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21 Rock Lee Rock Lee

The only 2 people alive that can go to 8th gate

He is the strongest he can defeat madara with the gates and he easily hurt madara with the kyuubis chakra so should be number 2 because he's the strongest and fastest in the Naruto and shipudden series if he unlocks all gates he would be invincible and would defeat the ten tails go rock lee

22 Neji

Most powerful ninja in the hyugga clan GO BYAkUgan he's defeated lee but that's when lee was weaker so Nejivs Lee lee wins now BUT go NEJI

23 Yahiko

These guys killed hanzo first yahiko sacrificed his life for konan but hanzo said no konans good as dead to naga to, naga to sommuned the bigu statue at the age of 21

24 Jiraiya of the Sannin

Strongest sannin, trained the forth, Naruto and the rain trio, trained by the third, if there wasn't jiraya, minato would not be minato, Naruto would not be Naruto, and there would be no toad summoning contract in the first place

25 Boruto Uzumaki Boruto Uzumaki

Guys really why is this guy is not in top? He is the best

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