Top 10 Ninjago Episodes that Should Be Created


The Top Ten

1 Everyone Gets Killed and the Show Ends

I hate this list it's like whoever made it hates ninjago

2 They All Commit Suicide by Drowning
3 A Dragon Comes and Eats Everyone

The morro dragon and nindroid dragon - VideoGamefan5

4 The Main 6 Characters Get Eaten by a Titan

But zane has a titan mech - VideoGamefan5

5 Asuna Yuuki Stabs Them Off One by One

Asuna Yuuki Deserves To step on a lego - Discord1

6 Meteor Shower Wipes Everyone Out
7 Five Night's at Freddy's Characters Tear Them Up
8 They Get Killed by Real Ninjas
9 Ken Kaneki Eats Them
10 They All Get Sent Back in Time to WW2 and Get Holocausted

The Newcomers

? The Ninja Kills Haruhi Suzumiya
? The Ninja Go To Granny's House

The Contenders

11 The Ninja Kill Every Single Anime Character Ever
12 Everyone Kills The Sword Art Online Characters
13 Jay Breaks Up With Nya

She deserves it after that season 3 crap with Cole.

14 Cole Turns Back into a Human

And it happened in a special

This is the only good thing on this list! And it already happened in DOtD.

15 Lloyd Destroys a Nicki Minaj CD

The only thing on the list I would actually watch

16 Twilightkitsune in Ninja City

And she'll be on a stabbing spree - TwilightKitsune

17 Ninjas Come In And Destroy Star Wars Characters

Star wars is more overrated than ninjago anyways - VideoGamefan5

18 The Ninja Go to North Korea
19 The Ninja Kill the Puella Magi Puella Magica Cast
20 Everyone Kills Every Angelo Rules Character

I'm guessing ModernSpongeBobSucks did this to get revenge on me - Discord1

21 The Angelo Rules Characters Kill Everyone
22 Zootopia and Cars 3 Characters Come In

What a wonderful idea, I will watch if bellwether gets kicked by zane - VideoGamefan5

23 The Ninja Do The Tide Pod Challenge
24 The Ninja Help The Tsuritama Characters Find The Almighty Enoshima Bowl
25 The Ninja Get Transported to MIDI City
26 Girls Night Out

All the female characters!

27 The Ninja Get Teleported To Fortnite and Drop in Tilted Towers

Ninjago is a show by LEGO that aired in 2011 on Cartoon Network
Fortnite is a game that was announced by Unreal engine in 2011,
There are 6 main Ninja in ninjago
6 years later Fortnite was released on PC, Xbox One and PS4,
Ninjago is Ninja with a "Go" added
This year fortnite is on the go with Fortnite mobile and Nintendo switch
The most popular fortnite youtuber is called Ninja
Illuminati confirmed - B1ueNew

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