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1 Pokemon SoulSilver

Best Pokemon Almost all Pokemon In Here I like emerald two but for DS this is the best you can choose totodile chikorita and cindaquil you can get torchik treeko and mudkip from steven and a lot of story you can get a lot of legendary's like Lugia, Ho-Oh, Groudon, Kyogre, Rayquaza, Suicune, Raikou, Entei, Moltres, Zapdos, Articuno, Mewtwo, Dialga, Palkia, Giratina, Latios, Latias and some psuedo-Legendary Pokemon Like Dragonite, Tyranitar, Garchomp, Salamence, Metagross they have ability's Like Legendary Salamence is my favorite So Strong And Dragonite So Fast Same as Garchomp Tryranitar High on definitely and Atack so SOUL SILVER for the win=For The Win

This is one of the best games I've ever played in my pokemon history. I even have a friend that plays pokemon pearl so ima going to complete the pokedex in some days.
The songs are awesome, the gb sound thing is col, and has got one of the best grapphics I've ever EVER SEEN!

Best Pokemon game because it wasn't so easy, graphics are awesome, storyline is awesome, and it is a prequel to Pokemon Black or White which are awesome games also.

What makes this game the best is because of the variety of LEGENDARY & RARE Pokemon's you're able to catch throughout the game & even when you beat the game there is so much more you can still do.

It is HANDS DOWN the best game with its opposite Heartgold.

My very first pokemon game and by far the best one out there. I remember playing and training my pokemon team to overcome every gym leader and the elite four. Totally awesome visuals for its time and lugia is my favourite legendary pokemon. - ForceWizz

2 Pokemon Platinum

It's just way to epic for words. You've got the reverse world, you're able to capture Giratina, Dialga, and Palkia. Team Galactic has more to do with the story so you can beat the hell out of a bunch of grunts. And you can find Pokemon from both diamond and pearl. In my opinion, this game should be ranked higher than five. - lugiafan2000

I do like heartgold and soulsilver a lot but in my perspective platinum outclasses them with awesome new pokemon amazing changes and much more you get such a fun and good challenge it's just to fun
(diamond was the first game I ever played but then I lost it and got platinum and loved the changes and distortion world)

Really good game. - Userguy44

I've played this game and its superb. The storyline is fantastic and the Pokemon are more than up to scratch.

3 Pokemon HeartGold

Made an already awesome game even better..

gold will always be my fav

I don't really see why this version is not as good as soul silver. Both of them should be tied for first place.

I THINK THIS IS THE BEST GAME IN THE WORLD it's music and graphics quality is one of the best it makes me feel better I play this game

4 Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky

Best nintendo game I have ever played and best story of any game I have played across all consoles. Very few other nintendo games can match this for plot twists and emotion. The simplicity of the gameplay and graphics should not be taken as a bad thing in my opinion they add to the experience and the more recent mystery dungeon games have suffered from ditching it. I have recently gone back and replayed this for the millionth time and it just does not get old I racked up 50+ hours on that playthrough alone. The really wide variety of great starter pokemon adds so much replay value too. 10/10 game and every gamer pokemon fan or not should experience it

Mother of god, I cried, laughed, and sympathized with this game. This is one of those "unnoticed" games (and by that I mean not advertised often) that just really gets to you. Not to mention that this game basically NEVER ends, so in all the other games when you have nothing to do, with this game you have EVERYTHING to do. Ever dreamed about being a Pokemon? Well dang, just get this game! It made one of my not-so noticeable Pokemon my favorite Pokemon (Grovyle). So many dang plot twists too, you'll never know what will happen next.
Just... Get this game. By all means, this is the greatest Pokemon game in history. Nothing beats it.

I've only played Blue Rescue Team before this in terms of the Mystery Dungeon series. Having recently spent tons of hours on Sun and Moon and previously ORAS.
Picking up Explorers of the Sky without any information or knowledge at all about the story.
I got immersed very easily. The story was well crafted and pulls on your heartstrings a couple of times. Character development throughout the story is very well done too, making me somewhat sad the game was coming to an end.

This game isn't just a simple dungeon crawler, the story and characters bring so much more to you than any flagship series Pokemon game, if you don't mind reading long texts and just want a great story with a great game, this is probably for you

When you ask somebody to name a Pokemon game, they mostly say Red, Blue, or another core series game. Most fans don't even KNOW about the Mystery Dungeon series. They're really missing out. This game made me sad, like when you have to go back to the human world, or excited, when you defeat a boss you've been struggling on. I can't put this game into worlds. It's a masterpiece. It's so underrated it's not even funny. I can't believe a game like this is so underrated, even though it's amazing. I love it so much.

