Top 10 Nintendo Games that Should Get a Sequel or a Remake


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1 Super Mario Sunshine

I want them to remake it into HD or give it a sequel. I DO NOT want them to make a virtual console download of this game on the Switch. I can deal with it but the physics in this game are so bad that it needs to be improved on. Being extremely hard because of bad physics isn't fun, it's extremely frustrating. I like challenge that is satisfying. - Rue

The physics in this game are abysmal. A remaster that fixes the gameplay would be very welcome - Jackamalio

Yeah! Some people were born before or right at the time the Gamecube was released (me) so they don't have a Gamecube. I've seen this game on YouTube, and it looks AMAZING! Nintendo should put the sequel on both the WiiU and the Switch!

Yep. I totally agree. Why not make a sequel? This is the greatest GameCube game, in my opinion. - Vic21102

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2 Kirby Air Ride

Can you imagine Kirby Air Ride with online capabilities and be expanded on? This would literally be a God send and has a lot of potential to be even better than it was. Either by a remake to adapt to modern gaming or a sequel. I would be so happy if this happened. - Rue

Yes! I played this all of the time when I was very young, this should definitely get a remake.
Imagine if City Trial was remade as well!

Just add Kirby in MK8Deluxe.

With a Warp Star.

With the Invincibility Candy wheels. And a Metaknight hanglider. - mattstat716

3 Pokemon Diamond and Pearl

I don't care about Sinnoh to be honest as I don't feel any connection towards DPPt but I know a lot of people do - Rue

It did.

It was called Platinum. - mattstat716

Platinum is technically a sister game to Diamond and Pearl just as Emerald is a sister game to Ruby and Sapphire. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Such a great game. It was definitely the slowest in the series though, so I think it deserves a remake to fix some of it's problems.

Which there are many of.

But I still love the game. To death. - Kaiserness

4 Pokemon Sun and Moon

Pokemon Sun and Moon getting a sequel to expand on the lore of Ultra Beasts and other things would be phenomenal. There is so much potential here. However this entry would be quickly out dated if Gamefreak announces something completely different in the next few months. - Rue

Perhaps they'll expand upon it in the DLC

Black and White had a sequel and so can a later main story Pokemon game. It's better than making a 3rd version of the same story with some changes. - Rue

It is Best Game!

5 Donkey Kong 64

@Zach808 There were hair cut places that have video games and such and one day as a child, the woman who did my hair cut tore the game out of the N64 out of anger because apparently I was like the 5th kid who had problems with that specific aspect you were talking about - Rue

6 Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards

Kirby need more credit on this game and air ride and Kirby raceing sound good like ispesily online need a n64!

I like this Kirby game a lot and I liked how the mixed around with how you can use different powers on Kirby. I know Squeak Squad did it too, but it wasn't as unique as Kirby 64's. - Rue

Does this count if technically speaking it got a ton of sequels?

Planet Robobot, Triple Deluxe, Return To Dreamland... - mattstat716

None of them have any association with Kirby 64's storyline though. - Rue

7 Star Fox Assault

Instead of rehashing the same story that people are sick of at this point, how about trying to remake something else of the Star Fox series, Nintendo? I think this one can benefit from it if done right. Though I doubt Nintendo's capability to make a good Star Fox game at this point. - Rue

Well, since the switch only uses one screen, we don't have to worry about the biggest and worst executed part of star fox zero. in my opinion. - HeavyDonkeyKong

8 Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance

A remake or a re-release. I hear so much love for this game, but can't see for myself because my SWITCH cost less than what people are selling this for.

9 Super Princess Peach

I don't care what Peach haters say, I feel she needs more center focus outside of being kidnapped by Bowser. Peach rarely has anything to her that isn't getting kidnapped. She has potential beyond that and I want to see it more. - Rue

As much as I like Rosalina personally I'm sick of the Mario princess wars. I like all 3 so it's annoying as hell. - Rue

I swear to god if that peach hater/nostalgia/paper Mario the thousand year door hater comes on this list... - HeavyDonkeyKong

10 Magical Starsign

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11 Mother 3

This game is really great! The character, the scenario, the music, the story is really good even with the limitation of GBA! Mother 3 had make a lot of impact to us, by all the lost of the loved one and the power to safe the world. Lucas deserve to have his story known worldwide!

Come on undertale is a remake/sequel!
sans is ness

I want them to do this but getting them to pay attention to this franchise outside of Smash is like getting them to stop producing so little amount of consoles at launch and drive people insane to get one. (I just want my Nintendo Switch, Nintendo.) - Rue

Mother 3 port wrn - Jackamalio

12 Pokemon Stadium 2

Look I know this game IS a sequel but seeing another Pokemon Stadium game would be so cool. Probably won't happen, but it's still fun to imagine what they can do with all the development they've done over the years. - Rue

I agree.

