Top Ten Best Ninjago Characters

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41 Cyrus Borg

He is the inventor of New Ninjago City

42 Master Chen

I just think he is the best character of the series. Both with his manipulative and at the same point childish personality, it brings me a lot of joy on his behalf.

Chen is weak. The only reason he became strong was because he stole everyone's powers and used them. Chen has no powers. He doesn't have powers.

Never liked him - appsdata

One word, evil.

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43 Mindroid

Min droid will kill bill cipher and minions and Olaf

Mindroid should be in 7th to replace nya

Such a badass!

Why does he have to die?! He will always be my favorite character! 😭

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44 Nadakhan V 4 Comments
45 P.I.X.A.L

Yeah I think she cool well it probably because I am a girl who loves Zane

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