Top Ten Nintendo Moments of 2017

Nintendo has had an awsome 2017 let’s rank the best moments 1 rule only parts of games or real life moments

The Top Ten

1 The Launch of the Switch

The moments were we knew the switch was destined for greatness when Nintendo releases a game that becomes a phonomom for non Nintendo fans which hasn’t happened since the wii also many e shop titles. - Legolego

2 E3

2 of the most hyped games ever where announced plus many more games in just 25 minutes it was like queens set in live aid and capped power was showed off making even more hype. - Legolego

3 The Switch Presentation

Just watch it,so many games. - Legolego

4 Nintendo Rules the Game Awards

2 of the biggest games ever were fighting for game of the year - Legolego

5 New Donk City Festival

The first game moments in the list it’s a good one it is not my favorite but if I didn’t include it I would die - Legolego

6 Odyssey Launch

It was so hyped with so much payoff - Legolego

7 Surpassing Wii U’s Lifetime Sales in 9 Months

It just shows how awesome a consle is when it destroys a sale in o moths - Legolego

8 Peach Dumps Mario

Whoa this was awesome - Legolego

Amazing - Legolego

9 Link Getting Out of Shrine
10 When Ever You Possess a Sherm

Whoa that was cool - Legolego

The Contenders

11 Defeating the Dark Lord (Miitopia)

Amazing Moment, Amazing Game

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