Top Ten Nirvana Songs Written by Only Kurt Cobain

The Top Ten

Come as You Are Come as You Are Cover Art
Heart-Shaped Box Heart-Shaped Box Cover Art
All Apologies All Apologies Cover Art
Lithium Lithium Cover Art

Actuelly, the only Nirvana song who was written by the 3 members was Smells Like Teen Spirit.

In Bloom In Bloom Cover Art

This song is the absolute best song of all Nirvana songs. It has a heavy riff, great lyrics, great drum and bass groove and also a pretty cool solo.

Pennyroyal Tea Pennyroyal Tea Cover Art

Favorite Nirvana song of all time. - LizardKing99

Drain You Drain You Cover Art
You Know You're Right You Know You're Right Cover Art
Something In the Way Something In the Way Cover Art
Breed Breed Cover Art

Best Nirvana Song Of All Time - FettiMC

The Contenders

Radio Friendly Unit Shifter Radio Friendly Unit Shifter Cover Art

The best grunge song ever - Bboymakinwitthefrekfreak

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