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21 Pokemon Alpha Sapphire V 1 Comment
22 Pokemon Sun

Wrong system - Frouze

This game isn't out yet

It is a great game with cool new feature like poke pleago and new ways to find shinys also when this comment is realease it out but might be in a wrong system

I say this is the best DS game I play it all the time! I love it more than any other Pokemon DS game it's the BEST!
Ok not about this but they are going to make a bug and dragon eeveelutions eek just so u all know!

V 2 Comments
23 Pokemon Origins

The originals are always the best

Not even close - Frouze

Lol, this isn't even a game!
(unless you're talking about R/B/Y/Fr/Lg, which aren't DS games)

24 Pokemon Omega Ruby

Really brings back the old days when I was playing Ruby. Trek is my favorite

I love Pokemon Omega Ruby. This should be #1

Great game I love all afternoon the legendary Pokemon

Wrong system - Frouze

V 4 Comments
25 Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Darkness

I play it and it was better than any game I had ever play

26 Pokemon Blaze Black 2 V 2 Comments
27 Pok�mon Alpha Sapphire V 1 Comment
28 Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars

What is this. From where

its good

What in the world is this game doing on a Pokémon list?

My favourite Pokémon game of ALL TIME! It should certainly be higher

29 Pokemon Emerald

Why are you even on this website?

30 Pokemon

Why the hell am I voting for this

The Pokemon games are adventurious. I like adventure games

which one? - Frouze

31 Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon

Best game ever! Most of the Mystery Dungeon games put you in the perspective of a pokemon, but this game (unlike the others) has mega evolution and lets you start out with Pikachu, Charmander, Squirtle, Bulbasuar and more! Like riolu.

It truly is a new version of Pokemon mystery dungeon explorers of the sky

Wrong system - Frouze

32 Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Red Rescue Team

Wrong system - Frouze

33 Pokemon Shuffle
34 Pokemon Sacred Gold
35 Pokemon Dash
36 Pokemon Trozei!

This game's below 5 games that aren't for the DS, a game which isn't a... Game (Pokemon Origins is an anime series), and... Pokemon (just Pokemon, not an actual specific game).
Poor Trozei...


37 Pokemon Pinball
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