Reasons Why People Like the Nintendo 2DS

Have you ever seen the list called 'Worst Things People Like'? The Nintendo 2DS is number 8 on that list. TOTAL SPOILER! So, why do people like it? Well, it's time to do what MatPat does. Doing a theory, a GAME THEORY! Here are ten reasons why people like the 2DS. Remember, this is just a theory, a game theory!
The Top Ten
1 It could've been Nintendo's first portable tablet.

Have you ever thought that Nintendo should make cell phones? How about a tablet?

2 It's the new 2D handheld console.

It's been 2D since the Gameboy.

3 It has similarities to the 3DS.

Can you tell that the 2DS & the 3DS have things in common?

4 It's backward compatible.

Nintendo 2DS
It can play games like the 3DS.

5 It's cheaper than the 3DS & the 3DS XL.

True, but I would prefer to buy the 3DS, or 3DS XL. Just shut up & take my money!

It's good for people who want a 3ds but can't afford it

6 It has longer battery life than a regular 3DS.

So does the 3DS XL!

7 It was released on the same day as Pokemon X & Y.

I wonder who bought the 2DS, and Pokemon X & Y.

8 It's for gamers that have bad eyesight.
9 Parents don't have to worry about their kids' eyesight.
10 It contributed to success of the Wii U.

SUCCESS? The Wii U failed! Hard!

The Contenders
11 It's more comfortable to hold
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