Jay is my favorite character of all time in Ninjago. And in my opinion, Jay deserves a higher spot on this list. Unlike the other ninja, he likes to make work a game and have fun. He's not super serious like Zane, he's not a hothead like Kai, and he's NOTHING like Cole. He is by FAR the funniest ninja on the team, and even more obviously, the kindest hearted. Jay has a good heart, and always puts others ahead of himself. Also, Jay was the first one of the group to learn Spinjitzu. That has to account for something! Then there's his element? Would you rather get burned, or get electrocuted? Yeah, burned right? That's because electricity is more powerful. And, as someone else also said, LIGHTNTING LITERALLY CREATES FIRE. Sorry, Kai, but you deserve a WAY lower spot, you hothead. None of the ninja can even come close to Jay's level of putting humor, hard work, and skills into one kind, funny character. Sorry, Mr. Green Ninja Lloyd WHO EVERYBODY STINKING LIKES, you deserve the number four ...more

Well first of all, Jay has the power of LIGHTNING, YOU ALL KNOW WHAT LIGHTNING DOES, It destroys things, It instantly kills its victim, and it creates fire. Second of all, we all saw Jay use 3 elements like Wind, Lightning, and also a bit excuse for when he strikes lightning at a flamable object/thing/place/building, it gets burnt, which means his lightning can also be a substitute for Fire. And also don't underestimate his engineering, fighting, and strategy abilities! He's the perfect balance of Comedy, Focus, and Power. He may not be the Green Ninja but he's still cool and he's the only guy in the group who has a girlfriend (Nya). Zane and Pixel are not an excemption because they're robots and Kai and Skylor are just IN LOVE with each other, they're still not official. Jay is the sweetest funniest most cheerful and talkative guy in the group although he and Lloyd are surprisingly the stealthiest in the group.

I liked the old Jay. Jay's still my favorite but the old Jay was actually good and had about the same skills as the rest. Now he's just there for comic relief but that's his personality. Jay was the first of the four to learn spinjitzu

He is definitely the strongest ninja, and he was the first person to unlock spinjitsu, that has to count for something. He also had the most personality growth, other than hothead Kai and serious Zane and Cole. Also Nya doesn't deserve him because she listened to a machine that said Cole was her perfect match even though Jay liked her for the past seasons. Also I hate how the creators made him powerful in the first season then just cast him off to side like a piece of trash in the later season. Jay is the best and the most deserving to be the best ninja.

Jay is the coolest of all the ninja he has the most techniques out of all the ninja even zane meaning he is one of the strongest

Honestly, Jay is probably the best character next to Cole. He has perfect balance between personality and power, his desighn is very appealing, he's relatable, and his anxiety and need to make things perfect is adorable. he's gone through proper character development, he still has flaws but is getting them under control, and it's a shame that other characters that haven't changed one bit other that physical apearance ( Lloyd and Zane, Kai hasn't changed much) are above in the list even with their bland and stereotypical personalitys. Jay is unique and has a hard time understanding others, but he still does his best, he may be a bit akward at times but he does gets over it. This is probably why most artists in the Fandom like him so much. He's determined and doesn't give up on things after one try, which is quiet admirable. Jay is sweet and caring, and is talkative and humorous. He can get obsessive over some things quickly, but all these traits make him the sweet cinnamon roll that ...more

Jay is the best ninja hands down. He might not be as muscular as cole or Kai, but he isn't weak. I believe jay is the most acrobatic of the ninja and the smartest of the ninja next to Zane who is a nindroid. He is also kind, funny,caring,fun loving,and a jokester. He has the most unique hair color of the ninja being a auburn oreage- reddish color and has deep blue eyes. Jays lightning is the strongest of all the elements and also the deadliest only taking less than a second to kill someone if needed. Jay needs to dump Nya though, I mean, she started to develop feelings for cole because A MACHINE TOLD HER TO doubting her steady relationship with jay. She was a jerk in sky-bound and rebooted and I do not like Nya anymore at all because of this. Jay is adopted and I believe should pursue finding his real mom since we already know who his real dad is. Jay is best hands down and is the only character to be quite shocking (had to pull a joke) and appear in every episode now lets go chop ...more

I wouldn't say Kai is muscular. Cole is though. He is super strong and powerful. But Kai definitely isn't nearly as muscular as Cole - Gurrtastic

Jay is a amazing ninja even though so many people underestimate him. He has a great personality and nobody realizes it in the show, but he has the best personality. He should just dump Nya, I mean She thought because of a stupid machine she was meant for Cole, even though through all the past seasons Jay had been crushing on her

Jay is my favourite he should be number 2. Lightning can make fire earthquakes and sometimes tsunamis. First to learn spinjitzu probably first ninja and his personality is AWESOME. Jay is just epic

I totally agree with you! Jay is like, the best! He can make everything, when I started watching Ninjago, I literally though Jay would be the green ninja - Katheriner

Jay is the blue ninja of lightning. He is the quick but weaker ninja of them all. he always makes a joke. He likes to be the funny one all the time!

He's just so unique and funny- when you say "Jay," I think of the Ninja waiting for Zane to get his falcon back and Jay saying- "OOH! LOOK! I SPY...ANOTHER TREE! " He's hilarious and him and Nya fit so well. His parents are funny too!

Jay should be number one because without him the ninja wouldn't last ten seconds

I love this ninja he is funny good looking and best of all master of electricity ooh

In the first season jay was the best because he had three elements, lightning which can make fire and is the only ninja in the team to be seen in an episode using power of wind. They had really lowered his skill which sucks. In sky pirates jay was the centre of attention which was good. I've watched episode 1 to 64 and think Jay is LA-JIT!

Jay is the best. He is the master of lightning, and what awesome element is that. He has a match, and I love the time when he unlocked his true potential.

Jay has really come a long way, and I'm surprised that it took so long for him to get a season. He started out as this annoying but adorable jokester who comes up with awesome ideas, and progresses into a stronger, more determined person who can go to any lengths to save his girl. Even his panick moments are totally cute

The best ninja because he's always in a brighter mood and probably the most pure of heart of the team. Plus, lightning is the best element.

Does anyone else want Nya to end up with Cole just so they have have Jay to themselves?

The thing is, they do not even NEED Kai. The creators maybe should have only made three ninja before the green ninja. Jay is also the best because when he discovered the bounty, Jay, he only needs to tap his golden nunchucks onto the system, and they have their video games!

He's just so awesome! He has lightning and loves nya! He's also funny and I really love him. Go Jay go!

He should be 2 strongest and the best

I like him because everyone needs to here a joke

Very unique. And enthusiastic. But that's a good thing! He is also very expressive and loud, so yeah



Jay is an awesome character, Zane is still my personal favorite, by Skybound just made me appreciate Jay's growth throughout the series. I really like how they gave Jay, of all the characters, a girlfriend. He has a nice backstory and a really cool power. Jay makes this show more watchable and he sets the mood. I take comfort in knowing that Skybound has really changed Jay's attitude. I know that he won't make stupid mistakes or have a freak-out during every bad situation. He shows just how much the show has changed over the years.