Nintendo Attractions We Would Like to See When Nintendo Makes a Theme Park at Universal Orlando Resort

Guy's, Nintendo is planning to make a theme park at Universal Orlando. Can you believe it?

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21 Super Mario Galaxy Simulator Super Mario Galaxy Simulator

Let's not forget my favorite game. - RebelGamer

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22 The Item Box The Item Box

Wouldn't you have to hit it with your head to get the stuff out? And then you'd have to pay for head surgery... - TwilightKitsune

Here, it's a Gift Shop full of Nintendo merchandise. - RebelGamer

23 Spirit Train Spirit Train

This is a train that transports you around the park. - RebelGamer

24 Delfino Cleaning Coaster Delfino Cleaning Coaster
25 Mario Kart 7's Rainbow Road
26 Pokemon Arena Pokemon Arena

Here, if bought your 3DS with ORAS or XY, you get to battle here with people, instead of looking at the 3DS screen, you get to look at holograms. - RebelGamer

27 Bombchu Bowling Bombchu Bowling

Remember in Ocarina of Time there was an activity called, Bombchu Bowling. You have to do as the same. Get the Bombchu into the hole. - RebelGamer

28 Mario Party Mario Party

No explanation needed. - RebelGamer

29 Pokemon Snap the Ride Pokemon Snap the Ride

Pokemon Snap in real life. YES

30 Star Fox Flight Simulator Star Fox Flight Simulator

Can be like spider-man or transformers, or can be similar to the simpsons ride.

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31 Pokemon Region Tour Pokemon Region Tour
32 Isle Delfino Hotels Isle Delfino Hotels
33 Metroid Gunship Metroid Gunship
34 F-Zero Rollercoaster
35 Rainbow Road Rainbow Road
36 Captain Toad's Adventure

Its similar to the simpsons ride but captain toad themed - epictoonsfan1

37 The Super Mario Bros. Ride
38 Pilotwings Simulator
39 Mushroom Kingdom Castle
40 Fire Emblem: The Ride
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