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1 The Legend of Zelda

Always leaves me breathless, every time I finish a game. When I finally finished Twilight Princess, I didn't know what to do with my life. I had just gone through an amazing experience, something that I can't really put in words. As I played it trough a second time, I realized things that I didn't before? Which only made it ALL the more real to me. I experienced something magical. Same with Skyward Sword, which I'm currently playing. I absolutely LOVE it. And the first Zelda game that I played through and finished was Phantom Hourglass. I know that this game doesn't exactly get the best of reviews, but I LOVED it! It was what made me fall in love with Zelda in the first place! I got a sense of adventure, of a giant mission, and I was just stunned by how much there was to discover. I've FINALLY gotten all the gold ship parts, after four years of having that game! It was so wonderful, and there still is fun stuff that I can do in the game!

Overall, playing absolutely ANY Zelda ...more

Ocarina Of Time was the very first game I had ever played on GameCube when I was 6 years old. It started my love for gaming and left me in awe at all time and to this day that game on all consoles is still a remarkable game that has set high standards in the gaming industry, it has no need for upgrading and is rarely forgotten, this game is wonderful from the items, both practical and optional, to the dungeons, to the bosses, to the soundtrack to the story. It is rare to find a villain who accomplishes his threat, many games revolve around stopping the villain before he takes over the world, but in here Ganon accomplishes this and it is such an experience to see the dark and changed land and storyline. The Legend Of Zelda series may not be as well known as Mario but the standards it has set and the lasting impressions it can make is truly extraordinary and what makes not only this game but the whole franchise a wonderful series.

The series is a masterpiece. Every time a new game comes out there are alwaya new mechanics, items, abilities, etc. To keep the game fresh and exciting. It's also made it's mark in gaming, being claimed as a standard for adventure games. Nintendo outworks itself on each game.

It is the best

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2 Mario

Stick it to the king. Mario not only created a buzz in the game universe, but also made several cameos in other games, like Wrecking Crew. He's also been enjoyed by all ages, making him a fun and suitable game for everyone. Not to mention, his popularity created several spin-off series such as Mario Party.

Not only is Mario the top selling franchise in the most popular and wealthy companies in the world, he practically invented platforming. In other words, he created parkour, the classic "damsel in distress", and Nintendo itself. So, why not?

Nintendo's known for many original franchises: The Legend of Zelda. Pokemon. Metroid. Donkey Kong. Kirby. Star Fox. Animal Crossing. Fire Emblem. Luigi's Mansion. Punch-Out!. Pikmin. F-Zero. Kid Icarus. Yoshi's Island. Xenoblade. WarioWare. Mother. But none of them, despite how each one is a beautifully crafted masterpiece of a franchise, come close to the reason they're all here today: Mario.

Mario's nintnedos main franchise then comes Zelda

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3 Pokemon Pokemon Pokémon, abbreviated from the Japanese title of Pocket Monsters and currently advertised in English as Pokémon: The Series, is a Japanese anime television series, which has been adapted for the international television markets.

Pokémon is a great RPG game. It features many different features throughout each game, and keeps the player busy with plenty of battles. Not only does the game feature an easy to use interface, but also has key features that make it fun. You catch your monsters, evolve them, and can give them certain abilities that work inside and outside of combat. They also play by an elemental play system, whereas fire types are weaker against water types, but are stronger against grass types. Normal is the neutral type. But, you know, gotta catch 'em all!

My personal favorite is Pokemon. I never liked Zelda but I definitely understand why Pokemon is #3. I love Pokemon more then any game created and if you have not played it, I have no words for you except "Play It"

This is a one of a kind rpg that involves tons of customizability. You get to choose 6 out of about 700 monsters to use and now can even customize your character. It also has an amazing competitive meta-game and involves tons of strategy. Pokemon is a pleasure to play and truly deserves the number 1 spot.


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4 Super Smash Bros.

A fun fighting game, Super Smash Bros. (SSB), is not your typical fighting game. Instead of the traditional health meter, Nintendo got creative. They used a number system to represent damage. The more damage you took, the farther you were knocked back on contact with enemy attacks. Fall too far out of the boundaries of the screen and you lose a life. However, the game still features blocking, attacka, and special moves. Items occasionally fall from the sky such as laser guns and shells. A very fun game, worth playing with your friends for fun or to just pass the time.

