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Mario Mario Product Image

Every single Nintendo Console has at least 1 Mario Game. Look at how popular this dude is? This guy isn't kids only. Adults enjoy this guy's games too. come on, who hates mario?

Nintendo's known for many original franchises: The Legend of Zelda. Pokemon. Metroid. Donkey Kong. Kirby. Star Fox. Animal Crossing. Fire Emblem. Luigi's Mansion. Punch-Out!. Pikmin. F-Zero. Kid Icarus. Yoshi's Island. Xenoblade. WarioWare. Mother. But none of them, despite how each one is a beautifully crafted masterpiece of a franchise, come close to the reason they're all here today: Mario.

The armed series where you can go jumping and running through courses... Wait, there's more! There's a lot of subseries like Mario Kart, Mario Sports, Paper Mario, Mario Party... And they all are fun! The guys who dare to say Mario series SUCK, They will have bad time in the near future, because just think, without Mario, NO GAMES COULD COME AFTER E.T!

Stick it to the king. Mario not only created a buzz in the game universe, but also made several cameos in other games, like Wrecking Crew. He's also been enjoyed by all ages, making him a fun and suitable game for everyone. Not to mention, his popularity created several spin-off series such as Mario Party.

The Legend of Zelda The Legend of Zelda Product Image

Always leaves me breathless, every time I finish a game. When I finally finished Twilight Princess, I didn't know what to do with my life. I had just gone through an amazing experience, something that I can't really put in words. As I played it trough a second time, I realized things that I didn't before? Which only made it ALL the more real to me. I experienced something magical. Same with Skyward Sword, which I'm currently playing. I absolutely LOVE it. And the first Zelda game that I played through and finished was Phantom Hourglass. I know that this game doesn't exactly get the best of reviews, but I LOVED it! It was what made me fall in love with Zelda in the first place! I got a sense of adventure, of a giant mission, and I was just stunned by how much there was to discover. I've FINALLY gotten all the gold ship parts, after four years of having that game! It was so wonderful, and there still is fun stuff that I can do in the game!

Overall, playing absolutely ANY Zelda ...more

Ocarina Of Time was the very first game I had ever played on GameCube when I was 6 years old. It started my love for gaming and left me in awe at all time and to this day that game on all consoles is still a remarkable game that has set high standards in the gaming industry, it has no need for upgrading and is rarely forgotten, this game is wonderful from the items, both practical and optional, to the dungeons, to the bosses, to the soundtrack to the story. It is rare to find a villain who accomplishes his threat, many games revolve around stopping the villain before he takes over the world, but in here Ganon accomplishes this and it is such an experience to see the dark and changed land and storyline. The Legend Of Zelda series may not be as well known as Mario but the standards it has set and the lasting impressions it can make is truly extraordinary and what makes not only this game but the whole franchise a wonderful series.

The Legend of Zelda has always left a smile on my face with tears, (yes, it's weird, I know). It's the beauty of the game that catches people's attention. I'd say both Mario and Zelda have the same concept where they have to rescue the princess, but in Zelda, the reason why I love the franchise so much is because of how serious it looks and is. There are very sad moments, dark ones, shocking ones, and happy ones. Let's not forget the music that's put into the game. The melodies are so memorable and beautiful in Ocarina of Time, Majora's Mask, Twilight Princess, Skyward Sword, and of course, Breath of the Wild. Those in my opinion, by far have the best melodies I've ever heard and it makes me feel like I'm in Link's perspective in the game. Listening to Zelda's lullaby makes me feel like I'm in Zelda's castle from Ocarina of Time. Listening to Saria's Song in Twilight Princess makes me feel like I'm in the Lost Woods from the game. The scenery of the games look so beautiful. Yes, I'm ...more

The Legend of Zelda is by far my FAVOURITE franchise! With adventure, magic and excitement in every corner, I think Nintendo have created a forever-remembered series. At the moment I'm playing A Link Between Worlds and, wow, the way the "links" between Lorule and Hyrule were created was clever! The music always sets an important atmosphere in the Zelda environment. The tunes produced for Zelda is the most outstanding in all the games I have played. Majora's Mask was also epic! I always feel as if I were the hero; burdened by a huge task like saving the world or Hyrule's princess. Out of all the great franchises I've played, from Mario to Pokémon, I love The Legend of Zelda and Link, the funny and sweet protagonist, the MOST and definitely deserves to be Number 1!

Pokemon Pokémon, abbreviated from the Japanese title of Pocket Monsters and currently advertised in English as Pokémon: The Series, is a Japanese anime television series, which has been adapted for the international television markets.