13 F-Zero Climax

There needs to be a new F-Zero game for switch! - benjigoo

How come it hasn't been released outside of Japan? Come on...

14 Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness

This is the same for Pokemon Stadium, this game is a sequel. I like the whole story driven shadow Pokemon concept and I would like to see it again. There is so much they can do with all the Pokemon that have been added over the years. - Rue

15 The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap
16 Super Mario Galaxy

I'd love a Super Mario Galaxy 3. - MarioMaster101

Ahem galaxy 2 - queeniifan

Yes galaxy 3 would be my dream come true - TheInsomniac

Fat Daddy is big

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17 Super Smash Bros. Melee

Screw off, melee fanboys. - Rue

18 Super Mario World

AHEM, Yoshi's Island - xandermartin98

Best game of all time. A remake would be amazing, even a revamp, anything that can be as good as this. Anything.

19 Nintendo Land

This needs a sequel. I. Love. Nintendo. Land. So. Much.

If Nintendo ever makes a sequel to Nintendo Land for the Nintendo Switch, I'm totally buying it. I even came up with 10 attraction ideas for a sequel.
1. Duck Hunt
2. Amiibo
3. Ice Climbers
4. Excitebike
5. Pokémon
6. Nintendogs
7. Splatoon
8. Kirby
9. R.O.B.
10. Star Fox

This is a video game released on the underrated console, the Wii U. I actually like this game. Bringing Nintendo franchises together & turning them into amusement park attractions is an absolute genius idea. I even have ten attraction ideas that can be brought into a Nintendo Land sequel for the Nintendo Switch.
1. Duck Hunt
2. amiibo
3. Ice Climbers
4. Excitebike
5. Pokemon
6. Nintendogs
7. Splatoon
8. Kirby
9. R.O.B.
10. Star Fox
If Nintendo ever makes a Nintendo Land sequel for the Nintendo Switch, I'm totally buying it.

20 Goldeneye 007

One of the best James Bond games, and one of the best first person shooters in general, should definitely get a remake and not that gritty dark action stuff like GoldenEye Wii.

21 Splatoon 2

Splatoon 2 is already confirmed. What is the point of this submission? - Rue

22 Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door

I miss this game.It should by like in the Nintendo Switch or Nintendo 3DS

Considered by many (including myself) to be the best Paper Mario game. I'm hoping it would rerelease in some form. (Why hasn't the GameCube library be on the Virtual Console yet? )

I never got to play it because it was very hard to find and if it gets on a virtual console ill be so happy. - Rue

23 Pokemon Colosseum

Listening to some of the soundtrack of Pokemon Collosseum makes me wish it gets a remake or a reimagining on the Nintendo Switch. I can see it being successful during this time of age for Pokemon since Pokemon Sun and Moon changed so much and succeeded. Colosseum and are so underrated and I want more people to try out this spin of series. It's very well done. - Rue

I added Gale of Darkness instead since Pokemon Colosseum has a sequel and if the series would continue, it would take place after Gale of Darkness - Rue

I understand, but I never have played so I went with Colosseum, but either way. Both are deserving for a rerelease, remake or sequel.

Awesome gameplay and Pokemon. This and deserve a second chance.

24 F-Zero GX
25 F-Zero GP Legend
26 Super Metroid
27 Pokemon Red and Blue

Pokemon quest

FireRed, Leafgreen and Let's go Pikachu and Eevee?

28 Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Needs a sequel now

29 Club Penguin

Are you SURE this is a Nintendo game? No! Of course not, this is Disney!

30 Tomodachi Life
31 Fire Emblem

This and the Japan-only Fire Emblem: Binding Blade deserve to be remaked into one game.

32 Star Fox Command

Needs a "true" ending very badly.

As well as engaging gameplay that doesn't bore the crap out of you when you want to go different paths - Rue

33 Custer's Revenge

Ha, NO.

34 Earthbound Zero
35 Mole Mania

One of the most underrated Nintendo games I’ve ever seen. It’s a fantastic puzzle game. On the 3DS, it’s only $3 so go give it a whirl.

36 Smash Bros. Brawl Subspace Emissary

Although I think Sakurai is going to make it in smash bros.
ultimate with spirits mode.

37 Fortnite

what - queeniifan

38 Mugen Battle
39 Ultimate Nintendo Night
40 Pokemon Gold & Silver

Um, they already did. Have you heard of Pokemon HeartGold & SoulSilver? - Solacress

41 Mario Bros for the Atari
42 New Super Mario Bros. 2

They should make a New Super Mario Bros 3 or a New Super Luigi Bros 2

43 Yoshi Island

Yoshi island 3

44 Super Smash Bros
45 Ice Climber
46 Paper Mario: Color Splash

Never played the game before, but it certainly looks a lot better than Sticker Star.

47 Earthbound
48 Miitopia
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