Super mash bros is better than Pokemon, Mario and legend of Zelda combined because that's what super smash bros is plus a bunch of other nintendo games

What's the best way to make a good Nintendo franchise? Combine all the others! The ultimate crossover, Super Smash Bros. brings the world of Nintendo together throwing all of they're biggest stars into an all out brawl!

These series should be a bit more approved on this list, because fun doesn't get off easily. Despite the series being only short at the moment, still you have a lot to try. I'm enjoying amiibo and this is the most competitive series of Nintendo probably. ~@averageplayer9

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5 Kirby

Kirby is a different kind of game. It offers a unique way to play the game by copying what your enemies do. It's also been an influence to culture, turning up a few T.V. shows. It's quite a game, and definitely should be played through, as each of the games offer unique abilities and mechanics, adding to the overall feel of the game.

Kirby really portrays the innocence of nintendo. Maybe that is a bad thing (according to half of the Internet) but I think it really can show you a great world with true innovation because the lack of reality rips away the limits of what can be in each game.

When Kirby experiments, it's actually fun. He hasn't had any notably terrible games. And so what if it's easy? It's not meant to be hard (IGN). Amazing music, rivaling Sonic and Final Fantasy. I mean it. The games are so fun to play. And it's probably the most sadly underrated franchise on this list. Mario and Pokémon are great, but have notably terrible games. Zelda is beautiful, but it has the cdi games downplaying it. Kirby has no downplaying games. A masterpiece series is what Kirby is. And I could say more about how amazing this series is, but we'd be here for hours.


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6 Metroid

Starting from the mid-08s, Metroid is a unique game for one of a few main reasons - the protagonist is a female. Back in those days, game characters were mainly male. Not only that, but Metroid focuses on combat and agility, not to mention a few puzzles. The game keeps it lively by giving a huge world to explore along with suit upgrades, secrets, and power-ups to keep the game going.

It is sad that it doesn't sell well... I mean it is one thing to not sell as well as Mario or Pokemon, but it is another thing if Link's Crossbow Training well outsold the best selling game in the franchise. It deserves more sales. Every Nintendo franchise deserves more sales.

This game really brought me into loving Nintendo. I fell in love with the Legend of Zelda as a result of having first played Metroid. Thing is though, you never forget your first love, and I must say Metroid remains my top pick.

Awesome but underrated. Nintendo needs to advertise this. People think Nintendo doesn't do shooters, which is a surprise since metroids been around for a while. If people knew of this Nintendo would sell better

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7 Fire Emblem

With the combination of incredible plot, beautiful characterization, and addicting, yet deep gameplay, Fire Emblem is hard to top.

Deep Stories, characters and great lessons on the moral grays of conflict. I played Both Fates and Awakening for months before I tried something else.

I have heard that my best friend in Instagram approves these series a lot. The games are pure gold on strategy games, great idea of characteristic...

Definitely the best Nintendo franchise. It's a shame a lot of them are only released in Japan but they are all awesome with little flaws

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8 Donkey Kong

Just love this franchise, always have, not to mention diddy Kong has always been my favourite character! Kiddy Kong(I know he's hated by most) is my 2nd favourite! Just too much childhood was spent playing this franchise over and over, games such as donkey kong country 1-3 donkey kong 64, diddy Kong racing (64 and ds) and the latest donkey kong countries are just too fun to me to not vote for donkey kong. The only franchises I can compare to donkey kong as a favourite is Zelda and Mario games.

One of Nintendo's earliest franchises, Donkey Kong was an arcade classic. It made it's way through a stopping point after the arcade gamr, but then came back with pleasing titles like Donkey Kong Country, And came back up on the line with gaming. There are great mechanics and interesting plots, which makes this series unique.

My very first video game was Donkey Kong 64. I loved this video game as a child, and it still is my favorite game even to this very day. I've enjoyed all of DK's games and even the series and movie. Donkey Kong is the one who got me into video games. He'll always be my favorite no matter what game comes around, because he is the one who made me want to look for other games to play. DK.

9 Pikmin

Pikmin is also my favorite Nintendo game. Pikmin 3 was the best. I love controlling the little creatures and you command them. A very underrated series and Nintendo please make Pikmin 4

It's a shame that Pikmin is underrated. It's a nice, quirky, and strategic game. It's a unique game, something that has never done in the past, and hey, even up to now I can't think of a similar game like Pikmin. The soundtrack is decent, and something about the atmosphere in its nature makes it even better! Can't wait for the next Pikmin games!

Pikmin is so underrated. If you own a Wii u, get it for Christmas, or buy it right now, its amazing

In my opinion pikmin 3 was the top 10 best wii u games since the console has been released.

