Lloyd Garmadon

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I pick Lloyd because in a way he had a hard past. On top of that he's been trough so many thinks that could of killed him but he is still standing. Lloyd is one of the bravest ninja there is. He never gives up and he lives up to the saying a ninja never quits. There are so many other reason why he should be the best but I don't feel like typing all day. I just hope you can see he is the best.

He deserves to be on one of the top ten, because even though he was evil at one time, he was only doing it out of love for his father, and he turned good eventually, then defeated the Overlord at least once.

Lloyd was never a character I liked or will never like well actually I liked him at first he was kid the son of the dark lord garmadon but it changed when he was the green ninja the one who saves ninjago why him I said why at the beginning it was supposed to be Kai cole jay and Zane but now it has robbed lloyd who just came out of nowhere I do consider The four main characters as the actual heroes and Lloyd just showed up at the end and took all the credit and everyone loves him

I liked it when Lloyd was little but when he became the green ninja it pissed me off why was there even a damn green ninja the whole series started with us thinking these four heroes will save ninjago and defeat garmadon but no they decided to pull it out the shows ass and put Lloyd as the green ninja and make him take all the credit for being the real heroes when it was actually Kai Jay Zane and Cole they were real heroes

PLEASE READ THIS! OK to me its really hard to pick a favorite ninja. I'll tell you why I do think Lloyd Garmadon is in one of my top three though in a minute. But first, ninjago masters of spinjitzu has been out since 2010 I have been watching it when it first came out, I'm a little bit older now and I know every episode by heart. At first when the first episodes and season came out it introduced Lloyd as being a little brat trying to take after his father... And I really thought he was annoying. Then he was read a book by his patient unlce Wu called "Jack the Rabbit". Yes me too I thought it was cheesey but when Lloyd said " if my dad had read me that, I probably would have never done that." I made me realize how important a dad is in anyone's life. So as time went on he grew up became stronger and more wise but one thing was still missing, his mother. Lloyd didn't just need a father but a mother was just as important, yes he did find his mom her name was Misako. If you really take ...more

I believe Lloyd is the best character simply because he is a natural born leader and the ninja are kinda lost without him. For example, in like the first or second episode in season 3, the ninja were about to get destroyed by the nindroid but Lloyd saved them all swooping in on his golden dragon. And in season 5, when Lloyd was possessed by morro, all the other ninja (besides nya) took a crack at being leader and utterly failed. However, when morro left lloyds body, lloyd had the best l idea of drowning the the cursed realm (forgot the actual name) one of the ninja literally quoted "why didn't I think of that? " probably cole and the other ninja I think jay said "that's why LLOYD is leader"

Lloyd garmadon is the son of sensei garmadon. He is the strongest ninja of all time. He is also the green and golden ninja!

I love Lloyd! But, have you ever thought that the creators seem to hate him? Like all the bad stuff happen to him! It's like "oh, let's make a character be captured! Who will it be? " "What about Lloyd? "! The creators only give him a break in season 6, when they decide to torture Jay... - Ivystar

Who could have thought that a kid obsessed with evil, with a childish personality, a kid scared of lightning, a kid who would not pay for candy, would become a loyal, devoted crime fighting ninja who risked his life many times for justice?

He is awesome he also defeats garmadon in the last episode

He is the best he destroyed the overlord otherwise evil would win. He fought Morro so Morro would lose and fall of the tallest mountain of Ninjago.

I'm voting for Lloyd because I'm inspired by him. I admired how he change himself from being a delinquent to someone others can look up to. Even before he realized that he was the green ninja, Lloyd would willing take risks to help the ninjas. He had shown amazing skills in combat and acts more mature as he grew up. He was a good team player and a great leader.
I feel bad for Lloyd because of all the things he had gone through. As a kid he was abandoned, got kicked out of school, kidnapped by the serpentines, realized he was destined to defeat his own father, ignored as ninja, and missing out on his childhood. As an adult he had to fight the overlord when he was badly injured, was hunted for his powers, struggled with keeping the team together, banishing his father to the cursed realm just after being reunited with him, possed by Morro, sent to the cursed realm, had to destroy the preeminent along with his father, lost his uncle/master and now baring the pressure of being the new ...more

Lloyd has a good back story to him like Zane, come on Lloyd's dad is Lord Garmadon the main villain in the plot season and season 2 and he is still learning ninjago's past like the rest of his team. Lloyd's grandfather is the first spinnjisttu master the guy who created Ninjago.

At first, Lloyd is funny and the Ninja think he's a little brat. But then Kai saves him and it gets awesome from there! Go Lloyd!

Lol, he's on this list 3 times, that's saying something. He's the green ninja and the golden ninja. Lloyd definitely deserves the top spot.

I LOVE lloyd he is the greatest I accidentally voted for I kai I didn't see the name

He is best he can use energy golden power not anymore but fire lighting earth ice and he can teleport

Dude my friend and I like your powers we wish that we have powers like you

My older brothers like him so much. He may have started out evil but I also think he's awesome.

I really like him because he is the green ninja, and the golden weapons reacted to him.

I hate him! He's annoying stupid little brat with arrogant face! I can't stand him! He's the worst character!

Lloyd is cute, he is my favourite. Then Jay, then Zane, then Kai, then Cole, then Nya.

Lloyd number 1 kai should be 2 and kai is selfish and wants to be the green ninja

Lloyd makes a perfect character because not only was he able to defeat the inner monster inside the antagonist, A.K.A., his father, but he was able to take on the next level as to becoming a Sensei for the next generation. - appsdata

Llody is the best. He has all of the ninjas power. He can unlock his own dragon. He defeated Lord Garmadon. Lloyd makes everyone stick together and never leaves anyone behind. He is a true ninja.