Nintendo Attractions We Would Like to See When Nintendo Makes a Theme Park at Universal Orlando Resort

Guy's, Nintendo is planning to make a theme park at Universal Orlando. Can you believe it?

The Top Ten

1 F - Zero GX Themed Race Track F - Zero GX Themed Race Track

It looks like Terminal Velocity from Sonic Colours. - TwilightKitsune

These all sound awesome! - Martinglez

2 Splatoon Battle Arena Splatoon Battle Arena

This is already invented

3 Luigi's Mansion Shooting Gallery Ride Luigi's Mansion Shooting Gallery Ride

That would be a scary epic adventure

A rollercoaster? - TwilightKitsune

All these ideas seem so fun! Great list Fasterthansonic. - nintendofan126

4 GCN Cookie Land Battle Arena GCN Cookie Land Battle Arena

Bad idea. I'd eat the whole thing. - Zach808

MAKE IT HAPPEN - TwilightKitsune

I thought I was the only one who liked cookie land. So glad it's so high on this list! 😄

5 Hyrule Market Hyrule Market

Much better than regular shopping stores - TwilightKitsune

Will Link make me DINNER? because that's what ALL TRUE WARRIORS STRIVE FOR!

6 SNES Rainbow Road SNES Rainbow Road

That would be the most coolest thing ever

Or Rosalina's rainbow road - TwilightKitsune

7 DK Minecart DK Minecart

That would be a ride of a lifetime


8 Captain Toad Funhouse Captain Toad Funhouse

That would like Krusty Funhouse

9 Bowser Castle Bowser Castle

Whoever added that picture deserves a medal - TwilightKitsune

10 World 1-1 Obstacle Course World 1-1 Obstacle Course

This is too easy. I would prefer the Bowser Castle. - RiverClanRocks

I prefer Syobon Action (AKA "Cat Mario")

The Newcomers

? Mario Kart Go-Kart Track

The Contenders

11 Wii Fit Spa Wii Fit Spa

That would be so relaxing for kids and adults

12 NES Spot Arcade NES Spot Arcade

Or a Nintendo arcade in general play choice super system and classic Nintendo and some third party (like namco) arcades like donkey kong - Tyoshi

This is an arcade where you get to play old NES games. - RebelGamer

Awesome - Maddox121

13 Majora Mask Horror House Majora Mask Horror House

Ooh, scary houssse... EPIC!

14 Super Smash Bros Battle Arena Super Smash Bros Battle Arena

RIOT! - MaxPap

15 Mario's Spaghettiria Mario's Spaghettiria

It's a restaurant selling Italian food. - RebelGamer

The sign on the door: We Have Lotsa Spaghetti!

I hope she got Lotsa spaghetti!

16 Isle Delfino Hotels Isle Delfino Hotels


17 Metroid Screw Attack Bungee Jump Metroid Screw Attack Bungee Jump
18 Rainbow Road Rainbow Road

Why isn't this higher on the list? - Aidanisawesome

19 Bowser's Castle Roller Coaster
20 Donkey Konga Place Donkey Konga Place
21 Starfox Space Shooter
22 Mario Kart 7's Rainbow Road Track Mario Kart 7's Rainbow Road Track
23 Super Mario Galaxy Simulator Super Mario Galaxy Simulator

Let's not forget my favorite game. - RebelGamer

My favorite game is here! - TwilightKitsune

24 The Item Box The Item Box

Wouldn't you have to hit it with your head to get the stuff out? And then you'd have to pay for head surgery... - TwilightKitsune

Here, it's a Gift Shop full of Nintendo merchandise. - RebelGamer

25 Spirit Train Spirit Train

This is a train that transports you around the park. - RebelGamer

26 Delfino Cleaning Coaster Delfino Cleaning Coaster

It's an interactive ride. You have F.L.U.U.D and you clean up Delfino Plaza, while riding the coaster. - RebelGamer

27 Mario Kart 7's Rainbow Road
28 Pokemon Arena Pokemon Arena

Here, if bought your 3DS with ORAS or XY, you get to battle here with people, instead of looking at the 3DS screen, you get to look at holograms. - RebelGamer

29 Bombchu Bowling Bombchu Bowling

Remember in Ocarina of Time there was an activity called, Bombchu Bowling. You have to do as the same. Get the Bombchu into the hole. - RebelGamer

30 Mario Party Mario Party

No explanation needed. - RebelGamer

31 Pokemon Snap the Ride Pokemon Snap the Ride

Pokemon Snap in real life. YES

32 Star Fox Flight Simulator Star Fox Flight Simulator

Can be like spider-man or transformers, or can be similar to the simpsons ride.

Or a Starfox shooter game.

33 Pokemon Region Tour Pokemon Region Tour
34 Metroid Gunship Metroid Gunship
35 F-Zero Rollercoaster
36 Captain Toad's Adventure

Its similar to the simpsons ride but captain toad themed - epictoonsfan1

37 The Super Mario Bros. Ride
38 Pilotwings Simulator
39 Mushroom Kingdom Castle
40 Fire Emblem: The Ride
41 Super Mario Oddysey 4D
42 Princess Peach Castle
43 Toadette's Carousel
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1. Bowser Castle
2. Luigi's Mansion Shooting Gallery Ride
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1. F - Zero GX Themed Race Track
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1. Splatoon Battle Arena
2. F - Zero GX Themed Race Track
3. Luigi's Mansion Shooting Gallery Ride

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