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10 Mario Kart

A spin-off to the Mario series, Mario Kart focuses on cart-based racing. The game itself is simple, fun, and addicting. Simply race three laps around a course using a character of your choice while collecting and using power-ups to aid you. These come in passive abilities, such as a speed boost or invulnerability, and offensive abilities, such as fake power-up box traps and shells to spin out your oppopnent for a second. The game is very unique for a racing game, and contains several unlockables. Worth taking for a drive.

This is the best racing game around and it shows it by selling millions of copies.

Mario Kart is part of Nintendo's secondary franchises.

That series was awesome! - Maddox121

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11 Animal Crossing

One of nintendo's best franchises and you never run out of stuff to do.

Its amazing plus you can do what you like and you can go fishing and you can go to the island and catch sharks and beatles you can unlock stuff and my favourite part is that you can make friends with the villigers and also they could come to your house or you go to theirs this is for new leaf

If this game was on the Wii U, the console itself would be worth buying. Animal crossing all the way.

Should be in top 10 at least! So much to do. Be the mayor of town lived by animals, as the mayor you can make the town as good as you like. Build interesting things by donating your bells there, try to get a special prize of lucky cookie, do your own clothes, get to the other towns from your friends, relaxing music everywhere, collect much bugs or fishes, go on tours, go on island--- SO much to do in Animal Crossing! ~@averageplayer9

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12 Star Fox

Starfox brings a new feel to air-war games. It's mostly the same as any other air-raid game, but has that feel that Nintendo puts into all of it's games. The colorful levels, the characters... It all fits together to make a fun game. Definitely not your average fighter-jet game ( Or, in our case, Ar-wing)

Awesome series. Wish it was more popular, but at least it had a groundbreaking game in the form of Star Fox 64, which introduced the Rumble Pak, and of course, DO A BARREL ROLL!

Starfox is the best that's all you need to know (but I only wish they would make a new game not a remastered one)

It isn't the best nintendo franchises but I vote for it because it deserves a higher position - Aleksei

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13 Mother

Is this technically part of the Mother series? This is a debatable topic, but EarthBound has generated a bounty so rich in comically tragic story lines, intriguing characters, outstanding music, incredible artwork and graphics, and influential events relative to the real world that it might as well be a series in itself! So many quotes have been developed into our culture (especially "Fuzzy Pickles"), and who among those who have played this game haven't sometime or other screamed at Porky through the screen? It may not (or ever) be Nintendo's most iconic game, but I believe it should be in the Top Ten!

All three games are unbelievable. From difficult gameplay in Mother 1, to the wonderful story told in Mother 3. When you put all three games together, you have one giant story, which is truly the best Video Game trilogy EVER

The best Nintendo (Hal Laboratory) franchise ever made, it's simple a bunch of lovely characters, many funny moments and weirds moments to. This is what made this game o special

Best Series Ever!

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14 Kid Icarus

Uprising is by far the best game in the 3DS. Such a good and condensed story in a game for 39.99 is amazing. With all the things that you could do and learn (a staple in every Sakurai game) is just enough to revive and carry and old franchise to the light!

Kid Icarus: Uprising is definitely in my top 10 favourite 3DS games, maybe even in my top 5...

15 Luigi's Mansion

An amazing action-adventure game involving everyone's favorite plumber in green, Luigi!

Better than all other mansion video games, Dark moon was a piece of crud. - Maddox121

I love luigis mansion I have the second but I'm going to get the first one

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16 Yo-Kai Watch V 2 Comments
17 Mario Party

Grab some friends and play some Mario Party! Another spin-off of the Mario series, Mario Party really sets a standard for multiplayer mini-game compilations. Mario Party features bright enviroments, interesting gameplay, and TONS of mini-games. This game definitely is a game to try out.

If you're going to play with Friends. I recommend that they be good friends other wise you might lose 'em... - thelegendaries101

Bring it on with your friends versus you in this party! Don't let the rumors of "breaking friendships", this is underrated! You should pay attention and go buy it if you want friends to challenge you! @~averageplayer9

18 Wii Series

Wii Fit, Wii Sports/Resort, Wii Party... If you play these, you might have fun.

19 Magical Starsign
20 F-Zero

Please! Make a new f-zero for the new console...

It brought in Captain Falcon, and the Falcon Punch.

One of the fastest and the best racing games of all time.
P.S. ace Attorney and professor layton aren't Nintendo franchises

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