Best Ninjago Masters of Spinjitzu Seasons

The Top Ten

1 Season 1

It kinda sucked. Only 2 episodes? - B1ueNew

2 Season 3

Zane is most interesting character so his season is like none other literally some of the bad guys are his clone

I liked this season the most. There was so much plot put built in I just loved it. - B1ueNew

3 Season 2

It was good but so overrated. My gosh. The snakes could of been easily taken out. - B1ueNew

4 Season 4

I actually liked this one too. The Anacondrai were terrible villains but the theme of the jungle was pretty good. Decent toys as well. - B1ueNew

5 Season 6

I love this season! I think it has the best plot and nadakhan was amasing! And I know this is unpopular but I think Kay's final wish was a great idea!

No. This one sucked. Mainly because Nadakhan was a stupid villain with no skill or anything. - B1ueNew

Lloyd turned old

6 Season 5

This is was the point I started to not care for the cartoon anymore. I mean LLOYD is evil. Nya became a ninja? Ronin? Come on this is just too much. - B1ueNew

7 Season 7
8 Season 8

They changed the Ninjas hair? Why? Also Harumi sucks! - B1ueNew

9 Season 9

The 2nd best ninjago season

10 Season 10


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