Nintendo Attractions We Would Like to See When Nintendo Makes a Theme Park at Universal Orlando Resort

Guys, Nintendo is planning to make a theme park at Universal Orlando. Can you believe it?

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1 F-Zero GX Themed Race Track

These all sound awesome!

Would be great

2 Luigi's Mansion Shooting Gallery Ride

That would be a scary epic adventure

This ride should include the animatronic of depressed Luigi from the beta game over screen during the middle part of the ride, but fortunately, Luigi will find Mario who's unharmed.

A rollercoaster?

All these ideas seem so fun! Great list Fasterthansonic.

3 Splatoon Battle Arena

This is already invented

I think whoever posted this meant the attraction based on this. - DinoLover4242

4 Hyrule Market

Much better than regular shopping stores

Will Link make me DINNER? because that's what ALL TRUE WARRIORS STRIVE FOR!

5 DK Minecart

That would be a ride of a lifetime


6 GCN Cookie Land Battle Arena


I thought I was the only one who liked cookie land. So glad it's so high on this list! 😄

7 SNES Rainbow Road

I don't know how would that work, especially since it is outer space and what if some riders fell off? That doesn't sound like a good idea.

That would be the most coolest thing ever

Or Rosalina's rainbow road

I could see a B&M Hyper of this

8 Bowser Castle

Cool idea, but what about Universal Studios Hollywood? Because Universal Studios Hollywood has confirmed that they WILL have Nintendo attractions, maybe even ones listed here.

Maybe something like the mummy, that would be insane!

9 Megaman-Themed Dark Ride

This would be an awesome ride, either based on classic Megaman series, Megaman X, Megaman Legends, Megaman Battle Network, or Megaman Starforce, depending on what many people prefer. If one is chosen, then don't worry, Megaman characters from other franchise could hopefully appear as walk around characters.

10 Captain Toad Funhouse

That would like Krusty Funhouse

The Contenders

11 Mario's Spaghettiria

It's a restaurant selling Italian food.

The sign on the door: We Have Lotsa Spaghetti!

I hope she got Lotsa spaghetti!

12 Mario Kart 7's Rainbow Road Track

This would be hard to make. Also, no one wants to risk life trying out the track (if built) and would likely fall to their deaths, so this doesn't sound like a good idea.

13 World 1-1 Obstacle Course

This is too easy. I would prefer the Bowser Castle.

I prefer Syobon Action (AKA "Cat Mario")

14 Bombchu Bowling

Remember in Ocarina of Time there was an activity called, Bombchu Bowling. You have to do as the same. Get the Bombchu into the hole.

15 Wii Fit Spa

That would be so relaxing for kids and adults

16 Seraph of the End-Themed Haunted House

Would be a haunted house with this series' vampires as scare actors and main antagonists. It would also open year round, even during Halloween Horror Nights when many other haunted houses open.

17 F-Zero Rollercoaster

This would be really fun to ride on.

18 Majora Mask Horror House

Ooh, scary houssse... EPIC!

19 NES Spot Arcade

Or a Nintendo arcade in general play choice super system and classic Nintendo and some third party (like namco) arcades like donkey kong

This is an arcade where you get to play old NES games.


20 Bowser's Castle Roller Coaster

This seems like a good idea.


21 Princess Peach Castle

This needs more votes."

22 Mario Kart Go-Kart Track

If it's for free, unlike most other go-karts, then yes.

This actually seems the most likely.

23 Mario Party

How would that work? I don't know how in real life, since that would be difficult to make and program, since it has to be based on Mario Party series in order for it to be popular and work like in the game.

No explanation needed.

24 Rainbow Road

Why isn't this higher on the list?

Make a roller coaster based on this!

25 Super Smash Bros Battle Arena


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