5 Pokemon - Diamond Version

I'll buy it soon. - Userguy44

I know Diamond the best! It seems to have much more fun packed in it and it is a little bit better than Soulsilver. If you are trying to decide which game to buy first, I would recommend Diamond first, then Soulsilver.

It is very very exciting diamond is the best better than
White you should vote it that this is the best.
You even get arceyes how cool is that man. Wow man

I think its better because it is the only game taken in place in sinnoh

6 Pokemon - Black Version

Its awesome graphics. In Pokemon battles I love the way it zoom on all the Pokemon when they make a move because in other Pokemon games, its hard for the newcomers to know what Pokemon makes a move in 2-4 Pokemon battles cause its all confusing.

Awesome storyline with deep meaning, loved the graphics and music too. One of the first I ever played; Black for the win!

I have never played this much awesome game in my whole life because it has the most enjoyable graphics, awesome song the most faboulous song is the champion's song it's starter pokemon's are tepig, snivy, and oshawott but I recommend you to take tepig when it evolves into an Emboar then it's like undefeatable.

Pokemon Black does not get enough cred. No Pokemon game had ever wandered into the morality of using Pokemon to fulfil your dreams before this one, and it did it perfectly. A wonderful reconstruction of the Pokemon series as a whole.

7 Pokemon White

Absolutely the game I would recommend when starting pokemon. It has a insanely diverse world, a tense and exiting storyline and lots of great characters. Done 3 runs and it feels new and exiting every time!

It's a great game that will keep you playing from dawn until dusk

I haven't played it yet but I hear it is great and I lost my others so Pokemon White it is

This game is awesome. Great graphics, and awesome new pokemon. Vote num 1!.

8 Pokemon Pearl


Best pokemon game ever better graphics then heart gold and soul silver better colours too. Love that you can go underground for spheres and even fossils that bring pokemon to life! easily my favourite pokemon game.

Pokemon Soul Silver is better but it is cool how you can get loads of legendary Pokemon but in my opinion the music is not very good it is alright but not the best Pokemon music ever I prefer Soul Silver.

This is one of the first Pokemon games I have played and it is still my favourite

9 Pokemon Black Version 2

I think Pokemon black 2is the best Pokemon nds game

Great concept just like pokemon black but it has more challenges, towns you can enyoy, and an additional to the main story I like it. To be honest I love all pokemon games from Gba to Ds.

Epic post game

This is better than hg in my opinion because hg is a nightmare to train in.

10 Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Blue Rescue Team

Absolutely incredible game, replay value is high, I think the plot is better than the sequels... Overall, an incredible game that will provide you with endless hours of fun and exciting play!

I absolutely love this game! It came out the day after my birthday and is the best entry in the mystery dungeon series in my opinion!

When I played It had endless fun and excitement, well until I lost HM dive :(, but still a really good game


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11 Pokemon Y

Can't get the furfrou

Best Pokemon game I have played + good in quality

This game had a revolutionary change in Pokemon games from now on wether it be mega evolution or the beautiful 3d graphics and sprites or even the wonderfully heartwarming and touching storyline

What? This is a 3DS game, it shouldn't be on the list. - lite64

12 Pokemon White 2

Haven't even finished the game and is still honestly the best Pokemon ever... so far

Just finished this - Really liked the story, and a few unusual twists..

That's right... White 2 and black 2 are the most epic game.. Astonishing...

Best for me and for all, (i mean an eevee in the game I'm mean WHAT AMAZING! ) and also a game never to be forgot

13 Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time

This game is definitely the BEST DS game I've played


This gameis amazing! It isthe first ever game to make me teary!

14 Pokemon Ranger: Guardian Signs

It made many improvements over 'Shadows of Almia'. I Personally love the Pokemon Ranger series, and found this a welcome addition to the series.

In my opinion "BEST GAME EVER! " I have played it over and over and it never gets old!

BEST GAME EVER but gets struck in between the save and recharge machine

Haven't played the game but ukelele pichu is coolest starter pkmn ever

15 Pokemon Ranger: Shadows of Almia

I played it when I was younger me and my sister played it together and I absolutely loved it: the mysteries and progressing quests that were fun and you could tell it was leading up for something big I love it because it's tell an actual story and you have motivation, a reason to keep going to the end; to save/free the Pokemon. (Not just complete the pokedex)
I also really like all the different Pokemon and places I could go into the lava pits, caves, snow or mountain and the sea was my favourite, it was so new to me and we FINALLY defeated Hippowdon in the dessert YES!
It is not as easy as it might think and so I loved figuring it out all the quests...well I was young and as that excuse when we bought the guide ( :P ) and I'm so glad we did we used it a lot but now that I'm older I like to think I can do it without it but I lost the game and now I haven't been able to find
I now got Pokemon White but for me the storyline is just not the same.
So I will be always be bias ...more

I loved this game <3!

