Top Ten Nintendo Games that Need to Be Made


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1 Super Mario Sunshine 2
2 Star Fox: Assault 2
3 Metroid Prime 4

In Development - ToadF1

4 Super Mario Galaxy 3

*Rolls Eyes* I've said it plenty of times before: just because the title of the game is "Super Mario Galaxy 3" doesn't mean it will be a good game! I have to say that to the people who think "Sonic Adventure 3" will save Sonic. - DCfnaf

I actually get that. However, the original galaxy is my second favorite video game ever. With the sequel being my absolute favorite. Therefore I simply want another sequel that lives up to them. However if we get too many galaxy games the freshness and uniqueness will probably be lost in my opinion. - HeavyDonkeyKong

5 Star Fox 64 2

Why do you want a sequel to Star Fox 64 when it's remake (Star Fox 64 3D) and Star Fox Zero exist? As much as I loved Star Fox 64, I am sick and tired of all the bashing the other Star Fox games get. Star Fox Zero is a good game, too, you know.

Do you mean like Star Fox 2? (The unreleased game) That was literally a sequel to the first game and guess what Star Fox 64 is? A reboot of the first Star Fox game. - Rue

6 Paper Mario: Bowser's Inside Story
7 Mario and Luigi: Paper Jam 2 V 1 Comment
8 Kirby RPG
9 Super Smash Bros. 5

I still hope SSB5 will be made. With the Switch coming out, there should be a chance. The character I want most in the game is Krystal, but Bandana Waddle Dee would be a good addition, as well.

This is guaranteed to happen anyway. They won't stop making Smash Bros games. - Rue

If they do make a Super Smash Bros. 5, can they PLEASE introduce Bandana Waddle Dee? I've always wanted it in Smash ever since they did those character request polls. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Call me weird, to be honest but I personally want Ghirahim. With Demise as a final smash. Lolol. - HeavyDonkeyKong

10 Mario Kart 9

Same with Smash Bros 5. - Rue

The Contenders

11 Krystal Adventures
12 Star Fox Warriors
13 Star Fox Adventures HD/Remake

I'll gladly take an Adventures remake over a third 64 remake.

Who added this here? - Rue

14 Pokemon Rainbow

Uh, Rainbow was the code name for Pokemon Sun and Moon so technically that's what Gen 7 is. - Rue

Every single region lolol. - HeavyDonkeyKong

15 Super Paper Mario 2
16 Super Mario 64 2
17 Pokémon Stars
18 Zelda Kart

Zelda's horse derby - shawnmccaul22

This wouldn't fit the series at all. Link being in mario kart was different. he was just a bonus dlc character. - HeavyDonkeyKong

19 Mario and Sonic at the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games

I've only played the London Olympic one and also the original winter Olympic one. Some events I loved but others I hated. But overall I generally liked both of the games but I still prefer the original winter one. I loved dream ski cross and dream snowboard cross. Dream fencing and dream hurdles from London were both very darn amazing as well in my personal opinion. - HeavyDonkeyKong

Although this is a Sega crossover, but still features a Nintendo franchise in the form of Mario, so it still counts. I really hope this game will be made, especially since I enjoyed the previous entries.

20 Star Fox Zero 2

Or a remaster since this awesome Wii U game deserves a second chance. The controls were the game's only major flaw, so it can be easily fixed if a new version of the game comes out. I would also love to see a new Star Fox game in general.

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1. Super Mario Galaxy 3
2. Mario and Luigi: Paper Jam 2
3. Paper Mario: Bowser's Inside Story
1. Super Mario Sunshine 2
2. Super Smash Bros. 5
3. Mario Kart 9



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