Top Ten Ninjago Spinners

This is a list I made of the top ten ninjago spinners.

PS. this includes the booster packs and spinners from sets.

The Top Ten

1 Lloyd ZX

Super bolt is all powerful and it proves that lloyd zx is the snake ninja and it is the opposite of cole zx's

It has very good cards and super bolt is a powerful weapon

You have an awesome character and good weapons

Lloyd is the golden ninja so he can take down the other four ninjas

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2 Samurai X (Nya)

Simply the best I love the spinner and I think that jay ZX is by far second best my fave samurai x weopon is the butterfly sword and my fave jay ZX weopon is the samurai spear

3 Sensei Wu

By far the best spinner because of the satisfying metal ring and because of the good cards

Everything is just great about this set. The only thing that needs improvement are the weapons. Good spinner, good cards, and good minifigure.

This is relly rare so buy if you can or can't, Just BUY!

4 Jay ZX Booster Pack
5 Lord Garmadon
6 Kai ZX

He is great. He is the best. I use him all the time to beat my brother.

7 Kendo Jay Booster Pack

It has very good quality wepons and the other peices are good to use

8 Lloyd Garmadon
9 Lasha
10 Fang-Suei

The Contenders

11 Python

What are you talking about? If you're talking about Pythor, Pythor doesn't have a spinner. There is not a snake named Pythor.

12 Thron
13 Grenii
14 Fangdam
15 Jay DX

This spinner comes with the skeleton bowling set.

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