Has anyone noticed how much hate Cole gets in the actual show? As if the writers hate him. (When I see him being put down so much, it only makes me like him more.) Here are the examples:

In season three when he was a teacher I found it oddly specific that the students were saying "Mister Cole is the worst." like they all hated him for no reason at all? (he wasn't even doing anything bad, they just hated him.) Yeah sure, they liked him after he showed them his ninja moves but still, I think that was weirdly specific that the show writers added that against Cole.

Then in season four Jay called him the 'least valuable' ninja (I think twice.) And I didn't like that because I feel like that's how some fans feel about him and it looks like the actual show creators feel that way about him.

In season 6 when they get put in prison, a prison guy walks up to Cole and says something like: "Quiet earth, pfft. what is that anyway." When he walked away, some other ...more

I think Cole is one of the best ninja because he has endured so much and is still going strong. Seriously, he lost Nya and sacrificed his place in the Tournament of Elements to mend his friendship with Jay, then he was turned into a ghost! I see him as the strongest mentally and physically.

Cole is so underestimated. I love all the ninja so much, but of all of them it has to be said that Cole is often ignored or looked past. I honestly think that the creators of ninjago hate Cole sometimes because he has the fewest lines, and even in season four when all of the elemental masters summon their dragons, it shows Cole for two seconds and then show him again for the rest of the episode. Meanwhile Jay and Kai are getting all the lines and attention. Cole is so sweet and adorable. He deserves more.

Cole is a leader of the team. Many people forget that before Lloyd came around Cole was the leader of the team. He knew that Kai wanted to lead so he let Kai take control from time to time to help the team. Cole is selfless and willing to do anything for the good of the team. Including running back for the scroll and causing himself to turn into a ghost. It is such a shame that Lego has not given Cole his own season.

Cole is the black ninja of earth. He is the son of a dancer and singer. Cole is the muscle of all the ninjas.

I love Cole personality, voice, character design and powers. Like sure he's super muscular and strong - but his powers to me aren't as cool as like the other ninjas but still, him as a person I like he most. He deserved way more appreciation from the fandom! And he wasn't in the Lego ninjago movie enough...they focused way to much on Jay out of the main 5 other ninjas

If you exclude Lloyd Cole is the strongest ninja. He is also the leader. I don't know why the creators of ninjago treat him like trash. First,he loses Nya then sacrifices himself for Jay in the tournament after that he is turned into a ghost and now if he can't control his fear he wil die. I think Cole deserves number 1.

A lot of people, even Cole fans, have been saying that Cole's power isn't that cool. I think it is really cool. Just cause it isn't super flashy and exciting like fire or lighting doesn't mean it's not cool. I really like his power. It suits him and it's really useful. Elements wouldn't exist without the earth.
-Your Ninja Sister
#COLE IS THE BEST - WindNinja11

RIPPLING 8 PACK ABS AND HUGE CHEST MUSCLES? NEED I SAY MORE? Sure, Jay and Kai have some abs but they are no where near as muscular and toned as Cole is. Cole got the super muscular shirtless Lego torso with fully defined abs while Jay and Kai didn't. COLE IS THE STRONGEST AND HOTTEST CHARACTER AND NEEDS TO AHOW OFF HIS SEXY MUSCLES MORE!

Of course cole is the best! He is the foundation of the team! He is the strongest and his personality is just the best. He likes cake...I like Cake...WHO DOESN'T LIKE CAKE!? He likes music (in the movie) and he cares the most about his team members...His brothers

Cole and Kai do not really matter. Jay is the best. Lightning can start quakes, and that is Coles power right there. And lightning can make fire. So go all ice and lightning they are the best.

Actually, lightning does effect the ground. The ground just absorbs it so technically no, Jay doesn't beat Earth. Ground types being immune to Electric types anyone? - Gurrtastic

I love Cole! He's so cute. And if I was a ninja I'd want to be him!

Cole, in my opinion, is most definitely the best Ninjago character ever. He starts of as the Ninja leader and also later in the season 5 gets turned into a ghost. I hope that he gets more attention in a following season.

I like his hair, and he's so muscular!

Cole Rocks. He is super strong, can possess things, do spinjitzu, and looks the coolest. He is also super hilarious in season 4 when he eats the cookie with the exploding fortune

I think that he is the cutest out of the group.

Cole is amazing. He's so sweet and self-sacrificing and a great leader. I love his relationship with little baby wu (as of season 8). He is standing up and taking on more responsibility for the good of the team, and I really admire that about him. He's always been my favorite character and I love his back story, he's grown up and matured so much and has come so far.
#Cole forever - WindNinja11

I mean who couldn't like a ninja with super strength and the power of earth and his hair is based of a creators hair

He's so dope though the producers never consider him a lot because he doesn't even have his own season and usually doesn't play a big role in the show like he should.

I do not know why he is not #1 he sacrificed himself and became a ghost and in season 4 he let Jay win in their match.

I like Cole because I think he is the best ninja and has the best skills from other ninjas and the coolest

Cole is awesome cause he is a ghost! Also because he can disappear!

My opinions on the ninja: Kai keeps losing because he rushes into things too much, Jay has a good personality, Nya is ok, Zane is cool (no pun intended), Lloyd is good but extremely overrated and Cole has endured being laboured in a factory, losing Nya to Jay and being a ghost for 2 seasons. So Cole is my favourite ninja.

Awesome strong hearted and is the mussel of the team

Cole is my favourite ninja he has strong powers he is best buddies with zane