Top 10 Nintendo Games That Should Be Released Outside of Japan

The Top Ten

1 Mother 3

Everybody wants this, listen to us Nintendo - Martinglez

Come on, Reggie! Give us Mother 3!
We have Earthbound Beginnings (Mother), and Earthbound (Mother 2). Now, all we need is Mother 3, and the series will come to a conclusion.

2 F-Zero Climax

F-Zero (SNES)
F-Zero X (N64)
F-Zero: Maximum Velocity (GBA)
F-Zero GX (GameCube)
F-Zero: GP Legend (GBA)
F-Zero Climax (GBA)
F-Zero Climax is the only F-Zero game in this section to have never be released outside of Japan. I suggest you release this game outside of Japan, Nintendo. You're fans want more F-Zero action, they'll get some. You can put it on the 3DS, or the Wii U.

3 Mario & Wario
4 Captain Rainbow
5 Super Mario Fushigi no Korokoro Party

TRANSLATION: Super Mario Rolling Party of Mystery
You love Mario Kart in the arcade? You love Mario Party? Then, how about we have an arcade Mario Party outside of Japan.

6 SimCity 64

It was released for the Nintendo 64DD. Nintendo, do a remake of SimCity 64 for the 3DS & call it SimCity 64 3D.

7 Pokemon Green
8 Mario Family

This game was released for the Game Boy Color.

9 Fire Emblem Gaiden
10 Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade

The Contenders

11 Giftpia


12 Super Mario Bros. Special

This was developed by Hudson Soft & published by Nintendo. It was released only in Japan & South Korea on NEC PC-8801 & Sharp X1 (Japanese computers), and Samsung SPC-1500 (South Korea). This is some sort of computer version of Super Mario Bros. on the NES. It came before Super Mario Bros. 2 (Lost Levels & USA Version). Nintendo, re release this game on computers in Japan & South Korea. Also, release this game in other countries, and put it on Valve's Steam website.

13 Starfy 5 (DS)
14 Fire Emblem Pride
15 Tingle's Balloon Fight DS

Looks fun.

16 Famicom Tantei Club
17 The Mysterious Murasame Castle

Released for the famicom disc system in 1987.

18 Fire Emblem 64
19 Pokemon Stadium Gold and Silver
20 Mario Artist

There were four Mario Artist games for the N64DD: Paint Studio, Talent Studio, Polygon Studio and Communication Kit. They took advantage of the Japanese online service Randnet, which no longer exists. There were also four unreleased titles: Mario Artist: Game Maker, Mario Artist: Graphical Message Maker, Mario Artist: Sound Maker and Mario Artist: Video Jockey Maker.

21 Doshin the Giant 2 (N64dd)
22 Japan Pro Golf Tour 64
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