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21 Cole's Dad

Cole's dad is so funny! I'm surprised he isn't further up the list!

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22 Golden Master

I really think that llyod is the golden master and he is one of the best ninja in the whole of ninjago city and he really deserves to be the golden ninja

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23 Skales Jr.

Cute but he doesn't have a good personality

Skales in series three's best known quote, "is he going to come and destroy us, mommy? "

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24 Echo Zane

He is cool because he is very nice and clumsy. - TypicalChez

25 Clouse

Clouse isn't that great of a character but his voice actor has such a good accent!

One of the characters in the new series. - aarond9010

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26 Turner

His speed makes him be one of the best characters in the tournament

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27 The Green Ninja

You don't need to put him on the list again

I put this on the golden ninja, but THIS IS LLOYD!

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28 Samukai
29 Ash

Ash can teleport and use smoke blasts

He is cool plus he is one of the top 10 favourite elemental masters

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30 Misako

Misako is Lloyd's mother. She knew wu for many years. She knows tai chi. She can fight like Nia!

Ugh, she's such an annoying mary sue. - eventer51314

Great character

De fug

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31 Skylor

I hope they put her in the new series

Skylor is cool saying from a fan of Kai she need to be in a new season so she can be with the ninja and be with Kai

She is the best female character in this series.

DUDE! What if she touched the GOLDEN ninja?!?!?

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32 The Mailman

He is cool becomes he holds everyone's secrets In his bag

Ok he is pretty funny. I feel sorry for him mailingall those letters. You know what, I stand for all you mailman out there who hates there jobs

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33 Edna

Edna embarrasses Jay so much and she is annoying

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34 Ed

Ed is Jay's dad and is Edna's husband.

35 Wrath

Well he is a ghost after all he can't beat sane though but everyone else he can with his powerful weapons

Um, it's actually spelled wrayth in the shows and is supposed to sound like wraith.

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39 Brad Tutabone

A kid from the school of bad boys

40 Darth V 2 Comments
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