The Legend of Zelda


The Legend of Zelda has some of the best aging games ever, is constantly rated higher, and is a revolution in gameplay.

From giving gamers the first free roaming open world back in 1985 with the original Legend of Zelda to giving us something as simple as the ability to save our progress (also with the first Legend of Zelda game), from adopting a dungeon based progression structure in A Link to the Past that is the blueprint for all RPGs and Action Adventure games even today to defining polygonal 3D gaming with its revolutionary lock on techniques with Ocarina of Time, from the first persistent world ever in Majora’s Mask to the simple idea of sidequests, Zelda has basically been at the forefront of all gaming innovation, above and over every other franchise, Nintendo or not.

There is literally no way of describing just how high quality every Zelda game is, and how epic its scope is. A list of the greatest games ever created is bound to be infested with Zelda games, ...more

The series is a masterpiece. Every time a new game comes out there are alwaya new mechanics, items, abilities, etc. To keep the game fresh and exciting. It's also made it's mark in gaming, being claimed as a standard for adventure games. Nintendo outworks itself on each game.

With great characters and stories, Zelda has to be one of the best things to ever come out of Nintendo. Even without saying a word, Link has become one of the most beloved video game heroes. The world of the Legend of Zelda is yours to explore, not to mention the fun side quests. All the puzzles, items, dungeons, and basically everything caused me to COMPLETELY fall in love with this franchise. ALL HAIL PRINCESS Zelda!


Mario is definitely amazing, but The Legend of Zelda is WAY better (my opinion). I mean, you have an amazing adventure that is not repetitive like Mario. When I finished Twilight Princess, I wanted to go back and play again and again and again. The story and gameplay will leave you breathless. This has to be number 1! Action and adventure combined in a wonderful magical package. One of my favourite open world games.

Definitely my favorite video game series, it's amazing how each game can be so similar and so different at the same time. Each game has new items, new mechanics, and new art styles, but each one still feels like Zelda. The dungeons are fun, the bosses are fun, the side-quests are fun, the exploration is fun, these games are just masterpieces.

Breath of the Wild is stunning. Really. A new masterpiece set in a dense vast world. I'm sure it takes much longer to make these games than anything else like mario or pokemon games. Can we get a yearly high coverage video game award ceremony? Zelda games would take Game of the Year every time one is released.

"Let's be serious, there is almost no series on this list with the greatness, and potential of this series. Mario is the most popular video game series in the world, but that doesn't make it the best. I'm not saying games like Fire Emblem, or Pokemon are bad, but Zelda really brings the heat"

The series is incredible because of the adventures and puzzles that comes with this amazing series, while I do like Mario, Mario games never gave me much of a challenge as Zelda games did. Nintendo outdone themselves in this masterful series

Although Mario is the top seller, Zelda's been around just as long. Ocarina of Time is considered by most sites to be the best game ever! I still like Pokemon and Mario and stuff, but Zelda is the best.

The legends of Zelda is probably one of the best experiences I ever had playing a game. With a very in-depth and memorable story and amazing gameplay, it's no wonder it's one of my favourite games.

I don't know why, IT'S JUST THE BEST VIDEO GAME FRANCHISE EVER. It could be the puzzles, the story, or just the feeling you get in Breath Of The Wild when you ride Epona over the plains of Hyrule.

The Legend of Zelda is by far my FAVOURITE franchise! With adventure, magic and excitement in every corner, I think Nintendo have created a forever-remembered series. At the moment I'm playing A Link Between Worlds and, wow, the way the "links" between Lorule and Hyrule were created was clever! The music always sets an important atmosphere in the Zelda environment. The tunes produced for Zelda is the most outstanding in all the games I have played. Majora's Mask was also epic! I always feel as if I were the hero; burdened by a huge task like saving the world or Hyrule's princess. Out of all the great franchises I've played, from Mario to Pokémon, I love The Legend of Zelda and Link, the funny and sweet protagonist, the MOST and definitely deserves to be Number 1!

Legend of Zelda comes second for me after Fire Emblem but still, Ocarina of Time really stood out for me. One of the best games ever!

Only video game franchise where I've played nearly every single game in the series. Every game is an absolute masterpiece

Best franchise period. Every entry is a masterpiece and now with botw Zelda has made the transition to a more modern open world style and on its first try they out gun games like the elder scrolls and Grand Theft Auto who have been doing this kind of thing for ages.

Zelda has great stories, characters, and incredible gameplay that will last for a long time and will never get old.

Thanks you for all the kind words you give toward my franchises everyone. Nintendo is #1. - ShigeruMiyamoto

I have played every Zelda game released to this date: 7/19/16 (except the ones with "sword" in the title) and have never been disappointed with the exceptions of for Zelda II and Phantom Hourglass. They always have great gameplay and something unique to offer.

Who doesn't love Zelda. Every Zelda game is awesome except for the cdi ones. Those don't count thought. Anyways, I don't think there is a single bad Zelda game. From Skyward Sword to Ocarina of Time, whenever I play, I always have fun.

Show me a bad Zelda game THAT WAS MADE BY Nintendo. Yeah I know, there aren't any.

Mario and Zelda were developed at the same time actually. Zelda just took a little longer to finish.

I think the better part of this series is the fact that there are few zelda games not worth playing.

The legend of Zelda is love Zelda is life now lets get some Zelda Wii u hype

I love Pokemon but I had to go with Zelda, the storyline, characters and music is amazing.

It is what introduced gaming to me and oot is considered the best game ever made by many.