Gotta catch em all! While many people say that it will be overshadowed by another monster catching game that is either very different (digimon) or a complete ripoff (temtem), pokemon ends up on top. Pokemon will always warm our hearts with an amazing batch of new creatures every generation.

Pokémon is a great RPG game. It features many different features throughout each game, and keeps the player busy with plenty of battles. Not only does the game feature an easy to use interface, but also has key features that make it fun. You catch your monsters, evolve them, and can give them certain abilities that work inside and outside of combat. They also play by an elemental play system, whereas fire types are weaker against water types, but are stronger against grass types. Normal is the neutral type. But, you know, gotta catch 'em all!

Pokemon Fan forever! Usually I don't like RPG Games, but I LOVE Pokemon! I'm never able to catch 'em all, but I enjoy playing Pokemon! The Graphics keep getting better and better, and right now Pokemon X and Y (And the next, Pokemon Z and even Remakes for the 3 Generation games) are currently having the best Graphics. Some people are hating the newer Generations, but I definitely am sure they can't hate the 6th Generation!
Pokemon Fan Forever!

Pokemon has Become a Planetwide Cultural Phenomena To the Point that even if youve never Played or Watched it youve Still heard and or Seen it

Super Smash Bros. Super Smash Bros. Product Image

Super Smash bros is the best! It combines the best of all of the other Nintendo Franchises to make another Franchise which is even more awesome! If you say Mario is the best he is in this Franchise; there are also other characters such as Luigi, Peach, Bowser, Bowser Jr and Rosalina. If you like Legend of Zelda we also have Link and Zelda and Ganondorf and toon link in it. There are also Pokemon and Kirby and Fire Emblem and Donkey Kong and Metroid and Animal Crossing and so many more, including 3rd party which can be Sonic, Pac-man, Mega Man and more! If like more than one Nintendo Franchise then this is definitely the Franchise for you, or if you hate a Franchise/character and you want to beat them up you can! This has online mode and a story mode (for some games) and a solo mode and a training mode and amiibos and so, so much more. This game has absolutely everything!

A fun fighting game, Super Smash Bros. (SSB), is not your typical fighting game. Instead of the traditional health meter, Nintendo got creative. They used a number system to represent damage. The more damage you took, the farther you were knocked back on contact with enemy attacks. Fall too far out of the boundaries of the screen and you lose a life. However, the game still features blocking, attacka, and special moves. Items occasionally fall from the sky such as laser guns and shells. A very fun game, worth playing with your friends for fun or to just pass the time.

This was Nintendo exclusive game until Brawl. That’s when Snake and Sonic appeared to surprise us. They only allow characters who were major part of Nintendo history. However, there are outliers such as Cloud. Third parties can appear only if the developers have a good relation with Nintendo. It’s not a typical fighting because the only way to kill someone is to raise their percentages until they fall off the stage. Once someone hit four sides of the stage, they explode and die. Screen KOs are fun to watch. Can’t wait for Smash 5

What's the best way to make a good Nintendo franchise? Combine all the others! The ultimate crossover, Super Smash Bros. brings the world of Nintendo together throwing all of they're biggest stars into an all out brawl!

Kirby Kirby Product Image

Kirby is such a great series. I've been playing Kirby games since I was 5 years old and now I'm 18 and still love them to this day. One thing I really like about this series is that you can play as Kirby, fly (not all video game characters can fly), inhale different enemies, and gather copy abilities from them. Some of my favourite copy abilities are sword, fire, ice, ninja, water, wheel, and stone. Kirby 64 is even cooler because you can mix any two copy abilities and get an even more powerful ability. Some of my favourite mixed abilities from this game include animal statues from stone and cutter, dynamite from stone and bomb, and ice bomb from ice and bomb. I would definitely recommend Kirby as a first video game to anyone who is new to video games. Especially Kirby's Epic Yarn because it is so cute and so easy, ideal for young beginners. Also, I am looking into going to media and computer science at university. Taking those courses, I could learn to make video games. Right now I ...more

My absolute favorite nintendo series. It has a colorful cast of charecters, plots that seem light and breezy but become terrifying and dark, and some great bosses. Plus, kirby is a god shaped like a friend/piece of cotton candy! Who woudn't want that,

Mario are really, if you think about it, rehashes (before you kill me, I still love both) whose experiments, some were great, others not. The Kirby series, however, they manage it to be FUN. There was no real craphole that made the series look bad (Zelda CDI), probably the most creative Nintendo franchise, the most fun I've had with any gaming franchise, great music of Zelda, great platforming of Mario, and it's just so colorful! Although I've grown up with Mario more (before I could read, yes), I ADORE this franchise. Not only the best Nintendo franchise, but the best gaming franchise in my opinion.