Pok�mon Ranger: Shadows of Almia (Japanese: ポケモンレンジャー バトナージ Pok�mon Ranger Vatonage) is an action-adventure game for the Nintendo DS and the sequel to Pok�mon Ranger. It was released in Japan on March 20, 2008, and it was released in America on November 10, 2008.

The game is set in a new region called Almia where the base of operations is a Ranger School that the main characters have just graduated from. The selection of partner Pok�mon has risen from solely Plusle and Minun to a choice between 17 different species. Additionally, there are several side quests and a card collection system used to power up the Capture Styler. -

16 Pokemon X

This was for 3ds...I don't think that counts

Again, not a DS game...

This game is what got me back to loving pokemon! It amazing!

Super rare game if someone have upload it to internet

17 Pokemon Ranger

This game is so amazing

For me it was just awesome!

This--to me--has so far been the best Pokemon game yet. I have beaten it so many times and I just find it very fun. Amazing game!

Best Pokemon spinoff game ever

18 Pokemon Moon

That guy who said soulsilver sucks should read the title, its ds games. moon is a 3ds game

This game has been out for quite a while now and you gotta love the tall grass and the pokes who live in that very grass that is indeed tall. A new poke ball called the fluke ball. Makes the pokes think you're trying to catch it and than it disappears so that they relax and out of nowhere it appears again catching the pokes off guard. And grocery salmon

How are you liking a game that's not officially released

Have you noticed that soulsilver has been out for like 4 years moon rules SOULSIVER SUCKS GO MOON

19 Pokemon Alpha Sapphire

This is a 3ds game.

20 Pokemon Sun

My favorite

Wrong system - Frouze

This game isn't out yet

It is a great game with cool new feature like poke pleago and new ways to find shinys also when this comment is realease it out but might be in a wrong system

21 Pokemon Conquest

I love this game! Simple yet enjoyable, and unlike the "main" Pokemon games, it has a more strategic side to it.

Seriously, this game deserves more love than it gets. Being my favorite pokemon spinoff to date, this game still gives me enjoyment to this day, where the main series games tend to fall off after a second playthrough unless I go back for a nuzlocke or something, this one keeps me replaying the post-game side stories, trying to find everyone's perfect links is a blast for me, and the systems are fun and personally I believe it needs a sequel just thinking about it with z-moves and Mega Evolution.

I love Pokemon conquest

I love this game so much it is a great RPG

22 Pokemon Omega Ruby

This was the first game I caught shiny and the one that I played the most. Even when every new Pokemon game comes out I'm always coming back to this one. Especially since it have the most legendarys of any Pokemon game there is just so much to do.

Really brings back the old days when I was playing Ruby. Trek is my favorite

fun game!

I love Pokemon Omega Ruby. This should be #1

23 Pokemon Ultra Moon

I love this game so much it should be number 2 because the best is detective pikachu

It's really fun but one thing I don't like about it is... I can't FIND PA

This game is the BEST!

Has best graphic and update

24 Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Darkness

I play it and it was better than any game I had ever play

25 Pokemon Blaze Black 2

Best hacked game

Were good. Graphic game on D's

26 Pok�mon Alpha Sapphire

Very good chose torchic

27 Pokemon Emerald

Why are you even on this website?

28 Pokemon

Your mom.

Why the hell am I voting for this

The Pokemon games are adventurious. I like adventure games

which one? - Frouze

29 Pokemon Omega Red/Alpha Sapphire
30 Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Red Rescue Team

This is also on DS I think

Wrong system - Frouze

31 Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen

Simply the best.

32 Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon


Best game ever! Most of the Mystery Dungeon games put you in the perspective of a pokemon, but this game (unlike the others) has mega evolution and lets you start out with Pikachu, Charmander, Squirtle, Bulbasuar and more! Like riolu.

It truly is a new version of Pokemon mystery dungeon explorers of the sky

Wrong system - Frouze

33 Pokemon Sacred Gold
34 Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity
35 Pokewalker

Well its kinda great

36 Pokemon Shuffle
37 Pokemon Dash
38 Pokemon Trozei!

This game's below 5 games that aren't for the DS, a game which isn't a... Game (Pokemon Origins is an anime series), and... Pokemon (just Pokemon, not an actual specific game).
Poor Trozei...


39 Pokémon Camp Buddy
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