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21 Yoshi's Island

I think the reason why this is lower because baby Mario crying forever and the annoying spear guy chattering. Otherwise it is extremely hard to get every level 100% it is amazing and its purple and orange yoshi's turn to shine.

22 Mario & Luigi

These games have the best soundtracks, characters, worlds, and battle systems.

I HAVE FURY that this is only #19.


23 Paper Mario
24 Punch-Out!!

Not your everyday boxing game. And definitely beats wii sports boxing by a long shot!

I have so many amazing memories of my dad teaching me how to play. The games are also pretty great. - ILegitMakeLists

25 Wario Land

May not be the most popular of nintendo franchises but he does have some great games here and there. My personal favorite game from Wario is WarioWare: Smooth Moves.It's a hilarious game and great for parties

26 Professor Layton Professor Layton

Professor Layton was an incredible take on the idea of a puzzle game, introducing unique and relatable characters, point-and-click style gameplay, and a stellar soundtrack. It caught the imaginations of casual players and introduced many to a world of new stories to experience.

Zelda is like Professor Layton.


27 WarioWare

I voted for WarioWare mainly because I feel as though it is underrated. The cast is very unique and has a lot of personality compared to the cast of most of Nintendo games. It invented micro-games, which are a blast to play. It brought forth a more crude humor that most other Nintendo games don't have either. I've enjoyed playing every WarioWare game I have played (which is pretty much all of the main series games with the exception of Twisted. Overall a great franchise.

28 Splatoon

Splatoon is my new favorite Nintendo franchise!

Just play Splatoon or the new Splatoon 2. You'll know why people like it.

Amazing this is one of my favorite games of all time

Man, I hope this is a series and not just one game!

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29 The Legend of Starfy

Love starfy and the franchise too

Most underrated game series EVER

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30 Golden Sun

Honestly one of the most in depth story lines I. A game ever. The gameplay is so much fun and you grow attached to the characters. Love the whole series from start to finish and hope for another title soon

Golden sun and Zelda are my two most favorite Nintendo franchises

Nintendo's other JRPG franchise. A gem that is overlooked, it has many critically acclaimed games and has even made a cameo in Super Smash Bros. Brawl with the character Isaac.

31 Ace Attorney

Sorry honey, but this isn't a Nintendo franchise

Yes, but that doesn't make it a Nintendo developed game. - Evant

Ace Attorney is great, definitely in my top 10 favourite series of all time... but I don't understand why it's on a Nintendo related page...

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32 Xeno

Of course, some of the games in this series were not published by Nintendo but aside from that, it's still an awesome rpg franchise. Xenoblade Chronicles in particular is the one I would recommend if you like long rpg game.

Most underrated game franchise of all time

Oh yes awesome series

33 Beyblade

Not a Nintendo franchise...

The best franchise ever created

34 Wii Fit
35 Mega Man

It Seems Nintendo or any company for that matter no longer makes Mega Man game's I just had to put this on here because this is where mega man's roots are and let's face it the original one through 10 series is the best not the X series

These games are among the best ever created there was not a bad game in the normal and x series (until x 7 but I'm going to pretend that game didn't exist) the battle network, zero, zx and legends series are also great so please Nintendo make a new game please

Love mega man it needs a new game ( I'm aware there was a game 7 years ago)

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36 Rhythm Heaven

Extremely underrated. You should check it out.

Incredibly unique, but horribly overlooked.

Needs more votes. Contains my favourite game of all time, Rhythm Heaven Megamix.

37 Wii Sports
38 Wars

A strategy game similar to Fire Emblem in it's turn-based formula, it has you commanding large amount of troops in varies different battles.

39 Nintendogs

Nintendogs was the very first game I played. The dogs that I had just kinda grew on me and I feel sad but also happy when I think of this game.

40 Balloon Fight
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