Kirby brings an interesting gameplay style and it helps you cool down. In most kirby games, limited resources aren't a problem. Also, its cute art style and gameplay never fails to make somebody smile. The music is absolutely mind-blowing (My favorite theme being Fountain Gardens from Kirby's Epic Yarn) it can be very happy and also can be hardcore and epic. The bosses are absolutely mind-blowing, especially the designs. Overall, Kirby's an amazing franchise that you should play.

Fire Emblem Fire Emblem Product Image

Fell in love with gameplay at first sight, newest game in the series is one of their best, this series is going in the right direction to be legendary.

While in reality Zelda is my favorite Nintendo franchise, I gave my vote to Fire Emblem as it should definitely be above Pokemon. Seriously just look at the things Fire Emblem has that Pokemon doesn't: Semi-well developed characters that you actually care about (for the most part), actual varied story lines between each game, and a more balanced combat system. Its not that I hate Pokemon, in fact Pokemon Heart Gold/Soul Silver is among my top 10 games of all time, however as an overall series Fire Emblem is simply superior.

In response to the dumbass below this comment, Fire Emblem in not superior in any way to Pokémon. It is obviously not a bad game, but contains suggestive themes and low-level gameplay that is never seen in Pokémon games. Sales for Pokémon games exemplify this very well, with these games having over 25 times more sales than Fire Emblem games. The fact that Fire Emblem gets so much attention these days on the Nintendo Switch, yet sells poorly clearly emphasizes that it is quite an inferior franchise, and even might deserve to be overtaken by something like F-zero.

I don't know why people are debating that this is better than Pokémon, because it OBVIOUSLY is, to the person who said Pokémon has better sales, that doesn't necessarily make it a better game, fe adds so much Every generation. I just got 3 houses and it is amazing, getting high sales very well reviews and it offers enough to make it different from fates and conquest

Donkey Kong Donkey Kong Product Image

Just love this franchise, always have, not to mention diddy Kong has always been my favourite character! Kiddy Kong(I know he's hated by most) is my 2nd favourite! Just too much childhood was spent playing this franchise over and over, games such as donkey kong country 1-3 donkey kong 64, diddy Kong racing (64 and ds) and the latest donkey kong countries are just too fun to me to not vote for donkey kong. The only franchises I can compare to donkey kong as a favourite is Zelda and Mario games.

My very first video game was Donkey Kong 64. I loved this video game as a child, and it still is my favorite game even to this very day. I've enjoyed all of DK's games and even the series and movie. Donkey Kong is the one who got me into video games. He'll always be my favorite no matter what game comes around, because he is the one who made me want to look for other games to play. DK.

One of Nintendo's earliest franchises, Donkey Kong was an arcade classic. It made it's way through a stopping point after the arcade gamr, but then came back with pleasing titles like Donkey Kong Country, And came back up on the line with gaming. There are great mechanics and interesting plots, which makes this series unique.

You do realize that this is one of the Mario sub-series, right?

Metroid Metroid Product Image

Starting from the mid-08s, Metroid is a unique game for one of a few main reasons - the protagonist is a female. Back in those days, game characters were mainly male. Not only that, but Metroid focuses on combat and agility, not to mention a few puzzles. The game keeps it lively by giving a huge world to explore along with suit upgrades, secrets, and power-ups to keep the game going.

I don't like Metroid. I am sorry. I tried really hard to like it, but I just couldn't. I got a Wii for Christmas of 2010 and got a Metroid game with it. I really didn't like it. I can't even figure out how to move in first person mode! And the voice acting bored me to no end. I just sold it later and got TLOZ: Skyward Sword instead and was much happier. Sorry, but I just don't get why people love it.

It is sad that it doesn't sell well... I mean it is one thing to not sell as well as Mario or Pokemon, but it is another thing if Link's Crossbow Training well outsold the best selling game in the franchise. It deserves more sales. Every Nintendo franchise deserves more sales.

My only problem with Metroid is that some of the games feel too isolated. I don't know about you, but when I play a game, I don't want to feel alone. It IS possible to create a dark atmosphere without making the player completely isolated. Just look at Majora's Mask 3DS.

Mario Kart Mario Kart Product Image

Mario kart is hands down the best racing game. Why? A giant turtle riding on a dinosaur kart with a squirrel glider can throw a banana and cause a plumber riding on a toy bear with electric wheels to slip and lose the race before the finish line.

