Top 10 Nintendo Video Games that Should Be Made

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1 Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam 2
2 Paper Mario: Bowser's Inside Story
3 Metroid Prime 4
4 Star Fox 64 2

Why do you want a sequel to Star Fox 64 when it's remake (Star Fox 64 3D) and Star Fox Zero exist? As much as I loved Star Fox 64, I am sick and tired of all the bashing the other Star Fox games get. Star Fox Zero is a good game, too, you know.

Do you mean like Star Fox 2? (The unreleased game) That was literally a sequel to the first game and guess what Star Fox 64 is? A reboot of the first Star Fox game.

5 New Super Mario Bros. 3

This comes out in 2017. It reintroduces the cape feather.

6 Super Mario Sunshine 2
7 Pokemon Rainbow

Uh, Rainbow was the code name for Pokemon Sun and Moon so technically that's what Gen 7 is.

8 Donkey Kong Country: Return of the Kremlings

It's been a long time since DKC has the Kremlings make an appearance.

9 Super Smash Kart

Knowing how much guest characters the latest Mario Kart has been getting, I would not surprised to see this made in the future.

Two of my fave video game series,crossed over? Hell yeah! Be intresting to see how they'd combine the combat in Smash and the competitive racing in Mario Kart.

10 Nintendo World

Have you ever heard of Disneyland & Disney World? How about Super Mario 3D Land & Super Mario 3D World? You've seen Nintendo Land, but that's not enough. Here is Nintendo World.

There will actually be such a place soon.

A sequel to Nintendo Land for the Wii U.

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11 Super Paper Mario 2

The game was very good so why not another one?

12 Yoshi's Story 3D

This is a 3D remake of a Nintendo 64 game, Yoshi's Story.

13 N.E.S. Zapper Collection

Duck Hunt, Wild Gunman, Clay Shooting & many more.

I like all of the NES gun games exept for Hogan's Alley. That one sucks.

14 Game & Watch Remix
15 Kirby RPG
16 Star Fox: Assault 2
17 Harvest Moon: Mario Edition
18 Super Smash Bros. the New Subspace Emissary
19 Super Mario 64 2
20 Star Fox Adventures HD Remake

I'll gladly take an Adventures remake over a third 64 remake.

Who added this here?

21 The Legend of Zelda: Oracle Trilogy
22 Metroid (Reboot)

You want a Metroid reboot? Here you go!

23 Earthbound: The Final Adventure

You all have been wanting Mother 3 since its release in Japan. You all have said "Come on, Reggie! Give us Mother 3." Let's see the releases of the Mother games outside of Japan.
Japan USA
Mother Earthbound Beginnings
Mother 2 Earthbound
So, if the Mother/Earthbound series ends at the third installment, I would like this to be called Earthbound: The Final Adventure. When this does get a release outside of Japan, I know it's going to be great.

24 Overtale (Undertale 2)
25 The Legend of Zelda: Eternal Whispers

I couldn't come up with a better name for my idea but basically this is it:

Nintendo has tu come up with a real time line of the universe / multiverses for the past Zelda games.

The hero starts a journey which is quite short (3 dungeons) until you get the master sword and prepare to face (guess who) Ganon.
Ganon has got finally "something" that makes him this time much more stronger, wiser and superior than link with his master sword. (you may pick any item or invent a new one but ganon cannot have the complete tri force).

When the fight between Link and Ganon gets to the point that you know you wont win and Link is about to die, he is rescued by time traveler (pick or invent a new character).
After going back to the point in time where Link gets the Master Sword, this "TIME TRAVELER" gives Link the advice of, searching for the whispers of the old heroes.

Link has to beat "X" quantity of temples / dungeons so he can re unite the broken pieces of the ...more

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