Top Ten Best Nintendo and Sega Franchises

Here are the best franchises by both Nintendo and Sega.

The Top Ten

1 Pokemon (Nintendo)

You know what they say, Gotta Catch em all - Chaotixhero

Gotta catch em all! Pokemon! No matter how much these Call of Duty fanboys rant to me that Pokemon is bad. Um.. Get a life because Pokemon. Memories. Nintendo. Magikarp. - Pokemongamer

I like Pokemon and Zelda because they are adventure games, and adventure games are more fun to me than platformers.

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2 Sonic the Hedgehog (Sega) Sonic the Hedgehog (Sega) Sonic the Hedgehog, trademarked Sonic The Hedgehog, is the title character and protagonist of the Sonic the Hedgehog series released by Sega, as well as numerous spin-off comics, five animated shows, and an animated OVA.

Sonic will always be my childhood hero! The very first game I played was a sonic game! Sonic has so much potential and they can fix him from sonic boom. Sonic was at his BEST during Sonic Unleashed (werehog was unnecessary though) sonic is at his worst right now. Rise of Lyric is just a bad game but I'm sure SEGA will realize that sonic needs to go back to his AWESOMENESS - Zombieman99

I love sonic no matter what people say. He always have a special place in my heart. He truly is the best to me. - Chaotixhero

Sonic, Sonic the Hedgehog... 'enough said...

I Think Sonic is better than Mario.

3 The Legend of Zelda (Nintendo)

I played a demo of Ochroina of Time and it was really fun I have to admit. - Chaotixhero

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4 Super Mario Bros. (Nintendo)

Ah Mario, if it wasn't for trolls and perverts, I would still love ya. But nowadays, I don't care about you anymore. - Chaotixhero

Despite what anyone says. The Mario franchise is easily my favorite video game franchise of all time. Rock on, Jumpman. - NintendoFan364

5 Nights Into Dreams (Sega) V 1 Comment
6 Super Monkey Ball (Sega)
7 Super Smash Bros. (Nintendo) V 1 Comment
8 Bayonetta (Sega)

Wow sega! You and Nintendo really do make a good team. - Chaotixhero

9 Metroid (Nintendo)

I hate Metroid but that's just me. - Chaotixhero

10 Jet Set Radio (Sega)

If you like the Tony Hawk games then you will love Jet Set Radio. - Chaotixhero

The Contenders

11 Kirby (Nintendo)
12 Xenoblade (Nintendo)
13 Puyo Puyo (Sega)
14 Golden Axe (Sega)
15 Donkey Kong Country (Nintendo)
16 Yoshi's Island (Nintendo)
17 F Zero (Nintendo)
18 Shinobi (Sega)
19 Earthbound/Mother (Nintendo)
20 Shenmue (Sega)
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1. Pokemon (Nintendo)
2. Sonic the Hedgehog (Sega)
3. The Legend of Zelda (Nintendo)
1. Pokemon (Nintendo)
2. The Legend of Zelda (Nintendo)
3. Sonic the Hedgehog (Sega)



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