Top Ten Nintendo/Smash/Sega/Final Fantasy Pairings with the Worst Fanbase


The Top Ten

1 Shadow X Rouge

The picture I mentioned actually makes fun of "fapboys". I'm not a sicko.

Yep. Since you think she likes this, you may enjoy it more than her - yunafreya648

Still better than Knuckles x Rouge, at least Shadow isn't Rouge's rival (The closest thing we can get to this is Sonic Rivals 2).

Speaking of shipping wars, fan wars and whatnot. I know one picture of DeviantArt that you might enjoy, ParkerFang. It is "Nintendo Girls and the Fapboys" by Porcelain-Requiem. Knowing from your comments, I think you may be the kind of person that may like the picture. You may want to check that out sometime, if you have the chance, that is.

2 Knuckles X Rouge

True. They think it's canon when it isn't. No Sonic couple is canon as a matter of fact.

3 Luigi x Daisy
4 Cloud x Tifa
5 Sonic x Amy
6 Zelda X Link
7 Sonic x Sally
8 Ike X Marth
9 Fox x Wolf
10 Fox McCloud x Cream the Rabbit

Fox is too old for Cream

The Contenders

11 Tails x Cream

Awful pairing. Heck, Tails never shown any romance towards Cream AT ALL in any of the games, comics or shows. Thus, this shipping is fan-made. Plus, the shippers are awful and they bash Cosmo (Sonic X) for no reason, think Marine the Raccoon (Sonic Rush Adventure) is better with Ray the Squirrel when those two never even met, and think Zooey (Sonic Boom) doesn't deserve Tails as much as Cream does. What is wrong with those people?! I rather ship Tails with Zooey instead of Cream, to be honest with you.

12 Terra X Locke
13 Link X Peach
14 Krystal (Star Fox) x Renamon (Digimon)
15 Fox McCloud x Lucy Hare (Star Fox Command)

Lucy wanted Fox to get back with Krystal. Remember? Lucy never shown any romantic interest in Fox nor did he in her.

16 Krystal x Panther Caroso

Some of the shippers are close-minded and constantly bash Fox/Krystal for no reason.

17 Sonic the Hedgehog x Fuli (The Lion Guard)

They never met. The Lion Guard, as a whole, is a terrible show.

18 Marth x Caeda
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