I do! - PurpleFox

UNITE LLOYD HATERS - TwilightKitsune

Am I welcome to kill Lloyd? I hate him so much - visitor

@Championcolette sure, here's your pitchfork. - PurpleFox

I used to like this show. Now I don't. It's repeative. And Lloyd is a gary stu(I HATE MARY/GARY STUS! BURN MARY/GARY STUS WITH MY ARCANINE! ) - visitor

Use Arceus he's better - TwilightKitsune

I love that post too kitsune. Keep it up. 9.5/10 - visitor

Thank you Coley - TwilightKitsune

Ninjago sucks. Why does my brother like this stupid show? Because it's ninjas? WHO CARES? Me and my friend hate this show, while our brothers like this show. We sometimes mock ninjago, by calling it names such as "Lamejago" "Ninjangno" "NinjagNOOO! " and "Ninjagfart" I really want this show cancelled and I want to Send Lloyd to prison and SMACK HIM WITH A SLDGEHAMMER AND THERE WILL BE NO MORE NINJAGO! YAY! <:D - visitor

Good news, its ending - TwilightKitsune

About the Zane thing. You do know he got a backstory and emotions in the 7th episode? - TheReviewer20

Still a lot of things unexplained. Like if he's a robot, HOW THE HELL DOES HE COUNT AS A DESCENDANT OF AN ELEMENTAL MASTER? THEY WERE ALL HUMANS, REMEMBER? LOGIC, ANYONE? - TwilightKitsune

Ugh. Why would you like Skylor? Again! Every Ninjago producers deserve to die in most painful death ever! If season 8 contiunes, then I wish LEGO headquaters and all of it's park were hit by atomic bomb - visitor

Take it easy fella. You really don't want that to happen to them, do you? To the Ninjago characters, yeah, but harming real people is against my standards (unless it's self-defense or something like that) - TwilightKitsune

Chill out, dude! We don't want another world war. For a most pointless reason. - BorisRule

Idiots! - visitor


If it happened, trust me, this could start world war three. - visitor

Just to know that nuking another country can cause world war three - BorisRule

Also, would you want a show to end in the most horrifying way? - BorisRule

Me: I DO like him, but really, forcing everyone to love him? Pfui! I'd stick with Chima. - BorisRule

Akin to Plankton thing:

I'd say that's Squidward - TwilightKitsune

Squidward maybe... fits too - BorisRule

People even stop Kai x Nya
www.wattpad.com/amp/419314939 - visitor

WHAT THE F@#$&K?!?!?! - BorisRule

Lyodd is such a Gary stu. He always gets his own way and gets away with everything even if he does bad things. How about an episode when Eric cartman enters the show AND SHOOTS LYODD IN THE FACE! and sings lyodd's mum is a big fat b***h. - visitor

You don't need to be vulgar and a hater. If you don't like Lloyd then don't watch Ninjago. It's not a big deal. - WindNinja11


Trust me, this is NOTHING comapred to that death thread to entire LEGO headquaters over Ninjago. - BorisRule

10/10 absolutely agree with you. I used to love ninjago but ever since Lloyd became the main character I started to hate it. He is like starlight glimmer but from ninjago. He is a Gary Stu who always gets his own way and its like the writers are trying to get us to like Lloyd saying he is the villainous brat but than he is the Gary Stu who gets all the attention drawn to him. I really hope an arceus hyper beams Lloyd and destroys all the Lego cash grab shows. Sound good twily? - visitor

Ninjago ended - iliekpiez

Ending not! - BorisRule

Used to watch this show, now I don't. - visitor

WOW, I agree 10/10 with you, especially Lloyd. Amazing post! vI used to love ninja go but ever since that ninja came in, he wrecked the story. What a Gary Stu! - BloodFang