Top 10 Best Nintendo & Sega Consoles

Move over, Microsoft & Sony. Two video game companies are here with their best consoles of all time & their names are Nintendo & Sega.
The Top Ten
1 Super Nintendo Entertainment System

Great console, isn't it? Are you tired of playing the Game Boy because it has no good graphics? Well, check out the Super Game Boy. It's an add-on for the SNES & you can play your Game Boy games in color.

N64 might be better, but this one has too much good games.

2 Sega Genesis


3 Nintendo Gamecube

Best Games, Best Controller, and Graphics that are still awesome today. No Way this isn't in top 3 at least. The Design alone makes it better than any system Sega has made.

4 Nintendo Entertainment System

Good old classic Nintendo.

The beginning of MEGA MAN, Mario, Zelda, METROID, and TETRIS. Need I say more.

5 Nintendo 64

Get N or get out! This is better than the PlayStation.

6 Nintendo DSi
7 Sega Dreamcast
8 Sega Game Gear

Move over sega Console say hello to the gameboy

Move over, Game Boy. Say "Hello! " to the Sega Game Gear. It has colorful graphics.

9 Nintendo Wii
10 Sega Master System
The Contenders
11 Nintendo Game Boy

From Super Mario Land, to Wario Land. This is the Game Boy. It lost against the Sega Game Gear, but at least the Game Boy is better than the Atari Lynx. This handheld game console is so classic. Don't you miss the good old days when they had the Game Boy?

12 Nintendo Switch Nintendo Switch Product Image
13 Sega Saturn
14 Nintendo Game Boy Color
15 Nintendo DS

So many versions of it and such a long run time of the ds the amount of games was ridiculous

16 Sega Nomad
17 Nintendo 3DS
18 Nintendo Wii U
19 Nintendo Game Boy Advance
20 Nintendo Game & Watch

I'm pretty sure this is a Nintendo handheld console.

21 Sets Mega Drive
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