Top Ten Best Ninjago Characters

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41 Wrath

Well he is a ghost after all he can't beat sane though but everyone else he can with his powerful weapons

Um, it's actually spelled wrayth in the shows and is supposed to sound like wraith.

42 Rufus MacAllister V 2 Comments
43 Spitta V 2 Comments
44 Nadakhan V 4 Comments
45 Clancee V 3 Comments
46 Mindroid

Min droid will kill bill cipher and minions and Olaf

Mindroid should be in 7th to replace nya

Such a badass!

Why does he have to die?! He will always be my favorite character! 😭

V 3 Comments
47 Cyrus Borg

He is the inventor of New Ninjago City

48 Flintlocke
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