Top Ten Nirvana Songs That Should Have Been Included On Their Greatest Hits Album

The Top Ten

1 Aneurysm
2 Drain You
3 Breed

This song is too awesome.

4 Serve the Servants
5 Dive
6 On a Plain
7 Blew
8 Stay Away
9 Lounge Act

My 2nd favorite nirvana song right now (will change soon)

10 Radio Friendly Unit Shifter

The Contenders

11 Territorial Pissings
12 Negative Creep
13 Scentless Apprentice
14 Scoff
15 Love Buzz
16 Floyd the Barber
17 Something In the Way
18 Sappy

I can't understand why this song is not on In Utero. It's like Strawberry Field / Penny Lane for The Beatles. One of their best. A true gem.

19 Even in His Youth
20 Marigold
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