Top Ten Nintendo Games That Should Have a Sequel

Also make the details of the game in the description of the addition

The Top Ten

1 Super Mario Sunshine

It was a really great game and there should be a sequel to it, with an option to play as Luigi, with a two player battle mode and a two player adventure mode, it would be great for 3ds with ds download play because I would love to have a portable Super Mario Sunshine, and there should be more things to spray out with (I forget the name of the thing on Mario's back) the sprayer like fire for more puzzles and there should just be a giant world with areas you can't access with certain things or a certain amount of Shine Sprites and more sprayer modes like a fountain

I was surprised not seeing mario 64 on this list, but this game does need a sequel more than mario 64

2 Kirby Air Ride

In my opinion it was a great game and should have a sequel on Wii U with more rides and different characters to choose like waddle dee and more modes like online races and they should add an endless mode to city trial or just make free run like the real one except with the same things like picking vehicles from underground and more places to choose from in city trial and more race tracks in racing mode and DLC content like DLC only vehicles or. DLC only race tracks

3 Luigi's Mansion

I know this game already has a sequel but this should have a third sequel for the Wii U or 3ds

4 Undertale

This isn't a Nintendo game.

5 F-Zero: GP Legend
6 Metroid: Other M
7 Wario World
8 Wario Land: Shake It!
9 Super Mario Bros. 3
10 Cave Story

The Contenders

11 Mother 3

Even though shigisato itoi said that mother 3 will be the last mother game, hopefully he'll change his mind someday

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