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41 Nintendogs

Nintendogs was the very first game I played. The dogs that I had just kinda grew on me and I feel sad but also happy when I think of this game.

42 Balloon Fight
43 Pilotwings

This is like the last thing on the list I've heard of.

44 Splatoon

Splatoon is my new favorite Nintendo franchise!

Just play Splatoon or the new Splatoon 2. You'll know why people like it.

Amazing this is one of my favorite games of all time

Splatoon has to be my faveourite Nintendo franchise of all time. It’s so addicting! I’m surprised this isn’t higher honestly. Seeing as it is one of Nintendo’s top selling franchises

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45 Bayonetta

They are a Nintendo IP now because Bayonetta 3 is now in development EXCLUSIVELY for the Switch! - thunderstar1124

46 Ace Attorney

Sorry honey, but this isn't a Nintendo franchise

Yes, but that doesn't make it a Nintendo developed game. - Evant

Ace Attorney is great, definitely in my top 10 favourite series of all time... but I don't understand why it's on a Nintendo related page...

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47 Professor Layton Professor Layton

Professor Layton was an incredible take on the idea of a puzzle game, introducing unique and relatable characters, point-and-click style gameplay, and a stellar soundtrack. It caught the imaginations of casual players and introduced many to a world of new stories to experience.

Zelda is like Professor Layton.


48 Electroplankton

Definitely the best music game ever and very addictive and relaxing!

Gave us the worst ssb stage

49 Dillon's Rolling Western
50 Clu Clu Land
51 Wrecking Crew
52 Steel Diver

Never played the first one, but I'd recommend downloading Sub Wars from the eShop and trying it out. Pretty amazing for a free game.

53 Chibi-Robo!
54 Brain Age
55 Pushmo

This game feels like Nintendo's response to all those ipad games. It's great if you have a few minutes and want to solve a few puzzles. Original and entertaining.

56 Rusty's Real Deal Baseball
57 Wave Race
58 Style Savvy
59 Big Brain Academy
60 1080
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