A spin-off to the Mario series, Mario Kart focuses on cart-based racing. The game itself is simple, fun, and addicting. Simply race three laps around a course using a character of your choice while collecting and using power-ups to aid you. These come in passive abilities, such as a speed boost or invulnerability, and offensive abilities, such as fake power-up box traps and shells to spin out your oppopnent for a second. The game is very unique for a racing game, and contains several unlockables. Worth taking for a drive.

This is the best racing game around and it shows it by selling millions of copies.

Every Mario Kart is amazing but nothing beats the nostalgia buzz of Mario kart 64!

Pikmin Pikmin Product Image

Its sad that people treat pikmin as the "odd one". Its odd cause it's a strategy game, features little guys you do stuff with, and you have a limited amount of time to do anything. The only 2000 or so people who played this and loved this would understand its underrated nature. Try to mention this game to kids. They probably wont know what you're talking about.

It's a shame that Pikmin is underrated. It's a nice, quirky, and strategic game. It's a unique game, something that has never done in the past, and hey, even up to now I can't think of a similar game like Pikmin. The soundtrack is decent, and something about the atmosphere in its nature makes it even better! Can't wait for the next Pikmin games!

This game is perfect in every way, with pikmin 2 being my personal favourite. The strategy involved is so deep eg. What type to use, what treasures/parts/fruits to get etc. Ever since I booted up pikmin 1 on the GameCube, I fell in love with this severely underrated masterpiece

Best Game ever. It has a unique presence, devoted following, and cute loveable characters. Sure we haven't had a new real game in 6 years and before we had to wait for 9, but it's still the best game.

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Animal Crossing Animal Crossing Product Image

Brilliant games with a sweet charm, relaxed vibes and plenty to do. I like the fact that there's no set goal, you can choose what you want to do of the many available things. The animals are brilliant and the game unique, offering lots of customisation so no two people's experiences are the same! Although I love showing off at Mario kart (despite having zero control over my steering hehe) and the challenging platform games like Mario (forgive me, I've not tried Zelda yet and only had one shot at pokemon but my ds wouldn't let me have it back so once eventually fished out of the console it had to be sent back and I'm waiting for a new one...) I love the relaxed animal crossing because it isn't a challenge, it's just something I can chill out with and play my way. I also like how it reflects life in some ways, rewards have to be waited for, you need to maintain your friendships etc, and you can play the game for five or ten minutes at a time and still make progress in small chunks!

Absolutely amazing! Graphics are amazing, it gives you an amazing life roleplay simulation, just everything about Animal Crossing is amazing!

Should be in top 10 at least! So much to do. Be the mayor of town lived by animals, as the mayor you can make the town as good as you like. Build interesting things by donating your bells there, try to get a special prize of lucky cookie, do your own clothes, get to the other towns from your friends, relaxing music everywhere, collect much bugs or fishes, go on tours, go on island--- SO much to do in Animal Crossing! ~@averageplayer9

With Zelda and it's great story, Mario with his different styles of games and Pokemon's never-ending gameplay, it's easy to look over Animal Crossing, but that doesn't mean this charming and sweet little game isn't good.

Star Fox Star Fox Product Image

Starfox brings a new feel to air-war games. It's mostly the same as any other air-raid game, but has that feel that Nintendo puts into all of it's games. The colorful levels, the characters... It all fits together to make a fun game. Definitely not your average fighter-jet game ( Or, in our case, Ar-wing)

Awesome series. Wish it was more popular, but at least it had a groundbreaking game in the form of Star Fox 64, which introduced the Rumble Pak, and of course, DO A BARREL ROLL!

It isn't the best nintendo franchises but I vote for it because it deserves a higher position

There is a lot of adventure in the series and it's really thrilling from beggining to the end.

Kid Icarus Kid Icarus Product Image

Uprising is by far the best game in the 3DS. Such a good and condensed story in a game for 39.99 is amazing. With all the things that you could do and learn (a staple in every Sakurai game) is just enough to revive and carry and old franchise to the light!

Kid Icarus: Uprising was one of my favourite 3ds games, and I hope they make a sequel for it on the switch.

Kid Icarus: Uprising is definitely in my top 10 favourite 3DS games, maybe even in my top 5...

The music is fantastic. It's either in my head or I forget it.

Mother Mother Product Image

Is this technically part of the Mother series? This is a debatable topic, but EarthBound has generated a bounty so rich in comically tragic story lines, intriguing characters, outstanding music, incredible artwork and graphics, and influential events relative to the real world that it might as well be a series in itself! So many quotes have been developed into our culture (especially "Fuzzy Pickles"), and who among those who have played this game haven't sometime or other screamed at Porky through the screen? It may not (or ever) be Nintendo's most iconic game, but I believe it should be in the Top Ten!

One of Nintendo's most heartwarming- and tearjerking- franchises. Common features in this series of games include tragic villians, distressing and abnormal final bosses, child protagonists, psychic abilities, and abnormal settings in contrast to traditional RPGs. The story is stunningly amazing. And, there's a game on NES, SNES, and GBA- providing for a wide array of systems to enjoy this series on. One of the best game series of all time!

Nintendo celebrated this series' 30th anniversary with... Smash Ultimate Spirits! Could they port Mother 3 to the Switch or at least put the first Mother on Nintendo Switch Online?

"Take a melody. Simple as can be." I love the series Mother. Their names are unique, the gameplay, infact even the powers sound awesome! "PK Fire! " Accept the fact there are some tragic parts. Claus and Hinawa dies. I mean, Giygas is the main villain! He was the one who brainwashed Porkey! Then in Mother, Giygas made his debut in this game of the franchise! Wait, am I getting to negative? Post a reply if you think I was.-.

Luigi's Mansion Luigi's Mansion Product Image

An amazing action-adventure game involving everyone's favorite plumber in green, Luigi!

Better than all other mansion video games, Dark moon was a piece of crud.

A Modern up and Coming Classic People love luigi So Giving him his own game was a No Brainer

I love luigis mansion I have the second but I'm going to get the first one

Mario Party Mario Party Product Image

Grab some friends and play some Mario Party! Another spin-off of the Mario series, Mario Party really sets a standard for multiplayer mini-game compilations. Mario Party features bright enviroments, interesting gameplay, and TONS of mini-games. This game definitely is a game to try out.

Bring it on with your friends versus you in this party! Don't let the rumors of "breaking friendships", this is underrated! You should pay attention and go buy it if you want friends to challenge you! @~averageplayer9

A good bit of fun that anyone can get on board with

Rumbling, motion, everything! So fun.

Magical Starsign Magical Starsign Product Image
Wario Land Wario Land Product Image

May not be the most popular of Nintendo franchises but he does have some great games here and there. My personal favorite game from Wario is WarioWare: Smooth Moves. It's a hilarious game and great for parties.

Mario sub-franchise

Splatoon Splatoon Product Image

Not my favourite franchise, but it really has that Nintendo twist that it has with game genres. It's probably the least violent shooter of all time, with not a single mode where the primary objective is to kill people. Sure, you can "splat" others to help aid in your objective, but it's not the focus. The story mode has lots of humor and strategy, and the new mode Salmon Run in the sequel is a good chunk of the fanbase's favourite. It's a shame Salmon Run has a schedule though.

Just play Splatoon or the new Splatoon 2. You'll know why people like it.

This is my 2nd favourite Nintendo franchise ever. I love everything about it.

Amazing this is one of my favorite games of all time

F-Zero F-Zero Product Image

One of the fastest and the best racing games of all time.
P.S. ace Attorney and professor layton aren't Nintendo franchises

It brought in Captain Falcon, and the Falcon Punch.

Best pure racing game nintendo has to offer.

Please! Make a new f-zero for the new console...

Yo-Kai Watch Yo-Kai Watch Product Image

While some say it's a pokemon ripoff, it has a lot differences. While it will no longer be a franchise exclusive to the 3ds/switch, it definitely has a lot of charm and humor.

Nintendo's best franchise besides Mario. You never run out of things to do.

1.This is not owned by Nintendo
2.Just no, sorry, but the game is trash

Meh, kinda like Pokemon but different in its own way.

Yoshi's Island Yoshi's Island Product Image

I think the reason why this is lower because baby Mario crying forever and the annoying spear guy chattering. Otherwise it is extremely hard to get every level 100% it is amazing and its purple and orange yoshi's turn to shine.

Mario sub-franchise

Punch-Out!! Punch-Out!! Product Image

I have so many amazing memories of my dad teaching me how to play. The games are also pretty great.

Little Mac is an all around awesome, muscular, and nice dude! Makes me love the Punch Out series

Not your everyday boxing game. And definitely beats wii sports boxing by a long shot!

I still play this game

The Legend of Starfy The Legend of Starfy Product Image

This is so underrated that I don't even know what it is

Love starfy and the franchise too

Super cute and fun!

I want them to re-release the first 4 gamees internationaly

The Wonderful 101 The Wonderful 101 Product Image

Comedic Super Heroes Against An Almost-Omnipotent Race Of Aliens From Another Dimension! Very Interesting!

Is this Nintendo?

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